What is the use of beets and beetroot juice?

Beetroot is a herbaceous plant from the popular amaranth family. Its healing and beneficial properties have long been known. They are caused by the presence in the root crops of betaine, various vitamins (groups B, PP), minerals (magnesium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, etc.), bioflavonoids. It is also used as an improving metabolism and digestion, a tonic.

If you still do not know whether beets are useful, then read on and see for yourself. Beets are a good source of copper, vitamin C and phosphorus. It eliminates toxins throughout the body. Its leaves contain a huge amount of vitamin A, and its roots contain vitamin C. Frequent intake of beets in food definitely prevents the appearance and subsequent growth of dangerous malignant tumors.

Vitamin B9 contained in beets is ideal for the prevention of heart disease, leukemia, anemia. Also, red root vegetable has excellent anti-aging properties. They come into their active power due to the presence of folic acid in the vegetable, which contributes to the creation of the necessary new cells.

Another important element of rejuvenation in beets is quartz, which is necessary for good condition of arteries, bones and skin. In addition to all the advantages, you need to know that ordinary red beets are not very useful for those who have long had a weak gastric system or for those who have high acidity.

Many people are interested in how beets are useful for people who suffer from a delay in the body's fluid - it cleanses the kidneys, blood, while reducing the acidity of the body, and helping to cleanse the liver. This wonderful vegetable actively stimulates the brain and quickly eliminates toxins that can accumulate in the body, while maintaining excellent mental health.

What else is beets useful for the body? It helps him absorb vitamin B without obstacles. Do you want to know how boiled beets and strong beet broth are useful ? It is an excellent diuretic and laxative. A raw root juice is useful for hypertension.

Beetroot juice is treated for liver diseases. It helps strengthen the thin walls of the capillaries. Many substances that are contained in root crops actively have a vasodilating, calming and anti-sclerotic effect.

Red vegetables of this family contain many pectin substances, due to which they have excellent protective properties when exposed to heavy and radioactive metals. Also, pectin substances contribute to the elimination of cholesterol and delay the development of harmful microorganisms in the intestines.

It is difficult to find a vegetable more wholesome than regular beets. With a breakdown and exhaustion of the body, after suffering serious illnesses, only it will make it possible to again feel a surge of strength. Drink beet juice (fresh) at least 3 times / day before meals.

Here's what else boiled beets are useful - unlike other vegetables, it is able to maintain its main useful properties after cooking. Beetroot betaine actively promotes the absorption of heavy proteins and reduce high blood pressure.

What is beets useful in cosmetology?

This wonderful red vegetable finds its effective application even in cosmetic skin care. For example, fresh beets are quite useful for caring for freckled skin. This method is simple. It is necessary to wash the freckled area with a solution of soda - 1 tsp. for 1 glass of water. Then on the face you need to apply sterile clean gauze moistened with beet juice, which is diluted with boiled (necessarily cold) water. The duration of this procedure is about 5-15 minutes. The term of such skin care is up to 15 days.

Getting rid of warts is also a very easy thing with beets. Warts are reduced with juice in this way: heavily affected areas are slightly moistened with a weak solution of soda, then a juice dressing is applied on them for about 30 minutes. Better spend it at night. Not longer than three weeks.

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