Onion soup for weight loss. Reviews, recipe, rules of use.

The woman’s eternal question about losing weight boils down to finding ways to lose weight so that he does not return, but at the same time does not require any special efforts from the lady. Therefore, despite all the warnings of competent specialists, the beautiful half of humanity still buys on various kinds of advertising about miracle pills, self-hypnosis techniques and other ways to get rid of what has been accumulated for a long time and with love, quickly and forever. But, unfortunately, such means do not exist in nature. Or do you seriously believe that all famous models and actresses of their own free will and with pleasure limit themselves in food and spend hours in gyms? The question is rhetorical, so let's get right to the point.

It best meets the requirements of those who want to lose weight quickly, and at the same time do not particularly starve - onion soup for weight loss. Reviews of almost everyone who was able to withstand the diet as expected, just enthusiastic. The effectiveness of the diet lies in the properties of the soup itself. It not only burns fats, but also improves digestion, cleanses the body of deposits that do not have a statute of limitations. Thus, the onion diet reviews forms approximately the following contents: a feeling of lightness in the body, the absence of problems with the intestines (which is often found with limited food), there is no feeling of hunger. This is about efficiency.

But the onion soup itself collects reviews in very different directions: the dish is with a specific taste and smell, so not everyone can eat it “as often as necessary” - on the recommendation of the diet developers. So it turns out that instead of eating another portion of the miracle dish, women simply skip meals - and this causes the wrong effect: irritability, hunger, internal discomfort. Therefore, before deciding on this diet, test your taste sensations, and also consult a doctor - this is never superfluous. Also, it should immediately be taken into account that this kind of diet is stress for the body and it is not recommended to use it more than once a season. And the last: efficiency. Onion slimming soup reviews reviews more often than any other diet. For 7 days of eating this dish you can get rid of 3-4 kilos. All you need to forget about their existence forever is not to overeat after the end of the seven-day period and count calories.

So, the recipe: six onions plus a head of cabbage and grated celery root. Put everything in a saucepan - and simmer until the cabbage is soft. You can season with a bouillon cube - but in no case add traditional dressings such as mayonnaise or sour cream. This is option number 1 "Onion soup for weight loss." Reviews of his taste are neutral, but he is preparing quickly. Option number 2 "Onion soup for weight loss" reviews collects more positive, but requires more ingredients, and it’s difficult to cook. So, all the same 6 onions are cut in half and greased with melted butter. Top - garlic salt and dill. All this beauty is baked, then folded into a pan with grated celery and boiled. After cooling, grind in a blender and enjoy the taste. You can add yogurt - but not more than a glass. Over the course of a week, recipes for soup can be alternated - already a variety.

However, there is consolation: every day you can add a certain product to onion soup. Of course, in a limited amount, but still it significantly raises the mood. The first day - a kilogram of any fruit (except bananas), the second day - a kilo of any raw or boiled vegetables (except potatoes), the third day - a kilo of vegetables and fruits, the fourth day - a glass of milk and two bananas, the fifth day - tomatoes and to 0, 5 kg of white poultry meat, the sixth day - a pound of salad of white poultry meat, sweet pepper, cucumbers and cabbage, the seventh day - 120 grams of rice and a couple of glasses of freshly squeezed juice. Well, how did you manage? And now with a sense of relief (mental and physical) - on the scales!

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