Diet of doctors (minus 16 kg). Personal experience, reviews and menus

To have a slender figure is the dream of every woman, and if the parameters differ from ideal, then everyone is trying to sit on the most effective diet. In this case, ignorance of the system plays an important role, because today there is plenty to choose from. However, first of all, it is necessary to analyze the diet, how balanced it is, whether such nutrition will cause great harm to the body. It is very advisable to consult a doctor, because only a nutritionist can determine which diet is optimal for you. But now we want to talk about such a system as the diet of doctors (minus 16 kg). The personal experience of women suggests that the name itself immediately has credibility, but it can be very difficult to withstand.

medical diet minus 16 kg personal experience

The essence of diet

Seeing the logo “Verified and approved by medical research”, we already believe in advance the effectiveness of the proposed system. The same thing here. Although, in fact, the “medical” diet was not developed for all those suffering to lose weight, but only for a separate category of patients who are being prepared for surgery. That is, a person for medical reasons must very quickly lose a certain amount of kilograms. But is the medical diet effective (minus 16 kg)? The personal experience of women and men shows that for very full people, such a strict restriction of diet is necessary.

diet of doctors from 12 to 15 kg in 2 weeks

Diet features

Do not forget that this system is designed for medical support. If you do not have indications for its use, then the desired effect will also be provided that you can withstand the strictest restriction. However, this will lead to a slowdown in metabolism, and not acceleration, as many hope. And this means that the doctors ’universal diet is not at all (minus 16 kg). Personal experience shows that rapidly dropping kilograms just as quickly come back.

The duration of the diet can be different in time. In one week, a person can lose up to 10 kg - this is a significant plumb, but those who show willpower and last 14 days will lose up to 15 kg. Keep in mind that such a long course can negatively affect your health, so you need to take a good complex of multivitamins and minerals throughout the course. Does the diet of doctors work (minus 16 kg)? The personal experience of people who have successfully completed the entire weight loss course suggests that the promised results will not be long in coming, but you will have to show restraint.

medical diet for quick weight loss

Important to consider

It is difficult to stop a woman who is passionate about losing weight, but we urge you to consult a doctor before starting the course. Pass the necessary examination to have a complete picture of how the diet of doctors will affect the body. From 12 to 15 kg in 2 weeks is a very large plumb line that will not go unnoticed for the work of internal organs and metabolism. At the same time, keep in mind that such a diet is not suitable for everyone. Strict restrictions can be maintained only if there is a very strong motive, because the first days will be almost a hunger strike, and the subsequent ones imply a strict restriction in food. It is worth asking the doctor to choose the optimal complex of vitamins and minerals, since very few nutrients will enter the body.

The diet of doctors for quick weight loss requires good willpower. The first 3-4 days are especially hard. At this time, it is better to retire, send household members to visit, and pre-empty the refrigerator and defrost. Then the body gets used to it, and it becomes a little easier, but doctors still advise leaving home for a walk when the family sits down at the table.

Menu for the week

Now we will consider the most important thing, what is a diet of doctors for weight loss. The menu should be studied in advance so that you have the opportunity to morale. The first day is a cleansing hunger strike, only one and a half liters of water is allowed. The second day is not much easier, you have to drink 4 cups of skim milk and eat one apple at 7 pm. The third day - again unloading, you can only half a liter of water.

physician diet menus and results

The hardest part is behind, now you can relax a bit. On this day, you put a cabbage salad with carrots and herbs, 1 liter. You can fill it with a spoon of olive oil. The next day repeats the second, again only 4 cups of skim milk are allowed. The sixth day marks the end of the hunger strike - you can eat a boiled egg for breakfast, a glass of vegetable broth and 100 g of boiled meat and green peas. For lunch and dinner, you can eat one large apple. The seventh day is completely devoted to dairy cuisine, for breakfast you can 50 g low-fat cottage cheese, for lunch a glass of milk and kefir, dinner completely repeats it. It is permissible to drink a cup of tea with honey.


Today, the diet of doctors is very popular. Menus and results can be found in many forums, but the results there are often embellished. Such a diet is very difficult, and in order to lose weight, you will have to collect all the will into a fist. Be sure to find like-minded people who will support you every day. Judging by reliable reviews, the body is cleansed for the first 7 days, and you lose 5-7 kg. If you decide to repeat the course and spend another 7 days on the diet, then you will get rid of about 14 kg in all two weeks.

medical diet slimming menu

Way out of diet

This is the most difficult stage, the diet of doctors has ended (minus 16 kg). Reviews say that right now it is becoming harder to hold on to. The course is completed, the result is achieved, but the metabolism is greatly slowed down, since the body has switched on the austerity mode. Starting to eat in normal mode, you will more than gain all the lost pounds. Therefore, portions should be increased little by little, from week to week. To make it easier to comply with this regimen, increase portions due to fresh vegetables and leafy greens. It is even psychologically more comfortable to carry small portions of porridge or meat if they are served on a dish filled with herbs, fresh cucumbers, peppers, slices of carrots and the like. In addition, you need to learn how to replace harmful products with healthy ones. Prunes instead of sweets, fresh vegetables on a side dish instead of spaghetti, low-fat sour-milk products. But fatty, sweet and fried will have to be excluded from the menu.

medical diet minus 16 kg reviews


Since the diet of physicians is a therapeutic fasting, then it should be taken as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor. Any chronic disease can be a contraindication and at least a reason for consultation with a doctor. You can not follow such a diet during pregnancy and lactation. It is forbidden to adhere to such a diet for children under 16 years of age. Do not forget that health is the most important thing.

Reviews and Opinions

Judging by the personal experience and reviews of those who have already undergone treatment with this diet, we can say that the promised results are quite true. A minus of 16 kilograms is the maximum effect, but on average, people say they lost 1 kg per day. The more your initial weight, the greater its loss will be, but for those who have only 3-5 extra pounds, it is completely unreasonable to expose the body to such stress. It is enough to increase physical activity and slightly reduce the consumption of tasty and unhealthy foods.


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