But am I getting fatter from beer?

Do I get fatter from beer

Fans of such a hoppy drink like beer in our country, there are a huge number of both among men and among the fair sex. And this is not surprising, because the stores offer a huge selection of different varieties that quench your thirst in the heat and help brighten up friendly gatherings. But is it really harmless to the body? And not only from the point of view of harm from alcohol as such. We think that every owner of the so-called beer tummy has repeatedly wondered: " Am I getting fatter from beer ?"

Let's discover the truth about the benefits and dangers of a foamy drink for a figure. In other words, we will find out why they get fat from beer.

It's no secret that the Germans are traditionally considered the most beer-drinking nation. They consume it an average of 120 liters per year per person. For Russians, by the way, such indicators are exactly two times lower. However, few German seriously ask themselves the question: "Do I get fat from beer or not?" Why is this dilemma so exciting for Russians? First of all, of course, the answer lies in the culture of drinking. German burghers usually drink beer on their own or with good fatty foods, which necessarily include meat products, in which you can’t drink a lot. But the excessive enthusiasm of our fellow citizens for all kinds of snacks: dried and smoked fish, chips and other harmful products - just leads to weight gain with regular use of this drink. So the question "is it not getting fatter from beer" was asked not quite correctly.

why are getting fat from beer
By itself, it contains only 43 kilocalories per 100 grams of product, which means that one glass of foam is only 215 kcal, which is not so much. But chips, nuts, dried fish are much more high-calorie food. In addition, many doctors frighten fans of beer with the fact that it contributes to the production of female hormones in the male body, and therefore, lovers can skip a glass or two may form a fat layer in the body that is characteristic of the female body structure. This also partly plays a role in shaping the image of beer as contributing to the weight gain of the drink. Well, girls should not forget that in any case beer is a product of fermentation, and therefore it contains carbohydrates in its mass, which the body has the ability to put off at the waist, and not put into circulation.

drink beer and not get fat
What to do to drink beer and not get fat? To begin with - remember a simple rule: everything needs to know the measure. And from a glass of cold beer in the company of friends, the risk of getting better is not so great. But if you use it systematically, and even in large quantities, it’s not surprising to get extra pounds. In addition, do not get involved in high-calorie beer snacks. It is better to combine it with meat dishes and salads, so as not to overload the stomach and not overdo it with calories. Also, those who are worried about the problem from a series of questions “are they not getting fatter from beer” should choose light, light varieties. They contain slightly less calories than dark beer or wheat grades of an unfiltered drink, and therefore will not hit your waist so much.

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