The most harmful foods

Nowadays, we can see a huge assortment of food in stores. Every day, diversity is increasing and increasing, but is the quality good? What are the most harmful products on the shelves? What is not advisable to buy? And what is very harmful to your health?

Many products are not natural, others contain only part of the natural products, and some are poisons for our body.

In this article I will present you a list "The most harmful food."

1. Sweet carbonated drinks. Well, who doesn't love them? And especially for children. These drinks are just a mixture of sugar, gases, various chemicals and nothing more. It's no secret that Coca-Cola is an excellent remedy for rust and lime. Therefore, before you drink it, you should think about it, right? Also, carbonated drinks have a very high sugar content, which is why after five minutes after you drink them you will again feel thirsty.

2. Mayonnaise. This of course does not apply to the mayonnaise that you make yourself at home. This applies to the mayonnaise that you see on store shelves. This product is very high-calorie, in addition, it contains a large amount of carbohydrates and fats, various dyes and sweeteners, substitutes and much more. In general, this product can easily be in the list of "Most harmful products."

3. The salt. This product complements any dishes, makes them tastier and richer. But not without reason it is called "white death." An adult needs no more than five grams of salt per day, but we consume at least ten grams per day. Excess causes cardiovascular diseases, various kidney diseases, as well as the accumulation of toxins, which contributes to the development of malignant tumors. People who already have such diseases, or elderly people, are better off not eating salt at all or consuming no more than two grams per day.

4. Chocolate bars. This product contains a considerable amount of various chemical additives, genetically modified products, flavors, dyes, and much more that is completely unnecessary for our body. Also, chocolate bars are very high in calories. But everyone loves to eat them, both adults and children. And there is nothing to be done about it, since a large amount of sugar makes us buy and eat them again and again.

5. When we talk about chewing gums, then the words “the most harmful products” pop up in our head. Why is that? Firstly, there is nothing natural here; the chewing gum contains only various chemicals, dyes, sweeteners, and so on. In addition, when we chew gum, gastric juice begins to stand out, but food does not enter it, and the stomach begins to digest its walls. From this, a stomach ulcer develops. Therefore, experts recommend chewing gum only right after meals and no more than five minutes. But still, you should not do this at all.

6. Of course, in this list you can not do without a variety of mashed potatoes, instant noodles, instant juices and so on. All this can be brought in one point for one simple reason: these products are solid chemistry, there is absolutely nothing natural here, and they will undoubtedly harm your health.

7. Chips. Chips are very harmful to the human body. They contain a large amount of fats and carbohydrates, dyes and flavoring agents.

I hope that after reading the list of the most harmful products, you will understand that tasty does not mean healthy. Most of what we eat is bad for our health. Therefore, you need to try to constantly control yourself. However, in spite of everything, unhealthy food is something that will always haunt us, do not forget that we are what we eat.


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