Can I sleep with a swab? Which is better - pads or tampons

Among the well-known myths discussed on the Internet, a special place is given to the question of whether it is possible to sleep with a tampon. Of course, this topic is of interest to many women who are accustomed to using this particular hygiene product. Why are there such heated discussions?

Common misconceptions

tampons in gynecology

There are a number of reasons why sleeping with a tampon is not only impossible, but also dangerous, as some girls think. However, they remain misconceptions that have not been confirmed.

  1. For such a long period of time, a flora favorable for the multiplication of pathogens can form in the vagina. This fallacy is not supported by any confirmed research. In addition, the same can be said about gaskets. All-night excretions remaining on their surface can also create favorable flora for pathogenic bacteria.
  2. A person in a dream does not control movement, and an incorrect position can lead to injuries of the vaginal walls. The agent introduced into the vagina is held tight by its walls. As the secretion is absorbed, it increases in size, so it is fixed even better.
  3. The swab fills up very quickly, and the remnants of the blood come out. At night, you should choose a larger swab for use. When it fills, a slight leakage is possible, however, this can be prevented by laying a daily gasket.

Given the above, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to sleep with a tampon suggests itself.

what is better pads or tampons for girls

Special night swabs

Among many well-known manufacturers, only one has developed special night tampons - Ob. Their structure makes the application as comfortable as possible.

Size Normal is allowed for girls who do not live sexually.

The question of whether it is possible to sleep with a tampon, with products of this type disappears by itself. However, for these purposes it is not necessary to choose only the products of the Ob company, since, following certain recommendations, any product is safe for women's health.

Rules for the use of tampons at night

Proper use of a hygiene product implies compliance with some recommendations:

  • The tampon must be inserted just before you go to sleep. In this case, compliance with all hygiene rules described in the instructions is required.
  • Use swabs in accordance with the appropriate degree of absorption and size.
  • In the morning, after waking up, the used swab should be removed. It is advisable to do this no later than eight hours.
  • With copious discharge, it is necessary to additionally use gaskets that are most suitable in volume.

The selection of such products is based on their own preferences. You can purchase both ordinary products of the required size, and tampons designed specifically for night time.

how to insert a swab

Contraindications to the use of tampons at night

The tampon must not be placed in the following periods:

  • with infection or inflammation of the genitals;
  • after childbirth until the skin integument heals and the cycle is restored;
  • after surgery on the pelvic organs.

Also, a contraindication may be a feature of the body structure. You can ask your local gynecologist if it is allowed to use them in a particular case or not.

Which is better: pads or tampons for girls?

Some women prefer panty liners as a hygiene product during menstruation, while others like tampons. The choice is purely individual, it must be done reasonably, taking into account the characteristics of the body, especially with the planned application at night. How well this or that remedy fits depends on individual preferences.

chinese swabs instruction reviews

How to insert a swab?

First you need to decide in which position it is more convenient to enter it. The tampon must be carefully moved inward, feeling in which direction it passes as easily as possible.

You should carefully enter it with your finger, pushing into the vagina first up and then to the back diagonally. Do not worry that the tampon will be inserted “wrong way”, because the opening of the urination channel is too small to fit there.

During the introduction into the vagina, you need to ensure that the thread remains outside.

With the correct introduction of the swab, it will not be felt, because it is located in an area where there are few sensory nerves. The tool will not fall out when changing the position of the body, serious physical exertion and movement during the day.

Chinese swabs

chinese swabs

Consider the instructions and reviews for Chinese tampons. These are phytotampones that have a natural composition. They are designed to maintain the health of the female genital organs, are effective and convenient to use.

The sequence of actions when applying medical tampons in accordance with the instructions:

  • carry out hygiene procedures for intimate organs, disinfect hands;
  • check the integrity of the package;
  • open the package;
  • straighten the thread at the base of the product;
  • slowly insert the swab to a depth of not more than five to seven centimeters;
  • leave the remedy in the vagina for three days;
  • to remove the grass ball, you need to slowly pull the thread;
  • after extraction, make douching or a vaginal bath with chamomile infusion or other anti-inflammatory phyto-medicine.

You can put the next swab in a day. There is a generalized application schedule: three days with the drug - douching - one day off - douching again - another tampon (and other tampons in accordance with the generalized scheme and prescribed therapy, except for critical days).

The use of such tampons in gynecology is prohibited during menstruation.

Some women admire this remedy, calling it almost a panacea for female diseases, while others are skeptical about their use. If you read negative reviews in more detail, you can see that we are almost always talking about individual sensitivity, or about the likely purchase of falsified tampons, or about elementary non-compliance with the instructions for use.

The opinions of doctors also vary. Some consider Chinese tampons to be quackery, which is not a drug, while others successfully use the tool in their practice.

We found out if you can sleep with a swab.


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