beneficial properties of celery

Celery is today a fairly common plant. People are attracted not only by its taste, but also by the beneficial properties of celery, which the ancient Egyptians knew about.

Firstly, celery is rich in vitamins. