When is a gluten-free diet indicated?

In the vast majority of countries, the gluten-free diet is very popular, but little is known about it in Russia. Moreover, there are few special products for it in our country. However, this does not prevent people from eating this kind of food, as this is not particularly difficult.

Thanks to it, you can cleanse your body of slagging, get rid of digestive problems. Children with hyperactivity disorder or autism also need to follow this diet. The gluten-free diet was originally created for people with celiac disease (protein intolerance). Previously, this disease was extremely rare, now this disease is considered a common occurrence. According to statistics, 1 out of 100 people suffer from it.

Celiac disease appears even in infancy, when the baby begins to eat cereals that contain gluten protein (gluten). In young children, the digestive system digests gluten poorly, so the child's immunity perceives this protein as a dangerous object. In this regard, the baby's digestion is completely impaired, the intestinal tract suffers - as a result of which both mental and physical development slows down. Children have diarrhea, anemia, and exhaustion.

A specific drug is not required, the lifeline is gluten-free nutrition, which must be followed throughout life, i.e. refuse to use products containing gluten. The disease is severe in childhood, with a mild form of the disease, people can live until the end of life. As a result, such as diabetes, cancer, lupus, arthritis, diseases of the central nervous system can be directly associated with celiac disease.

In conscious age, the disease often proceeds without a pronounced clinic. If you have problems with digestion, it is better to play safe and donate blood for specific antibodies, you can also go through an endoscopic examination. This disease is treated extremely simply without taking medication - a gluten-free diet will help in the fight against the disease, especially since it is considered the most healthy and balanced.

It is also recommended for people with obesity and overweight. Refusal or reduction of products containing gluten not only contributes to weight loss, but also normalizes metabolic processes in the human body.

Where is the danger?

For those who decide to follow this diet or eat rationally, all of the products listed below will need to be excluded from your menu. First of all, these are toxic cereals, smoked and semi-smoked products: oats, wheat, barley, rye, sausages, sausages, sausages, boiled pork. Gluten may also be present in canned fish, meat, vegetables, and fruit. Hidden gluten may be found in some yogurts, cheeses, ice cream, margarine, sauces, mayonnaise and ketchup. You can not eat fast foods: crab sticks, soups in packs of instant cooking, bouillon cubes, hamburgers, etc. Alcoholic drinks and kvass may also contain this not harmless substance.

Safe food

The selection of permitted products is actually quite large. Safe are: fish, meat, dairy products, eggs, fruits, vegetables. From cereals: corn, buckwheat, legumes, millet, rice. Gluten-free pastries are not excluded: rice, corn, protein-free bread and confectionery. It is allowed to consume marmalade, some types of sweets, white marshmallows.

For people with celiac disease, it is better to buy products in specialized stores, where there is a large assortment of gluten-free products. To prevent a gluten-free diet, you can bake bakery products at home, cook porridge from allowed cereals (millet, corn, buckwheat, rice). If in the store you saw a product with a suspicious composition, it is better to refuse to purchase it.

After several months of observing such nutrition, the patient’s intestinal mucosa is restored, his health improves and diarrhea disappears. Visible improvements are visible to the naked eye, so do not be afraid of this diagnosis, and everything will be fine with you.

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