Tasty salad recipes for pancreatitis, cooking features and recommendations

Pancreatitis is a pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, to eliminate which the most important point is to follow a strict diet. With exacerbations, doctors recommend consuming a minimum of food. Subsequently, diversity is allowed in the daily diet. There are several salad recipes for pancreatitis, the use of which does not harm health and will provide the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. They will be the subject of discussion in our publication.

Allowed foods for pancreatitis

During the treatment of the disease, the following foods are allowed:

  • Boiled meat and fish with a low fat content.
  • Rice groats.
  • Low fat cottage cheese and sour cream.
  • Boiled, baked or steamed vegetables and fruits.
  • Vegetable oil.

The above products are best consumed individually. At the same time, there are many salad recipes for pancreatitis, where similar ingredients can be used.

What foods are forbidden to use with this ailment?

what salads are possible with pancreatitis recipes

If there is a disease, it is important to exclude pork and lamb from the diet. After all, the meat of these animals is characterized by increased fat content. The ban also includes dairy products. Compliance with the diet during the treatment of pancreatitis does not imply the use of all kinds of nuts and legumes, in particular peas and beans. Refuse is recommended from egg yolk and pickles. It is unacceptable to use mayonnaise, as well as snacks (chips, crackers, peanuts) with the content of food additives and an abundance of spices.

Based on the list of allowed and prohibited foods, a sick person can independently modify the salad recipes for pancreatitis. This solution allows you to stick to a diet without harming your health, and at the same time significantly diversify your daily diet.

Lettuce and spinach

pancreatitis diet salads recipes

The presented ingredients can be included in recipes for diet salads for pancreatitis. Since they are on the border between permissible and prohibited products in the presence of such a pathology.

The use of fresh leaves of lettuce benefits the body of any person, including those suffering from inflammation of the pancreas. The product contains an abundance of ascorbic acid. However, it is not recommended to use lettuce more than twice a week.

Spinach includes many irreplaceable minerals. However, such a salad contains oxalic acid. The latter is able to irritate the inflamed pancreas. Therefore, nutritionists advise only occasionally to include a small amount of young, fresh spinach leaves in the diet. Uncontrolled use of the product can lead to the most unforeseen consequences.

Diet vinaigrette

salads for pancreatitis patients recipes

What salads are possible with pancreatitis? The recipe for a traditional vinaigrette is not suitable for people who suffer from inflammation of the pancreas. The problem is having an ingredient like pickled cucumbers. The latter belong to the category of products with a high level of acidity and are prohibited for use with pancreatitis. Excluded from the recipe is also necessary legumes.

The recipe for a simple salad with pancreatitis involves the use of only boiled potatoes, beets and carrots. These ingredients must be combined in equal proportions. These products should be cut into small cubes. A safe dressing for diet vinaigrette is a small amount of sunflower oil.

Beetroot and carrot salad

A good alternative to diet vinaigrette is a salad, for the preparation of which only boiled beets and carrots are used. These products are neutral in acidity. At the same time, these ingredients contain an abundance of fiber. Therefore, with inflammation of the pancreas, beets and carrots are not recommended to be consumed in large quantities.

As in the previous salad recipe for pancreatitis, vegetables are first boiled. It is advisable that they be peeled. As soon as the beets and carrots reach full readiness, they must be peeled, cooled and chopped using a grater with medium holes. It is better to fill the salad with the same vegetable oil. If desired, the dish can be varied by adding a small amount of grated apple pulp to the composition.

Dietary salad "Olivier"

pancreatitis salad recipes in adults

An excellent salad recipe for chronic pancreatitis is the dietary Olivier. For cooking, carrots and potatoes are used. These vegetables are boiled in a peel. In addition, chicken is prepared. Hard-boiled eggs may be present. From them it is necessary to remove the yolks.

The ingredients are cut into small cubes and mixed thoroughly. Fat-free sour cream is used as a dressing. Ready salad can be slightly salted. It is allowed to add a small amount of fresh cucumber to the dish, from which you need to remove the skin.

Fruit and vegetable based salads

salads for chronic pancreatitis recipes

We continue to talk about salad recipes for patients with pancreatitis. To diversify your daily diet, you can prepare several safe and healthy dishes using a mix of fruits and vegetables. With inflammation of the pancreas, nutritionists admit the following recipes:

  1. Sweet apples and carrots are taken. The ingredients of the future salad get rid of the peel. Products are ground using a grater. The components of the dish are combined and seasoned with low-fat yogurt.
  2. Another option for fruit and vegetable salad with pancreatitis involves the use of melon, sweet apples and pumpkin. These products are brought to full readiness for a couple, after which they are carefully ground. Refueling also includes low-fat yogurt. For a special taste, you can add a few drops of liquid honey.
  3. There is another healthy fruit and vegetable mix that can serve as an excellent breakfast. In equal proportions, finely chopped bananas and peaches are combined. Steamed pumpkin is added to this. The ingredients are seasoned with low-fat yogurt or sour cream.

Cucumber salad

pancreatitis salads simple recipes

The simplest diet dish for pancreatitis can be prepared using several cucumbers, peeled and cut into rings. Vegetable should be slightly salted. In the form of dressing, you can use vegetable oil or fat-free sour cream. Finally, cucumbers should be sprinkled with finely chopped dill.

It is worth noting that such a salad is forbidden to use during an exacerbation of the disease. The dish is recommended to be included in the daily diet only with persistent remission. Before resorting to the use of cucumber salad, it is important to once again discuss this possibility with a nutritionist or attending physician.

Dietary salad "Mimosa"

pancreatitis salad recipe

A good salad recipe for pancreatitis in adults is the dietary Mimosa. The dish can be included in the daily menu. Since such food is not only extremely nutritious, but also healthy.

To prepare a dietary salad "Mimosa", it is enough to boil hard-boiled several chicken eggs. Before using the product as part of a dish, yolks will have to be removed from it. Pollock fillet or any other fish with a low fat content is also boiled. Other permitted ingredients are carrots and potatoes. These vegetables are boiled until fully cooked.

Next, you can begin to lay the salad ingredients in layers. First, the bottom of the dish is covered with finely sorted fish fillets. The next layer is the grated boiled carrots. Then, chopped egg white is placed on the plate. The finishing touch is grated boiled potatoes.

Layers of the dish are smeared with sour cream, the fat content of which is not more than 10%. The salad is decorated with several sprigs of dill. The result is a beautiful, tasty and nutritious dish that is allowed for everyday use.

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