How to lower homocysteine: tips

In the article, we will consider how to lower homocysteine.

It is an organic low molecular weight compound, a nonprotein sulfur-containing amino acid, not supplied with food, but obtained as a result of some biochemical processes that constantly occur in the human body. The synthesis of this substance occurs during the many stages of the metabolism of an amino acid called methionine. This amino acid is indispensable.

How to lower homocysteine ​​when planning pregnancy

How does the body get it?

Since the human body does not know how to synthesize it on its own, it is forced to obtain methionine from animal products (eggs, meat, cottage cheese products). At the same time, with a sufficient amount of folic acid in the body, as well as B vitamins, which take an active part in the metabolism of homocysteine, it is able to re-engage in metabolic processes and become methionine again. In what situations are people wondering how to lower homocysteine?

Why is a high level dangerous?

There are some health hazards that are caused by increased levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood.

  1. This compound increases the likelihood of developing pathologies of the heart and blood vessels. Clear memory, a healthy heart and full cognitive functions are directly related to the level of homocysteine ​​in the body. Kilmer S. Mack Callie, a scientist from the USA, suspected a direct connection between the increased rates of this amino acid in adults and diseases of the cardiovascular system at the end of the last century. He laid down the “homocysteine ​​theory of atherosclerosis”, where the scientist claims that cholesterol is not at all the root cause of blood vessel obstruction, namely homocysteine. Because it is this compound that initially destructively affects the inner walls of blood vessels - the endothelium. Not everyone knows what omocysteine ​​shows. How to lower the rate?
  2. Deteriorating cognitive function. Recently, scientific studies show a correlation of the intensity of hyperhomocysteinemia with the occurrence of atrophy and drying of the gray matter of the brain, together with the symptoms accompanying this pathological process. Alzheimer's disease, dementia, senile dementia - are directly dependent on high rates of homocysteine. If in the body the processes of the reverse synthesis of this substance into non-hazardous compounds can occur in three ways, then in the brain this is limited to only one type of chemical reaction. This determines the predisposition of elderly people with a high concentration of homocysteine ​​to the processes of memory oppression and cognitive functions, as well as changes in orientation in space and time.
  3. It contributes to the development of depressive states - not stress is dangerous for the development of depression in a modern person, but the insufficiency of his mental functions to overcome them positively. As a result of this, protracted depressive phenomena cause many dangerous pathologies, both physiological and psychological in nature. And in this case, scientists consider this amino acid to be the main culprit of such disorders, since it is it that inhibits the ability of brain cells to update. Why is homocysteine ​​needed to be rapidly reduced?
  4. He is the enemy of healthy offspring. The correct processes of placental metabolism requires a decrease in homocysteine ​​levels in expectant mothers, and in cases of normal pregnancy, this function is independently controlled by the body in the second and third trimesters. At high values ​​in the blood of this substance, doctors do not recommend conception planning and prescribe special medications (class B vitamins and folic acid). Contraceptives increase homocysteine ​​levels. The danger of hyperhomocysteinemia for an unborn child is due to a harmful effect on the vessels, as a result of which the risk of various pathologies increases. In men, an increased rate also has a negative effect on the likelihood of fertilization.

How to lower homocysteine ​​is described below.

Homocysteine: how to lower in a month

The principle of the occurrence of a pathological disorder

Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that is not involved in protein synthesis. This chemical compound is a homologue of another amino acid - cysteine, which is metabolized from methionine during demethylation. With the proper functioning of the body, homocysteine ​​is just a kind of transit agent during the metabolism process. It does not stay in its pure form in the body, but immediately turns into either cysteine ​​or methionine, followed by excretion from the body by natural means. It is at the stage of re-synthesis that some disturbances can occur. The reason for this phenomenon is that for the correct conversion of homocysteine, the presence of certain B vitamins - B6, B1, B9 and B12 - is necessary. Prolonged delays in the body of the substance disrupt the regulation of the processes of fat metabolism, detoxification and others, which leads to further impairment of the functioning of such important elements as adenosine, taurine, glutathione, etc.

Highly toxic acid

On the physical level, homocysteine ​​is a highly toxic acid that destroys the inner walls of blood vessels, creating cracks and wounds. The human body, upon protection, begins to mask these lesions with cholesterol plaques and blood clots. As a result of this, obstruction develops in the vessels, which leads in subsequent ones to the development of strokes and heart attacks.

How to lower homocysteine, you need to find out in advance.

Normal level

The normal concentration of a substance in the blood is not more than 15 μmol per liter. However, nutritionists and doctors recommend striving to lower the content to 7 μmol.

How to lower homocysteine ​​in women

Some people have a genetic inability to synthesize B vitamins into their active forms, that is, they have a violation of the folate cycle, so that (especially after 35 years) there are high concentrations of homocysteine.

How to lower in a month? In such cases, it is difficult to achieve positive results only by abandoning bad habits and diet, if we talk about a general level of no more than 7 micromoles. It should be noted that before doctors prescribed to take pure folic acid in its pure form, however, in modern medicine, active folate supplements or medicines based on them (methyltetrahydrofolate acid) have become popular, since inactive B9 with heredity predisposition will not give the necessary results.

How to lower homocysteine ​​when planning pregnancy?

Scientific studies have shown that the greater the amount of methionine that is ingested with protein, the higher the likelihood of an increase in homocysteine ​​and the higher the amount of B vitamins needed to get rid of it. Therefore, excessive consumption of proteins, in particular, of animal origin, with a lack of products enriched with vitamin B (vegetables, herbs and cereals), is the main prerequisite for the increase.

How to lower homocysteine ​​when planning pregnancy? Many people are asking this question today.

