Diet for acne: menu, reviews

None of the girls are pleased with acne and acne on their faces. But sometimes similar problems do occur. Some girls believe that in this case, a diet helps with acne on the face. Is this so and what is this power system? Now we will find answers to exciting questions.

The opinion of doctors

Doctors have divided opinions. Some people think that nutrition affects the skin, others say the opposite. And in practice it happens that a person smokes, eats fried and greasy, and his face is clean.

acne diet

For others, it happens the other way around, they adhere to proper nutrition, play sports, while acne appears on the face. This is easy to explain, because their occurrence is not always dependent on nutrition, but it is also important. Acne can appear for various reasons.

We are what we eat

It has long been proven that refined foods and sugar increase the production of sebum, which, in turn, clogs the pores. When bacteria join them, acne appears. Due to violations in the gastrointestinal tract, a weakening of the intestinal motor function occurs. As a result, harmful substances can not be freely removed. If the internal organs cannot cope with the toxins, then the skin fights them.

Therefore, if you want to cleanse your face, cleanse your intestines. Currently, there are many drugs that allow you to do this. And you do not need to carry out grueling manipulations. You can drink the course of the drug "Linex" or "Bifidumbacterin." They help eliminate toxins.

We clean the intestines ourselves

In the morning, drink water with a pinch of salt (one glass). Thirty minutes later, drink a glass of kefir. Salt removes harmful substances. Kefir helps saturate the microflora with lactobacilli. Diet in the treatment of acne consists mainly of lean meats, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Nutrition principles

Food must include fish. If there is no way to buy it, then pay attention to fish oil. Eat flaxseed to make up for your omega acid deficiency. You can add them to salads. Of particular importance is vitamin A. It is found in orange, green fruits and vegetables. Therefore, often eat apricots, black currants, cucumbers, spinach. Vitamin E is also important. It is also called beauty vitamin. It is found in walnuts, pistachios, peanuts and almonds.

Zinc regulates the sebaceous glands. Therefore, if you start to eat asparagus, oysters, herring, bran, the skin will become much faster to cleanse. An element like zinc slows down the production of sebum.

Vitamin B is responsible for the enzymatic processes. It is found in cabbage, legumes, cheese, some cereals (wheat and buckwheat), in soy and beans. A good rule is to eat buckwheat cereal with fruit.

Diet for acne. What can not be eaten?

Do not use:

  • chips;
  • sweets;
  • crackers;
  • fatty foods;
  • a large amount of bread.

Do not think that a diet against acne implies a complete rejection of delicious and beloved food. You can eat delicious dishes. Only in the cooking process, try to add as little salt, spices and fats as possible. It is best to steam. This way you save more vitamins in your food.

acne diet

It is worth remembering that each person is individual, therefore, the diet for acne is made personally. In the process, it is worth considering the stage of development of the disease, the characteristics of the body, concomitant diseases.

Healthy eels

For example, with such a diet, you can cook beef with vegetables, steam fish, porridge in water or milk. It is also useful to use a beauty salad, which consists of beans (boiled), tomato, onion. Season the dish with olive oil.


It is periodically useful to arrange fasting days on vegetables or fruits. After them, it is worth switching to a balanced diet, excluding junk food and drink (cake, seasonings, smoked meats, sausages, and more).

If you cannot completely eliminate spicy food, then try to eat more dishes with garlic, ginger, lemon and parsley. Why is that? Because these are very healthy products. Lemon, for example, neutralizes the effects of fats. It is useful to drink sometimes a decoction of parsley. Using it every day, you forget about puffiness. Also, the decoction removes acne, brightens the skin, strengthens the immune system. Replace white bread with rye bread. It contains a large amount of B6.

diet for acne on the face

Forget about unplanned snacks. Intervals between meals should be three to four hours. Drink more water, it restores cells and removes toxins.

Menu for the first four days

We told you what the acne diet is. We will consider the menu for a week later. First, tell you what you can eat the first four days.

