Vaginal fungus: causes, symptoms, tests, treatment, prevention and advice of gynecologists

Many women experience various diseases of the reproductive system, and the vaginal fungus is no exception. This pathology is characterized by very unpleasant symptoms that can greatly complicate the life of the fair sex. In this article, we will talk about what a vaginal fungus is, and also find out what its symptoms and causes are, and also get acquainted with information on how to treat it. Carefully read the information provided in order to arm yourself and protect yourself as much as possible. So let's get started.

What is fungal pathology?

Vaginal fungus is a vaginal disease caused by special fungi of the genus Candida. In the people, it is called thrush, as it is characterized by abundant white discharge from the vagina. Most often, the pathology affects women who are of childbearing age. However, for some women, this ailment very quickly resolves on its own and no longer makes itself felt. For others, it becomes chronic, and therefore getting rid of it is not so simple.

Vaginal fungus: causes

Candida fungi

As you know, yeast-like fungi are found in the body of every healthy woman. However, when the defenses of the body fail, their number increases excessively, which entails the emergence of such an unpleasant ailment as thrush. There are simply a huge number of reasons that affect the occurrence of this pathology. Let's get acquainted with each of them in more detail:

  • The abuse of antibacterial drugs. As you know, antibiotics eliminate not only pathogenic microorganisms. They also disrupt the natural microflora of the body, which entails the rapid multiplication of fungal infections.
  • A poor immune system is another very important cause of candidiasis. After all, the body simply does not have the strength to fight infections. Please note, with weakened immunity, there is simply a huge risk of other, no less dangerous pathologies.
  • Also, the disease can occur due to the girl's non-observance of personal hygiene rules. Also, do not get involved in using daily pads.
  • Wearing synthetic underwear. Unnatural tissues simply do not allow the body to breathe. And this leads to the spread of yeast and other infections.
  • Vaginal fungus can occur after hypothermia, as well as during pregnancy or against the background of prolonged use of hormonal contraceptives.
  • The disease can make itself felt when the body is most weakened. For example, after surgery or against the background of any other disease.
  • Another reason for the occurrence of pathology is pregnancy.

As you can see, the causes of vaginal yeast fungus are indeed very many. Any girl can face him. Therefore, it is very important to consider what are the features of the course of this disease.

Symptoms of the disease

There are two main symptoms by which you can determine the presence of thrush. The first is the presence of a huge amount of white cheesy discharge from the vagina. And the second is the presence of severe itching and irritation in the genital area, as well as the inner surface of the thigh.

Man and woman

Consider what other symptoms signal the presence of a fungal yeast infection:

  • Typically, candidiasis leads to inflammation in the vagina, so a woman will feel a strong fever in this area.
  • The genitals will not only itch severely, but will also be covered with red spots and swell. In this case, painful sensations will significantly increase during intercourse, as well as taking a bath. If you let the disease drift, the patient's condition will be so poor that it will be difficult even to walk.
  • Vaginal discharge will be accompanied by a very unpleasant sour smell.
  • Despite the abundant amount of vaginal discharge, it will still be quite dry. That is why sexual activity will be extremely unpleasant.

Diagnostic Features

If you notice signs of thrush, be sure to contact the hospital for a diagnosis. Of course, if the disease is clearly expressed, then the doctor will be able to diagnose you by conducting only a visual examination. Cheesy discharge can be seen on the labia minora, as well as on the cervix and on the walls of the vagina itself. In addition, the specialist will also notice that the walls of the vagina have become very red and dry.

communication girls

In order to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor will take a woman’s smear on the vaginal microflora. This procedure is carried out very quickly, and at the same time it is completely painless.

Features of the disease in pregnant women

Vaginal fungus during pregnancy is very common. About thirty percent of the fair sex encounters him while carrying a child. This phenomenon occurs due to changes in the hormonal background of the body, as well as the weakening of its protective forces. Keep in mind that yeast during pregnancy can lead to very serious consequences, such as a miscarriage and the onset of premature birth. Therefore, the disease must be treated at the very first stages of its occurrence.