It would seem that the solution to this problem is quite simple: reduce the consumption of dairy products and meat, and enrich the diet with cereals and green salads. But here it is necessary to mention the bad habits that all the best undertakings can nullify. Critical effects on the state of affairs are exerted by smoking, alcohol and coffee, which are often complemented by a sedentary lifestyle. Meat, alcohol, nicotine and lack of movement are the same risk group as cholesterol increase. And as already noted, this amino acid is the main conductor of cholesterol in the vascular structure.

So, how to lower homocysteine ​​when planning a pregnancy?

Before talking about the right diet, it is necessary to identify the forbidden side, beyond which no diet will help. If a person takes care of his vessels, and even more so if he has already been diagnosed with one of the above diseases (atherosclerosis, risk of heart failure, thrombosis, disorders of the nervous system, depressive states), as well as when planning pregnancy, urgently need to refuse to use :

  • spirits;
  • nicotine;
  • caffeinated products.
    Omocysteine: what shows how to lower an indicator


Caffeine destroys methionine synthetase enzymes, which are responsible for the re-formation of methionine from homocysteine ​​and the active phase of the folate cycle (when vitamins B are absorbed correctly and perform the necessary functions). The norm for the consumption of tea and coffee is considered to be 2 cups per day.

How to lower homocysteine ​​when planning a pregnancy, the doctor should tell.


Smoking reduces the levels of vitamins B6 and B12, which is due to the cyanide cigarettes present in the smoke. This is further evidence that second-hand smoke is far more harmful than active, as it is from smoke that non-smokers receive a dose of lethal toxin. In smokers, each cigarette increases homocysteine ​​levels by 1% (in women) and by 0.5% (in men). For the entire period of scientific research on the negative impact of homocysteine ​​on health, the highest rates were found in smokers.


Laboratory studies conducted by people with alcohol dependence confirm the extremely low levels of folate and vitamin B6. Ethanol, the main alcohol component, inhibits the activity of methionine synthase, as a result of which the content of homocysteine ​​in the blood increases to critical levels.

Homocysteine ​​lowering foods

Let it enter the body through the consumption of animal proteins. Of these, in the synthesis process, the amino acid methionine is first formed, which is subsequently converted to homocysteine. Thus, diet therapy involves limiting the consumption of animal proteins. And besides this, the diet enriches the diet with B vitamins, which are cofactors of homocysteine ​​transformation.

How to lower homocysteine ​​in women with a diet?

Homocysteine: how to lower the treatment

Subject to restriction:

  1. Food of animal origin: red meat, turkey, chicken, pork. About 6 hours after eating protein, the level of homocytein in the blood rises by 10-15%.
  2. Dairy products: milk, cottage cheese, cheese, dairy products. Refuse an abundant protein dinner, for example, consisting of sour cream and cottage cheese, since they contribute to an increase in homocysteine ​​in the morning.
  3. Legumes in large volumes. Despite the fact that they are a good source of vitamins B, and the beans are also rich in folic acid, in no case should you overdose these products.
  4. Harmful combination of meat and bean products in one meal. Different types of protein require a special approach of the body in order to process them. In the case of mixing, not only digestive difficulties are observed, but also a significant increase in homocysteine.

Methionine alone is not dangerous. It causes serious disturbances in case of overdose and changes in the folate cycle. If such a change does not have a genetic character, then a normal range of homocysteine ​​levels can be achieved using a balanced diet with the obligatory presence of vitamins B1, B9, B6 and B 12.

Patients are often asked how to lower homocysteine. Treatment should be comprehensive and timely.

Products to be included in the regular diet:

  1. Eggs, liver, fish, which in some cases can replace meat. It is officially proved that with a fish-vegan diet, people achieve a decrease in homocysteine ​​levels without supplementation with vitamin supplements by 15%. Liver and eggs are also sources of vitamins B, and especially B12, which is not found in any plant product.
  2. Spinach, arugula, parsley, broccoli, tomato, any vegetables. Vegetables and greens contain a lot of B vitamins, they contain methyl group donors and the methionine content is reduced. The more intense the green color of the product, the more it contains folic acid.
  3. Nuts, especially peanuts and walnuts. Different nuts have different class B vitamins, so the best option is to regularly use a mixture of different nuts.
  4. Cereals - breakfast from cereal mixtures, cereals from unprocessed cereals. The most useful for this are oatmeal and buckwheat.
  5. Sprouted grains, which contain a huge amount of vitamin B and many other important elements. Therefore, one should not neglect the opportunity to enrich nutrition with green cereal sprouts.
  6. Yeast that can be added to any liquid food, the same applies to bran.
  7. Potatoes that have a lot of vitamin B6.
  8. Rye bread, rich in folic acid and vitamin B9.
    Homocysteine ​​quickly lower

During pregnancy

Women are also interested in how to lower homocysteine ​​during pregnancy.

An increased level of a substance in the blood of pregnant women contributes to the development of pathologies of both the fetus and the expectant mother. Scientific studies have shown a correlation between elevated homocysteine ​​and hypoxia, gestosis, premature birth, bifurcation of the limbs in the fetus, stillbirth, Down syndrome, and other genetic diseases.

Therefore, with values ​​greater than 7 μmol, doctors do not allow women to plan conception, and if extremely high rates are found in pregnant women, they prescribe dietary restrictions, prescribe increased doses of class B vitamins and folic acid to lower high homocysteine.

Homocysteine ​​lowering foods

The diet in the early stages of gestation should be saturated with proteins, which is necessary for the full formation of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not refuse dairy products and meat. Some foods may provoke excessive metabolism or digestive disorders. If there are no deviations, then the best way out of this situation is:

  • separate food;
  • competent combination of animal and plant products;
  • milk-cereal dishes;
  • rich in vegetables and herbs.

We examined how to lower homocysteine ​​in women.


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