The technique of Dr. Kovalkov - we lose weight with pleasure

We all know about a huge number of a wide variety of diets and techniques for shedding extra pounds. Not so long ago, Dr. Kovalkov’s technique appeared, which we will tell you about. The doctor wrote the book “Victory over Weight,” which I also recommend reading to everyone who is interested.

This diet promises us parting with extra kilos - about 15 in the first two months. An attractive figure, isn't it?

Diet has 3 main principles:

1) mood - according to the author, this is the cornerstone of the technique. Are you ready to lose weight and see yourself without all that is unattractive wrinkles, fat and cellulite?

2) walking - at least an hour a day. It is advisable in the morning on an empty stomach. The doctor insists that we closely monitor the breath and prevent the occurrence of shortness of breath.

3) a change in the way of eating - you need to start looking in the direction of good products and refuse bad ones - chips, soda and other things. The technique of Dr. Kovalkov is based, like many diets, on the principles of healthy eating.

Restrictions in the diet, of course, are - otherwise what kind of diet. But they are not as tough as in others, promising such an impressive weight loss.

The technique of Dr. Kovalkov calls us:

  1. Refuse sweets in any form - sugar, cakes, honey, etc.
  2. Say no to bread and to all flour products.
  3. Try not to include canned foods, smoked meats and pickles in your diet.
  4. Replace side dishes from potatoes and rice with others.

If you are scared of these four points, it is worth thinking about mood and motivation. It’s best to read a book. The author pays great attention to this aspect of weight loss.

If you are ready to make such sacrifices in the name of beauty and health, you will find a pleasant surprise - a list of allowed products:

  • Fish is better than low-fat or seafood.
  • Meat - we look at beef, we turn away from pork.
  • Cereals - besides semolina, it is still of no use in it, and rice was mentioned above.
  • Vegetables - almost everything - fresh beets and carrots are not allowed. But you can cook in a double boiler, if you really want to.
  • Low fat dairy products, of course.
  • Fruit is almost everything. It is not recommended to eat only bananas and grapes. You can eat an average of 400 grams per day.

Methods of losing weight Kovalkova does not place a ban on alcohol. However, it is no secret to anyone that abuse of them does not lead to anything good. You can drink dry wine, for example. But any alcohol excites appetite, do not forget. As well as spices - they can also be consumed. But, if it’s hard for you to resist after them, it’s better not to bother yourself. You can also exclude salt, soy sauce, and vinegar from the diet. Of the drinks, tea is recommended in unlimited quantities, coffee (if it is not contraindicated to you personally), juices.

One of the points that make the technique attractive is that you can eat after 18 - until the moment you go to bed. You can only eat vegetables, but as much as you like. This is a real way out for those who like to have a bite before bedtime and cannot refuse this to themselves. In order not to force yourself to fall asleep hungry, you can eat a vegetable salad with lemon juice instead of dressing, for example. Starvation does not welcome Dr. Kovalkov’s weight loss technique. Like food diaries and calorie counting.

You need to drink a lot - as much as possible. Sometimes our body sends us a signal of thirst, and we confuse it with a signal of hunger. Therefore, before you eat, check, maybe you just feel thirsty.

Do not be alarmed if Dr. Kovalkov’s methodology prompts you to drink kefir for breakfast — bran and nuts rely on him. The book also provides options for lunch and dinner.

The technique of Dr. Kovalkov consists of three stages, steps. The first two - you lose excess weight, and the last - you fix the result, because often there is a set of lost weight after the diet. To avoid this, it is important to pay due attention to the last step.


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