What should be normal discharge in women: the number, color of discharge, dependence on the cycle, pathology, analysis, treatment and recommendations of gynecologists

Each representative of the fair sex should ask the question: "What should be normal discharge in women?" After all, it is already possible to determine from them the state of women's health. Every woman can see a small amount of discharge on her underwear daily, and this is considered quite normal. However, in some cases, this may indicate the presence of serious pathologies and abnormalities in the body. From this article you will learn about what should be normal discharge in women, as well as what indicates the presence of pathologies. Carefully read the information provided in order to protect yourself and arm yourself as much as possible.

What should be normal discharge in women?

The body of each representative of the weaker sex is individual, therefore, the discharge will differ in appearance, as well as in other characteristics. However, there are common features that are characteristic of all healthy women. Consider the main characteristics:

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  • The daily amount of discharge should not exceed five milliliters. It is impossible to accurately determine their volume, however, approximate results can be obtained using a daily gasket. The diameter of the spot from the discharge on it should not exceed one and a half centimeters.
  • It is also very important to pay attention to their consistency. If a woman is healthy, then they will look like egg white or mucus. Moreover, they should be quite thick. However, on some days of the cycle, as well as during pregnancy and sexual arousal, they can become excessively fluid. In these situations, this is also not a pathology.
  • Very many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are interested in the question: "What should be normal discharge in women?" It is important to pay attention also to their structure. They should not be curdled or flaked. Only a small number of thick seals are allowed.
  • Another indicator of discharge is odor. In the normal state, it should be slightly acidic, since the environment of the vagina is acidic, or they should not have any smell at all.

Normal discharge in women by day of the cycle

As you know, little girls do not have vaginal discharge. They begin to appear only when the hormonal background begins to return to normal in the girl. It should be borne in mind that throughout the menstrual cycle, the number of secretions, their color and consistency will change. This is not a pathology, so you should not worry about this. The main thing is to study what secretions accompany the main phases of the cycle.

Changes in the phases of the menstrual cycle occur due to changes in the level of female hormones in the blood. Most often, a woman’s menstrual cycle is 28 days. It is on this basis that we consider what changes will occur in the female body:

  • Usually, from the first to the 12th day after the end of menstruation, the first phase of the menstrual cycle begins. During this period, a small amount of discharge appears, painted in a whitish or yellowish color. In this case, a condition is considered when a small amount of small white lumps appears in the mucus. The normal smell of discharge in women is considered acidic.
  • From the 13th to the 15th day of the cycle, ovulation occurs. In this case, the woman may increase the number of discharge at times, while they will be very viscous. During ovulation, the discharge can be transparent, white and even with a cream or beige tint.
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  • The end of the cycle falls on the 16-20th day. During this time period, the amount of mucus produced is reduced, while in consistency it becomes like jelly. What color is the normal discharge in women in this case? In the period after ovulation, leucorrhoea may be transparent, white and yellowish. Gradually, brown whites appear, which are evidence that menstruation is occurring.

Why do we need a female body?

The most important task of the mucus produced by the female vagina is to protect the vagina itself, as well as the uterus, from the penetration of foreign pathogens. In addition, mucus will protect the vagina from drying out and clean the birth canal. She is also able to make intercourse comfortable, which will contribute to a successful conception. If vaginal discharge is produced in insufficient quantities, this can lead to infection of the female reproductive system, as well as to painful sensations during sexual intercourse.

What is included in the discharge?

Each representative of the fair sex should know which discharge in women is considered normal, as well as what is included in their composition.

First of all, their main component is mucus, which is formed by the cervical canal. It provides reliable protection of the cervix from infectious microorganisms. The composition of the discharge also includes constantly updated cells of the epithelial tissue lining the surface of the uterus.

female discharge

Do not forget about the special microflora of the vagina. The composition of mucus includes a large number of different microorganisms, including pathogens. If a woman’s immune system fails, then the pathogenic microflora begins to multiply rapidly, and this leads to the emergence of infectious and inflammatory processes. However, the main part of the microflora is sour milk bacteria, which provide a sour smell.

What drives change?

Photos of normal secretions in women indicate that leucorrhoea may have a different color and texture. We have already mentioned that these parameters vary depending on the phase of the cycle. They can also change when infected with infectious diseases or for a number of other reasons. Consider what can affect the state of secretions.

  • If a woman is just starting to have sex or is changing a partner, then a completely unfamiliar microflora penetrates into her vagina (we will consider only microflora of a non-pathogenic nature). What color discharge in women is considered normal in this case? When changing a partner, the number of secretions, as well as their consistency and even color, may increase. All this is considered normal.
  • The sexual intercourse itself contributes to the development of special secretions. After sexual intercourse without using the barrier method of contraception, the discharge looks like clots, painted white or yellow. However, within a few hours, their condition will return to normal.
  • Discharge and hormonal contraceptives taken by the fairer sex also change. Such drugs act due to inhibition of ovulation and changes in hormonal levels. So, against the background of their application, the amount of discharge will be significantly reduced. The same thing happens during breastfeeding. As soon as this process ends, the discharge begins to be produced as before, according to the phases of the cycle.
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  • Photos of normal secretions in a woman during pregnancy indicate that during this period, representatives of the weaker sex significantly increase mucus production. This is due to the fact that blood circulation in the genital area is significantly accelerated. But in the last three months of pregnancy, the volume of discharge increases even more. This usually indicates the imminent onset of labor.

