"Angelique": reviews of women taking the drug, and physicians

Hormonal malfunctions and disorders caused by illness or age can occur suddenly and catch a woman by surprise. They cause a lot of anxiety and unpleasant symptoms, not only preventing women from enjoying their sex life with a partner, but also affecting their ability to work, emotions and well-being.

According to numerous reviews of women and doctors about “Angelik” (a hormonal drug that can eliminate unpleasant manifestations), good results can be achieved using this tool if used correctly.

angelica reviews of women taking the drug

What is this drug? What can be the recommendations regarding its use? And, most importantly, what are the real reviews about “Angelik” women taking the drug? Let's find out.

A little bit about the composition

According to doctors, “Angelik” consists of two main active ingredients - drospirenone (2 milligrams) and estradiol (1 milligram). These two hormones play an important role in a woman’s body. Any deviations from the norm of these substances can adversely affect the regularity of the menstruation cycle, the ability to give birth and the general condition of the body.

For example, drospirenone is responsible for the accumulation of fluid, and estradiol reduces the negative symptoms of menopause and serves as a prevention of osteoporosis after the onset of menopause. Below we discuss in more detail the actions of both hormones.

Additional components of the tablets are lactose monohydrate, ordinary and pregelatinized corn starch, povidone K25, macrogol 600, hypromellose, magnesium stereate and microdoses of talc, titanium dioxide, and iron dye. According to reviews of women and doctors about “Angelik”, these substances can enhance the effect of the main components and improve the patient’s well-being.

But what is the scope of active substances? Let's find out.

Two words about the hormone estradiol

As we learned above, this substance is the main component of Angelique. Reviews of women taking the drug show that this hormone, produced by the ovaries, adrenal glands and the placenta, is necessary for the satisfactory functioning of the reproductive system and its organs (vagina, uterus, mammary glands).

Also, as already mentioned, estradiol lowers cholesterol, thereby being a preventive measure for serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

Moreover, this substance serves to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis, and also improves the appearance - it slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

Two words about drospirenone

This hormone, which is a synthetic progestogen, is an addition to estradiol, since the latter can cause uterine oncology. Drospirenone neutralizes this negative manifestation and removes sodium and excess water from the patient's body. Thus, hormone removes puffiness and prevents weight gain. Reviews of women taking the drug “Angelik” are almost completely consistent with this statement. Therefore, we can absolutely say that patients who are watching their figure during the treatment with this drug are not at risk of excessive weight gain. However, we will discuss this below.

Now let's talk about how this tool is available.

Release form

According to the reviews of women taking the drug, “Angelik” is a round, convex on both sides of a tablet of gray-pink color, coated with a thin shell. Each of the miraculous pills from one side is embossed with a regular hexagon, in which two symbols are enclosed - DL.

The hormone product is produced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer in cardboard packs, one or three blisters in each. That is, in a package of 28 or 84 tablets.

The main analogue

The drug we are interested in has one analogue that is completely similar to it in composition and spectrum of action. This is “Angelique Micro”. Reviews of women and doctors about these drugs indicate that they differ from each other only in the dosage of the main components. The analogue of the drug “Angelik” includes 0.5 milligrams of estradiol and 0.25 milligrams of drospirenone. Both tablets are manufactured by the same company.

angelica micro reviews of women taking the drug

According to the reviews of women taking the drug “Angelik Micro”, its tablets are yellow, but their effect is similar to how the usual “Angelik” works.

When an analogue is prescribed

In what cases may the agent “Angelik Micro” be prescribed? Reviews of women taking the drug indicate that this analogue is prescribed by doctors in cases where the unpleasant symptoms of menopause are not very pronounced and not very critical. Moreover, such a small dosage of hormones helps doctors to choose the most accurate and effective schedule for taking the drug. These two advantages of the analogue are also indicated by expert reviews.

angelique women reviews

The essence of the means of action

According to reviews, “Angelik” replenishes the reserves of hormones that lose their properties or are completely depleted during menopause or hypogonadism.

Thanks to this, all negative manifestations caused by female diseases are normalized and the patient’s emotional, psychological and physical well-being improves. Moreover, thanks to its components, the drug promotes rapid fat metabolism and lowering blood cholesterol.

When is this drug prescribed?

