How much can you drink mineral water per day: composition, useful properties, nutritional advice

Mineral water is a healthy drink that helps not only quench your thirst, but is also used to treat many diseases. However, like any other medicine, water must be used dosed so as not to cause harm to health. Therefore, you should understand how much you can drink mineral water per day, based on the type of drink. And also familiarize yourself with existing contraindications.

Drink features

Variety of beverage assortment

Mineral is both natural and artificially enriched with salt solutions. Therefore, these two species have some differences from each other in composition. But if you follow the rules of use, they both benefit.

There are several types of drinks:

  1. Table water. It contains a low amount of salts within 1 g / l. It is recommended for use by everyone, without exception, so this kind of water can be consumed daily. It has a mild taste and also quenches thirst. But it cannot be used for cooking, since at high temperature a mineral precipitate forms.
  2. Medical dining room. In this type of drink, the mineralization index is 1-10 g / l. However, a lower level is allowed, with additional saturation of the water with active substances (iodine, iron, silicon, boron). This drink is used directly in the complex treatment of diseases, as well as as a preventive measure. But this kind of mineral water cannot be abused, as this can provoke an exacerbation of chronic processes and destabilize the salt balance. Therefore, how much you can drink mineral water per day without harming the body should be checked with a specialist.
  3. Therapeutic. It has the highest salinity in the range of over 10 g / l. In addition, it contains a huge amount of biological components (fluorine, bromine, iodine, hydrogen sulfide, iron). This type of mineral water is formed under the influence of natural factors, and therefore it is bottled in containers not far from the source, which helps to maintain healing qualities. Take this variety should be prescribed by a doctor, as it is dangerous to drink medicinal mineral water every day.

Composition and useful qualities

If there are additional components in the mineral water, it is used to treat various diseases. But she cannot be treated independently. Therefore, only a specialist can determine how much to drink mineral water per day and what kind of drink is most effective in this particular case.

The main differences in the chemical composition of the drink:

  • sulfate mineral water - for digestive problems, allows you to get rid of constipation, normalizes the secretion of the stomach, as well as liver function;
  • calcium - to strengthen bones and teeth, helps with pathologies of the heart and nervous system;
  • chloride - effective for problems with the liver, bile ducts, stomach, and also accelerates the metabolism in tissues and cells;
  • nitrogen-siliceous - relieves inflammation of the gastric mucosa, therefore it is effective for ulcers and gastritis;
  • magnesium - effective in heart disease and nervous disorders;
  • with an increased amount of fluorine - contributes to the rapid elimination of radionuclides and salts of heavy metals;
  • bicarbonate - used to normalize motility and secretion of the stomach, relieves spasms and colic;
  • bromine-containing - used for neurosis, and also improves the nervous system, liver function, gall bladder;
  • with iron - effective for anemia, acute anemia, stimulates the formation of red blood cells and increases the level of hemoglobin;
  • iodine-containing - recommended for the treatment of the thyroid gland, is used for diseases of the endocrine system and during pregnancy.

There is also a healing drink of a more complex composition, that is, it contains two or more active components. The use of this variety should be agreed with the doctor, who will establish the course of treatment and determine whether it is possible to drink mineral water every day.

Which one to choose - with or without gas?

Mineral water with or without gas

Mineral water is often sold as a carbonated drink. The saturation of water with gas contributes to a uniform distribution in its composition of active components. This feature helps to quickly refresh and quench your thirst.

Nutritionists claim that consuming mineral water with gas after meals helps improve gastric secretion and speed up digestion.

But people suffering from gastrointestinal upsets and children are advised to take a non-carbonated medicinal drink to avoid acidity and bloating.

Daily dosage

It is important to know the daily dosage of mineral water

The consumption rate of a medicinal drink directly depends on its type. Therefore, in what amount you can drink mineral water every day, you should understand and take into account. Since only in this case a positive result of therapy can be achieved.

  1. Table water. Nutritionists recommend consuming this variety of mineral water daily in a volume of 1.5-2 liters. It helps to cleanse the body and enhances metabolism.
  2. Medical-canteen and healing water. It is necessary to apply these types of mineral water purely courses on the recommendation of a doctor. A single dose in this case can vary from 50 to 250 ml. The daily dosage is 600-800 ml, but more precisely, how much mineral water you can drink per day, only the attending physician can say.


Drinking mineral water should be subject to existing restrictions, since an overabundance of trace elements is also dangerous for the body, as well as their deficiency.

The main contraindications:

  • acute form of digestive system diseases;
  • preoperative condition;
  • individual intolerance;
  • age up to 3 years.

For people suffering from kidney diseases, only a doctor can tell whether it is useful to drink mineral water every day so as not to harm the body.

Maternity Restrictions

Useful properties of mineral water for pregnant women

Women during the period of bearing a child are not contraindicated to drink mineral water, but the most optimal option is a table variety of a drink without gas. This will help reduce the likelihood of heartburn and help cope with the unpleasant symptoms of toxicosis.

Medicinal water is recommended to be taken only by agreement with a doctor, taking into account concomitant diseases in the body.

Application features

Drink should be drunk correctly.

It is important not only to get acquainted with how much mineral water you can drink per day, but also how to use it correctly.

  1. To improve the health of the body, it is recommended to start taking a therapeutic drink with a small volume, but every day, increasing it. On the fifth day of admission, the daily dosage should reach the maximum amount.
  2. To prevent painful spasms and discomfort from the gas in the drink, you need to drink water in small sips for 3 minutes.
  3. For weight loss, nutritionists recommend drinking mineral water three times a day 30 minutes before the main meal, choosing a non-carbonated drink.
  4. The optimal temperature of the drink is considered to be 30-40 degrees, but with gastritis, ulcer and gallstone disease, the drink should be hot.
  5. You can’t boil a mineral water, as it loses its healing properties.

Storage rules

When choosing a drink, you should pay attention to the release date

Mineral water has a certain shelf life, during which it retains its useful properties, in plastic containers - 18 months, and in glass - 2 years. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the release date of the drink.

It is necessary to store water in a horizontal position at a temperature of 4 to 14 degrees, which will prevent the precipitation of mineral salts.

When using a medicinal drink, the main thing is to adhere to the norm of consumption. It is also important to choose the right type of mineral water, which will be useful for the body. Only in this case can we count on a positive result of water therapy.


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