Beef: calories, benefits and harms

By calorie, it is customary to mean the amount of energy that the body receives from a particular product. It is traditionally believed that one kilogram of fat contains nine kilocalories, one gram of carbohydrates gives four kilocalories, and one gram of protein has three kilocalories.

These numbers make it possible to calculate the calorie content of any product. Depending on the cooking method, the energy value of the products varies. One of the unique products in its energy intensity is beef. Its calorie content is low.

beef calorie

Beef is the meat of any cattle. This may be the meat of a cow or a bull, a bison, a yak, an ox, or a buffalo. Beef is a valuable source of protein, B vitamins and other beneficial substances. It can be boiled, stewed, grilled on charcoal or a frying pan, smoked or baked. You can make meatballs, dumplings, meatballs from minced meat. Beef is suitable for aspic or aspic.

The calorie content of raw meat varies from 177 calories in ground beef to 446 calories in brisket and ribs.

Boiled beef, whose calorie content is 220 kilocalories per hundred grams of product, is very useful due to its protein content. Beef protein is easily absorbed by the human body.

Maybe this is not the most dietary product, however, it is the medium-fat beef that is recommended by nutritionists to people who want to lose weight. At the same time, in the fight against excess kilograms, it is better to eat boiled beef no more than twice a week.

boiled beef calories

When dieting, it is better to use the most “lean” pieces of beef. These include tenderloin, sirloin, thin edge and rumps. These parts of meat carcasses contain a greater amount of protein, which means that they are better absorbed and do not overload the body.

Braised beef, the calorie content of which does not exceed 220 kcal, is an alternative to boiled. Beef cannot be excluded from the diet for more than two weeks, regardless of the severity of diets and diseases. She is hypoallergenic, which means that she has no contraindications. While on a diet, diversify your meat diet with beef. Braised or boiled, it always satisfies the appetite and does not cause a feeling of heaviness.

For people who want to maintain their shape without restricting themselves to meat products, we can advise you to cook steamed cutlets of ground beef . One hundred grams of such a product contains only 177 kilocalories.

calorie beef stew

Beef, whose calorie content is not as high as pork, contains very little fat. It is able to lower the level of "bad" cholesterol. This product is indispensable for diabetics.

Nutritionists recommend a diet in which 60% are carbohydrates and 30% is given to fats. In meat such as beef, calorie content and nutritional value fully comply with this requirement.

The only drawback of beef, and not just any that is grown on the farm, is the presence in the meat of residues from growth hormones, various dietary supplements and antibiotics. The fact is that with the help of such additives, farmers fight diseases and problems of animal growth. Therefore, it is undoubtedly better to purchase meat from a cow that grazes in a clean meadow.


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