The right ovary is enlarged: causes, symptoms, treatment

If the right ovary is enlarged, then this may indicate that a serious pathology is developing. There are many reasons for which such a pathological condition may occur. Only after a thorough medical diagnosis and all the necessary tests have been completed will the doctor be able to identify the factor that affected the increase in one of the ovaries. Under such conditions, doctors do not recommend self-medication, otherwise it is possible to provoke the active development of the disease.

Main reasons

Hormonal drug

Many girls are interested in why the ovary is enlarged? Not in all cases, an excess of an organ of an acceptable size indicates a disease. During breastfeeding, during the period when the egg leaves the ovary or puberty, such a pathological condition may occur. Sometimes an enlarged appendage indicates that a serious pathology is developing, therefore, it is necessary not to delay with a trip to the gynecologist. The doctor will carry out a thorough examination of the patient. Enlarged right ovary, what does it mean? This may indicate that the disease is developing. Organ pathologies most often occur due to:

  • long and continuous intake of hormonal drugs;
  • constant nervous tension;
  • emotional tension, depressed mood;
  • drastic weight loss;
  • development of problems with excess weight;
  • abnormal functioning of the endocrine system.

Only a doctor is able to identify a disease that affected the increase in the appendage. Why is the right ovary enlarged? There are several diseases, on the basis of which, the right appendage may increase, namely:

  1. Severe inflammation, which is localized in the pelvic organs.
  2. In some cases, infectious diseases develop without any symptoms, and then become chronic.
  3. Due to ovarian enlargement, adhesions may form. With untimely access to a doctor, a specialist probes the uterus and appendages, as one unit.
  4. Due to erosion of the cervix, severe inflammation develops, which is caused by harmful microorganisms.
  5. The presence of cystic neoplasm. In frequent cases, the appendages exceed the norm with the development of a cyst, the diameter of which is more than 2.5 cm. In order to accurately diagnose the pathology, it is necessary to carry out an ultrasound diagnosis.
  6. Malignant tumors in the pelvic organs. Only at the last stage of the development of the disease can an ailment be detected by palpation.

Due to appendicitis on ultrasound, you can see that the right ovary is enlarged. Since the right appendage and appendix are close to each other, the organ may enlarge.

Symptoms of pathology

Discomfort in the lower abdomen

In the process of ovarian enlargement, a woman may feel worse overall health and well-being. Such a disease manifests itself in the form of:

  • spotting after menstruation;
  • pain during rapprochement and in the process of emptying the bladder;
  • purulent vaginal discharge.

If the right ovary is enlarged and you feel worse, it is forbidden to self-medicate. Only after examining the patient, the doctor can identify a disease that provoked an active increase in the appendage. Based on the diagnostic results obtained, the gynecologist will prescribe medications. The duration of therapy is determined strictly by a specialist. Self-medication can greatly harm and only exacerbate the problem.

Therapy process

Doctor and patient

An individual treatment regimen should be determined by a strictly treating doctor. It is not recommended to self-medicate if the right ovary is enlarged. Treatment of the disease should be comprehensive. Among the main goals of therapy are:

  • restore the functioning of the reproductive system;
  • normalize the hormonal background and the menstrual cycle;
  • to prevent the appearance of serious diseases and complications.

In the event that the appendage increased due to a hormonal failure, then you should eat properly and balanced, this will help to lose extra pounds and restore the hormonal background. According to the doctor’s recommendations, you should take a hormonal medication.

If there is no positive result after drug treatment, then surgical intervention is necessary. Quite often, specialists carry out laparoscopy - this is a gentle type of surgical intervention, after which the patient quickly recovers. If the ovary has increased due to severe inflammation, then antibacterial agents cannot be dispensed with. In the process of treatment, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle and not drink alcohol.

What complications may arise?

Doctor and patient

With untimely treatment of the disease, serious health problems can arise, namely:

  • appendage cancer develops;
  • complete infertility is possible;
  • high risk of bleeding from the genital tract.

It is imperative to identify the cause of the increase in the appendage, this will help to quickly restore the normal functioning of the reproductive system of the girl. To implement a full-fledged therapy, the help of several doctors is needed.

What causes sore ovary?

Lower abdominal pain

Why is the right ovary enlarged and sore? When oophoritis occurs, the paired gonads and fallopian tubes become inflamed. The inflammatory process is both unilateral and bilateral. Inflammation can occur due to the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms into the body:

  • chlamydia;
  • Trichomonas;
  • gonorrhea;
  • streptococci;
  • staphylococci;
  • E. coli.