In which cases hormone intake is warranted

A specialist can recommend this drug to you only if there are serious complications caused by menopause or hormonal failure caused by other reasons.

The main symptoms for the appointment of hormones, according to women’s reviews of Angelic tablets, are malfunctions in the ovaries and a strong decrease in habitual physical activity.

angelique reviews

How else can the drug help?

Wide range of actions

What unpleasant symptoms does the hormonal “Angelik" remedy? Reviews of women taking the drug, almost unanimously, assure that it will help to cope with intense flushing, profuse sweating, frequent mood swings, incomprehensible aggression and (or) depression, sleep disturbances, frequent urination and so on. Moreover, miracle pills can help in the fight against acne, wrinkles, hair loss and other cosmetic defects, although this is not their main area of ​​influence.

As you can see, the tool is really useful and effective.

However, remember that self-medication, that is, prescribing a pharmacological agent yourself, is by no means possible! Only the attending physician should do this. He also writes the dosage and schedule. Sometimes, as mentioned above, a specialist may consider it appropriate to prescribe the drug “Angelik Micro”. Reviews of women about this analogue are similar to reviews about the main tool.

It is very important to take the pills with caution, carefully weighing the expected benefits and general condition. The fact is that, according to the reviews of women, “Angelik” has many contraindications and side effects. Let us examine them in more detail.

When you can not use

It is strictly forbidden to take this hormone for girls under twenty years of age, as well as for pregnant and lactating women. Reviews of women about the drug "Angelik" are unanimous in that it is not prescribed for such diagnoses:

  • malignant tumors of the mammary glands;
  • hormone-dependent oncological neoplasms;
  • unexplained vaginal bleeding form;
  • severe liver disease;
  • liver tumors of any etiology;
  • renal / adrenal failure, serious kidney disease;
  • stroke and rehabilitation period;
  • heart attack and post-infarction period;
  • pathology of the uterine endometrium;
  • venous thrombosis.

In addition, as testimonials about “Angelik” testify, the remedy cannot be used with individual intolerance of its components. For example, sometimes allergic reactions to lactose, which is part of the drug, may occur.

However, this is not the entire list of contraindications. There are a number of diseases during which tablets are prescribed with extreme caution, given the likely damage and the intended effect.

When to take with caution

According to expert reviews, such ailments are:

  • chronic heart failure;
  • endometriosis and uterine fibroids;
  • diabetes mellitus of varying degrees;
  • gallbladder disease;
  • lack of calcium in the female body;
  • epilepsy;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • high cholesterol;
  • severe migraine;
  • obesity starting from the second degree;
  • hereditary predisposition to oncology or thrombosis (the patient’s parents were ill).

If a woman suffers from the above diseases, then doctors prescribe the drug only as a last resort. According to the reviews of women taking “Angelik” in the presence of uterine fibroids or other ailments mentioned above, they had to visit the attending physician’s office every month for a detailed examination, passing certain tests and adjusting the therapeutic process.

pills angelica reviews women

Moreover, as the experts themselves explain, tablets are not prescribed as contraceptives. If a woman has hormonal disruptions and, above all, she needs contraception, then the doctors prescribe another drug, not Angelique.

How to take this remedy?

Dosage and schedule

According to the instructions for use, as well as the recommendations of specialists, one tablet should be consumed per day with a small amount of water. It is advisable to take a hormonal agent at the same time to keep cyclical. If the patient forgot to take a pill, then you should not take two immediately or reduce the time interval between doses. It is necessary to continue treatment with the usual interval of 24 hours.

To make it easier for women to take the drug, the manufacturer made sure that each tablet was placed in a separate cell, next to which the day of the week is indicated. Thus, it will be easier for the patient to follow the schedule of drug use.

You can start taking any day cycle menstruatsionnogo. The specialist prescribes the course of treatment, usually it is quite lengthy: from several months to several years.

Additional Information

Is it possible to take hormones and daily activities? Yes, according to the instructions for the drug and the numerous reviews of patients, this tool affects the amount of hormones, but it is not a contraindication to driving or working with complex mechanisms. “Angelik” does not cause drowsiness or lethargy; therefore, its use does not contradict the activities requiring concentrated attention and quick reaction.

Does the drug have side effects? Yes, and we'll talk about this below.

