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Proper and balanced nutrition is a very important point not only for athletes, but also for the average person. Your life depends on your diet in many ways, since food is a source of energy and strength. Food should be not only healthy, but also tasty. Many people think that eating right is not good. This myth can be refuted easily using the Grow Food service as an example. Reviews help make sure that the food from this manufacturer meets the criteria for proper nutrition, and, importantly, is very tasty.

Nutrition Basics

  1. A significant part of the daily diet should be fruits and vegetables.
  2. As everyone has long known, water is the source of life. Almost everything depends on the amount of fluid in the body: from the work of organs to the appearance of the skin.
  3. Try to eat as little simple carbohydrates as possible. Of course, sometimes it is very difficult to deny yourself a cake, but no one forces you to do this. It is not necessary to strictly limit yourself to what you really want. You can just use it less often and in smaller quantities.
  4. Eat small meals, but often. This principle affects several things at once. For example, the stomach will get used to small portions over time, and a feeling of hunger will appear much less often, which will help to cope with overeating.

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    All these and many other rules are well known to the creators of the Grow Food service. Reviews help to make sure that the food provided greatly simplifies life, and makes the diet balanced due to the fact that the menu is compiled by specialists.

    How is the service arranged

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    The first step is to choose a tariff. It depends on your goals. There are two options: the first is for athletes who want to gain muscle mass, and the second is suitable for everyone and is aimed at maintaining shape. Having chosen a course for a set of muscle mass, you will find five meals a day, designed for five days. Convenience is that now you will not need to sit and calculate the number of calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, everything has already been done for you. All that is needed is to open the container during the day and carry out a full meal. Also, containers with food from the Grow Food service can be easily taken with you to work, study or anywhere else. Now you do not have to quickly have a snack in a cafe or, even worse, buy food in a supermarket. You will always have food with you that is really healthy, and will give you the necessary boost of strength. If you do not pursue such a goal as building muscle, then the classic tariff for three meals a day is suitable for you.

    Cooking and Delivery

    After you have chosen the tariff you are interested in, the chefs prepare food and arrange them in portions. It is worth noting that this is done by people with a large amount of knowledge in the field of proper nutrition. So do not worry, each portion will be full of the necessary minerals and vitamins.

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    After the food is cooked, it is delivered free of charge to anywhere in St. Petersburg. Delivery is carried out 2-3 times a week, depending on how many days your chosen tariff is calculated. And then everything is simple: you leave the food containers in the refrigerator, and when it comes to eating, just take, warm and eat. Everything is extremely simple and without unnecessary trouble.


    Firstly, every meal is complete. The menu is prepared by professionals who calculate the required amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and also determine the calorie content. If before that you tried to calculate calories on your own every time and constantly monitored it, now you will have nothing to worry about, since each meal is full of essential trace elements. In addition, the BZHU norm is strictly observed, which will prevent excess weight gain.

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    Secondly, such an approach to nutrition will significantly save your time, since now you will not need to stand for a long time at the stove and go to grocery stores each time. All that now needs to be done is to place an order and accept the delivered food. This is ideal especially for those people who lead an active lifestyle. With constant running around, it often happens that there is no time for food at all, and proper nutrition is the key to health, so this is not worth relegating to the background.


    Nutrition of each person individually. The number of meals and their calorie content are interrelated with human activity. Therefore, there are several options for the menu that you can choose, for example, depending on whether you want to gain muscle mass or just maintain your weight.

    Currently there are 4 different subscription plans:

    • Family: includes three meals a day, designed for 5 days.
    • Relief on weekdays: five meals a day for 5 days.
    • Convenient: three meals a day for 7 days.
    • Relief in life: five meals a day for 7 days.

    The prices for each tariff are slightly different from each other, since the pricing is affected by how many meals per day the plan is designed for, how many days, and your goal, which the composition depends on. Also, which is very convenient, the approximate cost of each portion is calculated, which does not exceed 220 rubles and is indicated under each of the Grow Food tariffs. Food, which many customers have already commented on, is always prepared with quality products. Everyone who tried it was satisfied.

    Grow Food. Food delivery. Reviews

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    If you are still thinking whether to use the services of this company or not, then feel free to try. Many people turn to the services of the Grow Food service. Reviews indicate that it is really very convenient. Many admit that the food is tasty and wholesome. Even those who were previously skeptical of food in containers now regularly order food at Grow Food. Employee reviews are a confirmation that the company works in good faith, as they themselves actively use its services. After all, it really saves time and effort. Given the current pace of life, not everyone manages to devote enough time to their diet, so you can safely trust the service Grow Food pro. The reviews confirm that you no longer have to worry about anything, but only with pleasure to eat tasty and rich in useful trace elements and vitamins food.


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