What are the vitamins in kiwi

The shaggy and round kiwi fruit has long ceased to be exotic for us. Many people think that this strange brown berry was born in New Zealand, therefore it bears the name of a flightless bird, as fluffy as the fruit itself. However, few people know that the real homeland of kiwi is China. We found out what this berry tastes like and what vitamins in kiwi are thanks to Alexander Ellison, a New Zealand gardener. It was he who brought the “ancestor” of the berries, the mihuato vine to his island and, through many years of selection, turned the small and tasteless fruits of this plant into such tasty and healthy berries. In addition to New Zealand, kiwi is grown in many other countries located in the subtropics.

About which vitamins in kiwi, it became known by the end of the twentieth century. Soon, nutritionists around the world began to compare kiwi with the "vitamin bomb." And not in vain, because only vitamin C is much more concentrated in it than in orange, lemon or blackcurrant. To replenish the daily dose of this substance we need, it is enough to eat only one shaggy berry. The use of kiwi every day significantly strengthens the immune system and improves metabolism. In addition, the wonderful fruit lowers cholesterol and stabilizes blood pressure.

What vitamins are there in kiwi besides vitamin C, you ask. This berry is rich in almost all vitamins known to us. It contains vitamins A, E and D, as well as B2, B3 and B6. In addition, the fruit contains a significant amount of folic acid and beta-carotene. In addition to vitamins, kiwi fruits contain magnesium and potassium, calcium and sodium, iodine and iron. Due to the actinidine present in kiwi, this fetus can save belly and heartburn from heaviness, as well as improve the absorption of protein-rich foods.

This product also has other beneficial properties. The enzymes and folic acid contained in it are able to burn fats and form collagen fibers that strengthen the body's tissues. Due to the abundance of fiber and low sugar content, kiwi berry has a very small calorie content of only 46 Kcal. No matter how much vitamin is in kiwi, this fruit is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly. However, "sitting down" on a "kiwi diet", you should make sure that you are not allergic to this fruit - the concentration of all kinds of useful substances is very high in it.

Talking about which vitamins are in kiwi, one cannot but mention the beneficial effect of this berry on the skin of the face. Not only vitamins, but also organic acids contained in the berry, have a tonic and therapeutic effect on the skin of the face. All kinds of cosmetic masks, which include kiwi, will help cleanse and tighten the skin on the face, make it supple and youthful.

Among other things, kiwi has a very memorable taste and aroma. The unique taste of this berry with green flesh and an abundance of small black seeds resembles at the same time strawberries, and watermelon, and banana, and gooseberries. Kiwi is not only eaten as a separate fruit. This berry is a part of many salads, cakes, jams and even cocktails. However, do not add kiwi in jelly - this berry is incompatible with gelatin.

Knowing what vitamins are in kiwi, it remains to learn to distinguish ripe fruits from unripe ones. Ripe kiwi is soft to the touch. Even if you have solid fruits, they ripen quickly in a dry, dark, and warm place. The ripe fruit should be neither dry nor too soft. When pressed, its peel should push quite a bit. Choose fruits without dents or other damage. The ripe kiwi berry can also be identified by its smell - it smells of strawberries, banana and lemon at the same time. Kiwi does not like "competitors", so you need to store this fruit in the refrigerator, wrapping it in a paper bag, away from other vegetables and fruits.

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