Can the ovary hurt during ovulation? Severe pain during ovulation: causes and treatment

Often, women wonder why, at the time of ovulation, an unpleasant sensation or even pain in the ovary appears. The answer to the question of whether the ovary can hurt during ovulation is completely on the surface, it is necessary to understand the physiological structure of the female body. During the monthly adjustment of the hormonal background of a woman, in the middle of the cycle, the body experiences severe stress. Can the stomach hurt during ovulation if the woman is completely healthy? With a hundred percent probability - yes.

The first phase of the cycle is called follicular. It begins on the first day of monthly bleeding and lasts until it leaves the ovary.

Can ovary hurt during ovulation?

The fact is that during this period of time in the female body the amount of fluid in the vesicles increases, where the egg ripens. The follicle, which "claims" to be dominant, increases in size. From this, the walls are stretched and pressure on the ovarian tissue occurs. This pressure is exerted on organs located nearby. In turn, this situation provokes the appearance of unpleasant sensations. The follicle that is dominant has the ability to reach a size of 20 mm in a mature state. At the moment when maturation reaches the final point, the follicle is ready to burst.

When it reaches this phase, there is a sharp release of a hormone called estrogen, which, in turn, leads to an increase in plasma concentration. Why do ovulation pains haunt women :. There are two reasons:

  1. Follicle-stimulating hormone is formed.
  2. Luteinizing hormone is formed.

Due to the fact that there is such a "riot" of hormones, so to speak, and it lasts about a day, most often the egg breaks its shadow follicle and throws it into the abdominal cavity. Follicle tissues that have been affected by enzymes become weak, soft, and this makes the “work” easier for the egg, it is easier for it to move to the exit.

It immediately becomes clear whether the ovary can hurt during ovulation. But the bulk of the fair sex at this moment does not experience anything. Others say that there is discomfort, a headache appears and the level of irritability increases, often this manifests itself a couple of days before ovulation. For some ladies, this happens a week before the "event." If a representative of the fair sex began to notice the fact that there are pains in the ovary before the onset of ovulation, then she began to experience changes in her body, this will now happen every month.

pain during ovulation in the lower abdomen

Why does ovarian pain occur during ovulation?

When an egg reaches a new level of its development and finds itself in "free swimming", in this case, the body itself decides how the work will be done. This happens in 3 stages:

  1. Fibria. This process is very delicate, since the fallopian tubes capture the egg with their hair and send it in the right direction. It is located in this case in the uterine lumen of the tube.
  2. At the moment when there is a slight contraction of the latter, wave-like movements are formed that direct the egg towards the uterus.
  3. At this point, the cell moves smoothly towards the abdominal cavity.

The egg rolls over the fallopian tube, where it awaits the “gentleman”, because at that very moment the “meeting” with the sperm cell must take place. As for ovarian pain at the moment when ovulation occurs, it is explained by the fact that a woman begins to experience it when a follicle rupture occurs. It can be stated with accuracy that ovulation is a sign of ovarian pain. Indeed, at the moment when the egg is released, the fluid from the bubble is in the peritoneum.

This manifestation causes some discomfort, this is due to the fact that the liquid passes into the abdominal cavity, blood can also get there, because vascular bursting occurs and the ovarian tissue undergoes micro damage. When this happens, the woman is uncomfortable, but this hemorrhage is so insignificant that he will not be visible at the gynecological examination. If a woman has a high pain threshold, then she can easily feel it.

Can the ovary hurt during ovulation if the pain threshold is low? Pain can occur both on the right side and on the left, not necessarily this happens simultaneously.

Often you can hear such stories that a girl complains of abdominal pain in the right or left side. Often this happens unilaterally. During ovulation, one of the ovaries brings more discomfort. It is not just this happening. If you get sick on the right or on the left side during ovulation, then this indicates that it is the ovary where there are unpleasant sensations that is actively working, it is he who is responsible for creating the working cell in the current month. It creates a dominant follicle.

According to observations, often during ovulation, pain appears in the right ovary. The reason lies in the fact that this side is better supplied with blood, there are a large number of nerve endings, and therefore the sensitivity of girls is much higher. In addition, it is close to the appendix, which means that perceptibility is higher than on the left side. If you have pain in your right ovary at the time of the ovulation period, then this indicates that the egg will exit the follicle soon and maturation can begin from this side.

Do not think that all the important and responsible work is performed only by the right ovary. In fact, they alternate at the moment when one is doing active work, the other is in the resting stage. If this month ovulation occurred in the right ovary, then in the next you can feel how the left is preparing for this crucial event.

