Canned corn: calorie content, b / w, benefit and harm

They began to eat corn a very long time ago. According to archaeological excavations, the age of this plant is about twelve thousand years. The Mexicans were the first to grow it, and later, thanks to the pioneer explorers, its seeds spread throughout the whole world. This ancient agricultural crop quickly fell in love in all countries of the world, and for good reason. It miraculously combines a delicate, slightly sweet taste, a rich complex of vitamins and minerals, the ability to saturate well and the versatility of use in cooking. Fresh cobs are cooked and baked, as well as frozen and canned for the winter. In our country, it is cold most of the year, and it is simply impossible to grow this culture all year round. In winter, fresh product is replaced by canned corn. The calorific value and its chemical composition practically do not change with this processing method, which allows you to enjoy the taste and benefits of sweet and juicy seeds all year round.

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Energy value of corn

What is remarkable about the composition of corn? Grains of this culture have high biological and nutritional value. It is easily absorbed by the body and contributes to the activation of metabolic processes. Well-being, vitality, increased immunity and protective properties - all these bonuses can be obtained with regular use of the product. In addition, it perfectly saturates without harming the figure. However, many (especially losing weight) are concerned about the question of whether fresh corn and canned corn differ in energy value. The calorie content of the first is about 123 kcal, while the second is about 119. This is due to the fact that during processing it is saturated with water, due to which the content of b / w (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) is slightly “diluted” . So, in fresh corn about 4.1 grams of protein and 2.3 grams of fat. Canned corn, whose calorific value is lower, has indicators of 3.9 and 1.3, respectively. But the carbohydrates in it are slightly larger, but very slightly.

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Vitamin and mineral composition of corn

Separately, it should be said about vitamins. There are a lot of them in this culture. The leader is Group B (there are as many as 8 of them), among which the main place is occupied by choline (B4). There are vitamins such as A, E, C and some others. There is a lot of magnesium, potassium and iron in corn; it contains natural ascorbic acid. At the same time, corn in a jar is not inferior to freshly cooked seeds. Calorie content is not the only thing that preserves this product during long-term storage. Vitamins also practically do not break down, which means that in winter you can get from sweet yellow seeds not only taste, but also benefits for the body. However, there is an important point - you need to choose the right product, carefully studying the packaging.

How to make the right choice?

When making a choice in a store, be sure to look at when the corn is made. If in autumn or winter, then the seeds were no longer young and fresh, but, most likely, dried, boiled and only then preserved. Also look at the composition so that it does not contain any harmful additives. It is necessary that the content comply with GOST.

It is best to choose one brand that suits you in all respects, and always buy it. This will avoid unnecessary frustrations and bad spending. For example, canned Bonduelle corn , whose calorie content is about 120 calories, has long been on the market and shows consistently high quality at an average price. Try several varieties of product from different brands and choose the best one for you.

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Calorie Jokes

By the way, a small clarification should be made - boiled calorie corn may have different depending on the particular variety. The average value (and the most common) is 100-125 kcal. However, there are varieties that contain both 50-70 and 200-300 kcal. Therefore, in canned form, these values ​​will also be different. Do not be alarmed if you see too small or very large energy value on the label - it means that this is a variety of specific corn. Just choose what suits you best.

Is there any harm?

A few words should be given to the question of the possible harm of this product. In general, corn gives the body only good, but some people should not eat it. So, it can cause bloating, especially with digestive problems. By the way, canned corn does not give such an effect. Also, caution should be exercised in treating this product for people with poor blood coagulation and thrombosis. The rest she will only benefit.

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In this article, we found that, like boiled corn, canned calorie can have a variety of different varieties. However, on average, its energy value is 120 kcal, and the composition is rich in vitamins and minerals, which are stored both during cooking and during canning. The main thing is to choose corn correctly and consume it sparingly.


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