Features of the treatment of thrush with oral preparations

Vaginal tablets from a fungus can affect microorganisms of the genus Candida. Most often, drugs for oral administration are prescribed when the disease has already managed to go into a neglected form. Gynecologists usually prescribe medications such as Flucostat, Ketoconazole, and Nystatin to their patients. Tablets and capsules may be intended for a two-week course of treatment, or may be for a two-day or single use. Which medicine is right for you, your doctor will tell you. Never self-medicate.

Topical preparations

Vaginal suppositories against a fungus is another method of treating this pathology. Local drugs also include ointments and tablets that are injected directly into the vagina. Most often, gynecologists prescribe to their patients local remedies such as Miconazole, Candide, Pimafucin, and Nystatin. Such drugs are usually injected into the vagina once or twice a day for one to two weeks. For maximum therapeutic effect, they can be prescribed simultaneously with drugs for oral use.

female body

The use of topical drugs is suitable for pregnant women, since their active components do not enter the local bloodstream, which means they will not have a toxic effect on the baby.

Using traditional medicine methods

In fact, many women are wondering how to treat a vaginal fungus. In addition to conservative treatment methods, there is also traditional medicine, which shows good results. However, according to experts, such methods can only be used simultaneously with tablets or suppositories. So the treatment process will accelerate significantly.

For the treatment of thrush with folk methods, douching based on the use of various medicinal herbs is excellent. In order for the infusion to retain the maximum amount of nutrients, water does not need to be brought to a boil. Pour the necessary plants with hot water, but not boiled.

The most effective and time-tested folk recipe is douching with chamomile. Take two tablespoons of dry matter and fill them with two glasses of water. Let the prepared liquid infuse for two to three hours. Then do vaginal douching three times a day. As you know, chamomile has an excellent antibacterial effect, and also relieves inflammation and restores the vaginal mucosa.

The treatment of vaginal fungus also includes the use of douching based on sage. To prepare the infusion, you need to take two tablespoons of dry matter and pour them with four glasses of water. Allow the product to brew a little, then use it twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. The tool has a similar effect on the female body and at the same time perfectly eliminates the itching sensation.

pregnant girl

Instead of vaginal suppositories against a fungus, sometimes the fair sex conduct douching based on soda. For one teaspoon of powder, a liter of warm boiled water is taken and douching is performed. This method is considered very effective, but it also contains some side effects. So, during the application of this method, the environment in the vagina will change, and this suggests that it will become more susceptible to other microorganisms. Alternative methods are often used by pregnant girls, since it is safer than medications, but not as effective.


Treating a yeast infection is very important, especially for pregnant women. If you don’t do this, you will simply get tired of constant pain in the genital area. Fungi can enter the reproductive system and cause inflammatory reactions there.

A pregnant woman can infect her baby directly during childbirth. So the infection will be transmitted to the child, and you will see a white coating on the tongue, sky and the inner surface of the baby's cheeks. In addition, there is a risk of miscarriage or the onset of premature birth. Therefore, it is very important to start treatment of this pathology in time.

Preventative measures

By following some recommendations of doctors, you protect yourself not only from the vaginal fungus, but also from other infectious and inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system.

vaginal suppositories

Consider what gynecologists advise women:

  • wear natural underwear, and do not abuse the wearing of thongs;
  • practice sex only with a trusted sexual partner;
  • be sure to take a shower twice a day, then carefully wipe the external genitalia with a dry towel;
  • refuse douching for preventive purposes. Do this only to treat a particular disease;
visit doctor
  • strengthen your immune system. To do this, start eating right, go in for sports, temper, learn how to cope with stress, and also normalize the mode of rest and work;
  • Visit your gynecologist twice a year.


A vaginal fungus is not a very dangerous, but rather common, disease of the female genital organs. It is easy to treat. The use of vaginal suppositories from a fungus is the most optimal method of therapy, most often recommended by gynecologists. In this article, we talked about the signs and causes of this pathology, so you can do everything you need to protect yourself, as well as recognize the disease. Take care of yourself and take care of yourself. And then your body will begin to take care of you. Be healthy!


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