In rare cases, there is a feeling that the left ovary hurts, but ovulation occurs in the right. This happens due to the localization of pain, that is, there is confusion in them. Such pain can be mirrored, but at this point it is worth paying attention to the state of health. This can symbolize pathology in the female reproductive system. Most often, pain is experienced after ovulation.

But do not be afraid that ovulation may occur immediately on both ovaries. This is extremely rare, but very "selfless" on the part of the body. He really worked hard and in this case we can hope that fertilization will lead to twins. After all, the eggs matured and went into the uterus.

can the stomach hurt during ovulation

Is cramping pain possible at the time of ovulation?

Any sensations are quite possible, each woman in her own way experiences pain: someone says that she is stabbing, someone reports that she is cramping, someone cutting, someone pulling - this is individual. Some women claim that they do not feel pain, it just feels like they are “pulling” their belly. The nature of the pain can be completely different, but there are common points that you should pay attention to and beware.

stomach ache as with menstruation

Severe pain

If you have severe pain during ovulation or after it has already occurred, then it is worth starting to sound the alarm. In the event that a woman has lost her ability to work, needs an anesthetic in a drug, then this indicates that a deviation from the norm has occurred. Regardless of whether both ovaries hurt or one, you should immediately consult a doctor for help. To bring him up to date, to report all the symptoms, and he will already issue a verdict.

If a woman has a stomach ache, as in menstruation, and there are unpleasant sensations before menstruation should begin, then this indicates that ovulation has begun. If during the stage of egg formation unbearable pain appears, it is necessary to sound the alarm. The main causes of these unpleasant sensations are listed below, as well as ways to eliminate this ailment.

why pain during ovulation

Middle pain

Most often, the manifestation of this pain occurs on the one hand, and, depending on the degree of cycles, in different angles. The duration of the sensation that the ovary hurts during ovulation and the discharge is quite intense may take several minutes or several hours. Also, this manifestation may also be accompanied by bloating and mild nausea.

This pain is not terrible, so you can get rid of it yourself. To do this, it will be enough to soak in a warm bath and drink weakly acting painkillers. If the pain is severe, then it is best, of course, to consult a doctor who will prescribe hormonal contraceptives to eliminate the symptoms.

severe pain during ovulation

Polycystic Ovary

Those women who have irregular menstruation are most likely to experience polycystic ovaries. Complications from this disease can be extremely serious and, ultimately, without proper treatment, can lead to cancer. Therefore, in case of an unpleasant sensation in the ovaries, it is worthwhile to see a doctor. In order to get rid of this ailment, it is necessary to undergo a diagnosis and get a course of treatment from a specialist. Often, he prescribes a special diet and hormonal-based medications.

Pelvic diseases

Unfortunately, there are often cases that inflammation occurs in the pelvis. It is formed as a result of infection, chlamydia or gonorrhea. The resulting pain in the pelvis can lead to the fact that, in the end, it will all end with hospitalization. But can the stomach hurt during ovulation in this case? Definitely yes. In order to get rid of this violation, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe antibiotics and drugs against infection.

Unpleasant sensations after cesarean section

Anyway, after this surgical intervention, every woman is faced with the fact that there is a scar in the ovary area, it is during ovulation that pain can occur in this area after childbirth. This is another reason why the stomach hurts during ovulation. In order to get rid of this, you need to contact a massage therapist and physiotherapist.

during ovulation, the ovary hurts


Recently, pain during ovulation in the lower abdomen, like this diagnosis, has become increasingly common. Unfortunately, endometrial cells spread along the inner surface of the uterus. It is because of this that pain occurs during ovulation, and other symptoms also arise. In order to get rid of this disease, it is necessary to establish the diagnosis accurately, and then consult a surgeon who will remove the formation, and the attending physician will prescribe hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs.


Pain during ovulation in the lower abdomen is caused by this ailment. Inflammation of the fallopian tubes forms, usually caused by infection. In order to get rid of the disease, it is necessary to undergo a course of antibiotics.

why does the stomach hurt during ovulation

Ectopic pregnancy

This deviation from the norm may occur due to the fact that the fertilized egg is attached to the uterus or in the fallopian tubes, and then the stomach hurts, as in menstruation. This deviation, as a rule, arises on the one hand. In order to get rid, you need to undergo an ultrasound diagnosis and go for medical cleaning.


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