Provocative factors

The provoking factor includes:

  1. Tribal activity.
  2. Long stay in the cold.
  3. Miscarriage.
  4. Surgical manipulation of the genital organ.

Symptoms of Complications

You need to visit a doctor if the right ovary is enlarged. The reason for the growth of the organ will be determined by the doctor after examining the patient. If timely therapy is not carried out, then the infection will spread to the cervix and fallopian tubes. During the development of inflammation, the enlarged ovary is very painful and causes discomfort. Other signs of such a pathological condition can be detected:

  • pain during urination;
  • body temperature increased greatly;
  • there are brown discharge after menstruation;
  • severe pain during sexual encounter;
  • abundant discharge of a strange color and an unpleasant odor appeared.

Signs of chronic inflammation of the appendage

In the chronic form of the inflammatory process of the ovary, slightly different symptoms occur:

  • pain is dull and aching;
  • decreased libido;
  • the cycle is broken;
  • For a long time it does not work to conceive a baby;
  • too sensitive mammary glands.

Thanks to a gynecological examination, analysis of blood, urine, ultrasound and smear for bacterial inoculation of the vagina, it is possible to identify a disease that provoked the appearance of inflammation. In the process of therapy, the doctor prescribes painkillers, antibiotics, sulfonamides and restorative drugs. A physiotherapeutic procedure is prescribed with caution.


As medical practice shows, polycystic often provokes an increase in ovaries. It may manifest as an independent disease, and against the background of another pathology. The presence of an ailment can be detected by the following signs:

  • the doctor confirmed the diagnosis by ultrasound;
  • the menstrual cycle is broken;
  • menstruation is irregular and sparse;
  • the specialist revealed an increased concentration of androgens in the blood.

With such a disease, it is difficult to get pregnant, because the follicles produced by the sex glands do not form into mature eggs. For this reason, complete ovulation cannot occur, which means pregnancy. Thanks to the use of oral contraceptives, the functioning of the ovary can be restored. With obesity, it is necessary to reduce weight, sometimes such a measure is enough to restore reproductive function.

Effective Vaginal Suppositories

Candles "Polygynax"

What drugs are used to treat an enlarged right ovary? With the help of vaginal suppositories, inflammation in the pelvic organs of a woman can be eliminated. Many diseases in the development process cause a strong inflammatory process, so complex therapy can not be dispensed with. Suppositories are used in the process of occurrence:

  • vaginitis;
  • colpitis;
  • chlamydia;
  • thrush;
  • erosion;
  • inflammation of the ovaries;
  • endometritis;
  • candidiasis;
  • cystitis;
  • menstrual dysfunction.

If the disease arose due to fungal infection, then treatment is carried out using Polygynax or Betadine. If the appendages or fallopian tubes become inflamed, then the therapy is carried out with the use of Terzhinan, Movalis, Mikozhinaksa, Fluomizina, Polygynax, Flamax. In the process of treating inflammation, rectal suppositories are also used. With the help of "Ortofen", "Voltaren", "Anuzol", "Diclofenac", "Movalis", an effective treatment of the inflammatory process of the ovaries is carried out. Effectively it is possible to improve the general well-being of the patient through the use of ichthyol suppositories, Livarola, Longidaza, Mikozhinaksa, Suporona. Before carrying out therapy, you need to visit a doctor. In frequent cases, doctors recommend indomethacin suppositories for inflammation in the pelvic organs, since they effectively help cure many gynecological diseases, namely:

  • ovarian inflammation;
  • reproductive organ disease;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • fibroids;
  • a cyst;
  • inflammatory process in the uterus.

Pain medication


Enlarged right ovary, what does it mean? The treatment of such a pathological condition is determined by the doctor depending on the identified disease. Without a medical examination, it is impossible to find out the cause of the growth of the organ. During the development of many diseases, discomfort or pain in the abdomen occurs. To improve overall health, you need to take an anesthetic. With the help of Morphine, Promedol, Omnopon, Fentanyl, acute and severe pain can be effectively and quickly eliminated. Such drugs are narcotic, so they are sold in a pharmacy only by prescription.

At home, you can eliminate the pain with the use of "Analgin", "Butadione", "Paracetamol", "Diclofenac", acetylsalicylic acid. Pain relievers include:

  • Meloxicam
  • Ketoprofen and Ketorolac.

You should be aware that doctors do not recommend regular use of painkillers, as this can harm health.

On a note

Why is the woman’s right ovary enlarged? It is difficult to unequivocally answer the question of how to treat an enlarged ovary, since it is necessary to determine the disease that provoked the occurrence of such a pathological process. In frequent cases, the disease causes severe pain and discomfort in the abdomen. Anesthetic drug, analgesics and antispasmodics are not recommended to be taken systematically, the disease should be treated, and not masked. It is imperative to carry out medical diagnostics and pass all the necessary tests.

Based on the data received, the doctor will prescribe appropriate therapy. It is not recommended to use folk remedies if the right ovary is enlarged. The corpus luteum during its formation in the appendage can provoke a slight aching pain in the organ. Despite this, it is better to contact a specialist and not risk your health.


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