A few words about the “side”

Many people use Angelique for menopause. Reviews of women suggest that this remedy can cause aching chest pains, the mammary glands can enlarge and cause the patient any other discomfort. Sometimes, the drug can trigger the development of benign tumors in the mammary glands. Moreover, neoplasms can occur in the organs of the genitourinary system, which is also serious and entails unprecedented difficulties.

Another side effect of the drug may be a little bleeding. Therefore, if you encounter such a problem, wait a bit when the body gets used to the introduction of hormones and the condition stabilizes. If bleeding does not stop within a month, it is advisable to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

In general, “Angelik” (according to reviews of women over 50 years of age and younger) has a huge number of side effects, causes unpleasant, painful symptoms that can accompany a woman throughout the course of treatment, especially at the very beginning, while the female body gets used to and adapts to new ones. for him substances.

Among such annoying sensations may be pain in the abdomen, joints and veins. Shortness of breath, muscle cramping, bloating, diarrhea may occur. Sometimes, judging by consumer reviews, a woman will be bothered by dry mouth, nausea, or increased appetite.

It is worth noting that the above symptoms are harmless if they last a short time. If side effects accompany you for more than two weeks, or even a month, then you should inform your doctor about it. Then, most likely, a full examination and replacement of the “Angelik” preparation with another, more suitable one, will be carried out.

What may still encounter the patient while taking hormone pills? Possible manifestations of psychological disorders, expressed in irritability, tearfulness, mood swings, depression ...

Often women describe their physical condition as unsatisfactory due to frequent dizziness, tinnitus, pathological changes in the skin, and decreased sexual activity.

Of course, in this article it is impossible to list all the side effects of the drug. It is also difficult to predict which particular side effect a particular patient will encounter. It is likely that someone will not at all experience unpleasant sensations from taking the drug and will be completely satisfied with its positive effect.

angelica reviews of women taking with fibroids

However, another question remains open: "Is it possible to take" Angelik "with other drugs?" What does the instruction say? Let's find out.

Combination with other pharmacological agents

If you constantly take “Angelik”, you should remember that another treatment can slow down or, conversely, speed up the action of this drug. For example, other hormonal drugs reduce the effect of estradiol on the female body, and paracetamol, on the contrary, slows down the release of this hormone from the female body. In relation to some antibiotics (for example, penicillin groups), it should be warned that their simultaneous use can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Bad habits

How can affect the active ingredients of the drug, "Angelique" alcohol and tobacco? Alcohol drinks reduce the beneficial effect that the drug has, so women taking hormones should minimize alcohol consumption. To use it, you can, but in moderation.

Cigarettes have an even more negative effect on the female body taking the drug. Therefore, if the patient smokes, the attending physician will attribute “Angelik” to her with extreme caution.

The course of treatment and overweight

Many women worry that they will get much better by taking this hormonal drug. Are these fears justified? Partially.

The fact is that it is no secret to anyone that all hormonal drugs can actually provoke an increase in the weight of patients. However, as some women speak, they do not feel that much better. Many advised during the use of hormones to closely monitor the diet and lifestyle.

If you eat in moderation, avoid excessively fatty and sweet foods, as well as do gymnastics and move more, then the problem of excess weight will bypass you. This is confirmed by numerous real reviews of those who have experienced the effects of hormones and the above tips.

A little more about the reviews

Yes, “Angelik” and “Angelik Micro” are very popular drugs to combat hormonal malfunctions and disorders. Many women note that using them as prescribed by a doctor, they got rid of such terrible manifestations of menopause as excessive sweating, irritability, hot flashes. Moreover, some patients drink the drug for years, which helps them to keep themselves normal and feel like a woman for a long period of time.

angelique reviews of women and doctors

However, as mentioned above, not everyone is delighted with the remedy. Real cases have been recorded when the use of the drug provoked neoplasms and tumors of the reproductive organs, and also caused other unpleasant sensations - pain in the pelvis, veins, muscles, and chest.

Also, many women recognize that for a long time it is better not to use the drug. For example, there are real reviews when women took “Angelik” for more than five years, after which their body began to reject the medicine on their own. Painful symptoms appeared - swelling, heart failure, asthma attacks.


As you can see, “Angelique” is an effective hormonal drug that can really help a woman survive a difficult time for her. However, you need to take it wisely, weighing the pros and cons, consulting with your doctor and carefully studying the instructions for use.

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