How to determine the presence of diseases?

In fact, quite often, women themselves affect the change in the microflora of the vagina. You can affect her condition without observing the rules of personal hygiene, as well as conducting frequent douching with the help of special solutions or even ordinary water. The vagina is able to cleanse itself on its own. Consider what can lead to self-cleaning problems of this body:

  • Long-term use of antibacterial drugs.
  • Treatment with hormonal drugs. The use of hormonal contraceptives is also worth mentioning here.
  • The presence of late stages of diabetes.
  • Immune system problems.

Please note, even transparent and white discharge can indicate the presence of pathologies. Therefore, regularly go to the gynecologist and do not hide from him what is bothering you. Consider what may indicate the presence of discharge of a particular color.

Transparent highlight

It is very important to understand what discharge in women is normal and abnormal. At first glance, clear discharge is considered the most harmless. However, even clear mucus may indicate the presence of pathogenic processes. So, an excessive amount of transparent mucus may indicate the presence of inflammatory processes in the appendages and endometrium. If the disease has already managed to go into an advanced stage, then the presence of blood clots in transparent mucus is not excluded. In this case, the discharge will have an extremely unpleasant smell of rotten fish.

White discharge

Normal and abnormal discharge in women can be white. Most often, the woman is healthy, it is white discharge that indicates. However, they can also be evidence of the presence of pathological processes. How to distinguish normal white discharge from abnormal?

Be sure to consult a gynecologist if the white discharge has a curdled consistency, is allocated in a very large amount, and also smell extremely unpleasant. However, their occurrence is usually accompanied by itching and redness of the external genitalia. In fact, there are just a huge number of causes of white pathological discharge. Consider the most common of them:

  • thrush or candidiasis should be put in the first place;
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  • also white discharge may indicate infection, improper lifestyle, the use of hormonal therapy or lack of timely hygiene;
  • white discharge may indicate the presence of pathologies such as colpitis or adnexitis.

Secretions with blood

Each representative of the fair sex should know how normal discharge in women looks. Blood in secretions is usually considered a serious pathology. The exception is only the condition before the onset of menstruation. If a woman has scarlet or brown discharge daily, then this may indicate the presence of a very serious disease. Consider exactly which pathologies can lead to bloody discharge:

  • cervical erosion;
  • the presence of benign and malignant neoplasms;
  • the presence of inflammatory processes in the endometrium;
  • the presence of polyps.

In addition, blood discharge can also be observed after an abortion, miscarriage, with improper use of hormonal medications and for a number of other reasons. It is very important not to self-medicate and consult a gynecologist in a timely manner.

The presence of yellow and green discharge

It is very important to understand which discharge is normal in women. There are a large number of sexually transmitted diseases that can change the color and texture of mucus. Consider the most common of these diseases:

  • A lot of women are faced with such a pathology as trichomoniasis. The disease is accompanied by abundant secretion of yellowish and greenish foamy mucus, which has a disgusting smell of rotten fish.
  • With inflammatory processes in the ovaries or fallopian tubes, a yellowish liquid forms, which simply flows out of the vagina in a very large amount. In this case, the normal smell of discharge in women is absent.
  • The vagina itself may also be infected. At first, the mucus is excreted as before, and only gradually its production begins to increase rapidly. But very serious symptoms can begin to occur only a year after infection.
  • Gonorrhea is considered a very unpleasant and dangerous disease. It is characterized by the presence of copious secretions of yellow-green color, accompanied by a fetid odor.

Gynecologist smear

Each woman should undergo a routine examination by a gynecologist twice a year. In this case, it is very important to take a smear, which allows you to determine the state of female microflora. First of all, the doctor will take a general smear, with which you can determine the purity of the vagina. Using it, you can determine the condition of the epithelial cells, as well as identify diseases that arise due to the presence of pathogenic microflora. Such diseases include thrush, vaginitis, vaginosis and others.

doctor visit

If necessary, the doctor will take a smear for hidden infections, as well as oncology.

Usually the procedure for taking a smear is painless. Only in some cases can it lead to slight discomfort. A smear is taken from the cervix with a brush or a sterile cotton swab.

How to restore the vaginal microflora?

Very often, pathological discharge in women occurs due to impaired vaginal microflora. If other causes are to blame for the change in secretions, it is very important to identify them and not to self-medicate. In any case, visit a gynecologist. He will take all diagnostic measures and prescribe the most optimal treatment for you.

If the microflora is disturbed, you need to pay attention to your lifestyle. Stop taking alcoholic beverages, start eating right and consume as many dairy products as possible.

Avoid douching completely. This will further aggravate your problem. Better use herbal suppositories. Chamomile and calendula will produce a wonderful anti-inflammatory effect and gradually bring microflora back to normal.

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Follow all the rules of personal hygiene, if possible, refuse to use hormonal contraceptives, and you will notice how the mucus in your vagina acquires the desired color and consistency.


White discharge in women is normal, provided that they have the correct consistency. Carefully monitor your health. Vaginal discharge is an indicator of women's health. If you notice any deviations in color, texture or smell, immediately go to the gynecologist, because they can indicate the presence of very serious pathologies. Do not forget that your health is in your hands. Only you are responsible for his condition. Therefore, deal with yourself, look after yourself and take care of yourself, and then your body will begin to take care of you. Any disease is much easier to prevent than to treat. This should be one of the main rules in your life. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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