The first is to have breakfast cereal (sugar free) with medium-fat milk. Then you should drink a cup of herbal tea. Lunch - pea soup on lean beef broth, two slices of wholemeal bread. For appetizer, apple juice (approximately 200 ml) and one pear. For dinner, eat a vegetable salad (100 grams), 150 grams of low-fat baked fish and bread. Also have a cup of green tea. The second dinner is a glass of kefir and two unsweetened cookies (for example, “Mary” or “Napoleon”).

On the second day for breakfast, green tea and cottage cheese with chopped dried fruits and nuts. The main course should be no more than 150 grams. For lunch - light borsch. You can add low-fat sour cream and a slice of grain bread. Supplement lunch with 200 ml of pomegranate juice and two medium-sized plums. For dinner, buckwheat porridge (100 g) and lean beef goulash (also 100 g). One tomato, orange juice and a slice of rye bread will complement the dishes. If you are hungry, then you can arrange a second dinner, which will consist of herbal tea and 100 grams of fruit salad from kiwi, bananas (immature) and apples.

diet for acne menu for a week

The breakfast of the third day consists of two toasts of cereal bread, oatmeal in milk and green tea. Low-fat fish ear, a slice of rye bread, a cucumber, a glass of tomato juice - this is your lunch. For dinner, stewed vegetables (about 150 grams), herbal tea, one apple, two slices of wholemeal bread. The second dinner should consist of two hundred milliliters of unsweetened drinking yogurt, two pieces of unsweetened cookies.

The fourth day also begins with breakfast, which consists of two lettuce leaves, green tea, two boiled eggs and three toasts. For lunch, eat 150 grams of boiled chicken breast. Complete the meat with a vegetable salad (100 grams), two slices of rye bread. For dessert, drink mineral water and eat one peach. For dinner, cook brown rice (portion - 100 grams). Complete the side dish with baked low-fat fish (100 g), cucumber. For dinner, also drink grapefruit juice (two hundred milliliters). If you feel hungry, drink biokefir (200 ml) before bedtime and eat one toast.

The menu on the fifth-seventh days

When the four days of the diet are behind, you can not stop. Must withstand at least a week. The menu for the rest of the days is on.

The fifth day breakfast is exactly the same as the third day. You can replace oatmeal with buckwheat. For lunch, cabbage soup on chicken broth with fresh cabbage, a slice (or two) of rye flour bread and apple juice. For dinner today, vegetable stew with beef (low-fat).

diet acne menu
A serving should be about two hundred grams. Tea is also served for dinner, a slice (two) of grain bread and two tangerines. If you are hungry a few hours before bedtime, then eat a hundred grams of fruit salad made from apricot, apples and banana (unripe) and drink a glass of mineral water.
acne diet reviews

Breakfast on the sixth day consists of an omelet, two toasted bread and tea. For lunch, chicken soup with noodles (a small plate), cucumber, two tomatoes, a glass of orange juice and a couple of slices of rye bread. For dinner, barley porridge (a small portion) plus a steam beef cutlet and bell pepper. You can drink it all with a cup of aromatic herbal tea. The second dinner consists of cookies (three pieces) and fermented baked milk (one glass).

The seventh day begins with porridge of 5 cereals in milk (a portion should be equal to 150 grams), green tea and toast. For lunch, a slice of bread, ear, 100 grams of vegetable salad.

diet against acne
For dessert, plum juice (one glass) and a medium-sized orange. Dinner is pilaf made from brown rice and chicken (150 grams portion), 100 grams of vinaigrette, mineral water and a slice of rye bread. The second dinner consists of apple, pear and herbal tea.

Diet for acne. Reviews

Girls who have tried this diet say it is effective. After the junk food was removed from the diet, improvements were noticed. In just a week of nutrition, the girls saw good changes on the skin. They say that acne will completely disappear, of course, not in seven days. You can’t say exactly the term, since everyone has their own body.


Now you know what the acne diet is, we also examined the menu for the week. We hope that this information was useful and interesting to you. We wish you to forget about skin problems and always remain beautiful!


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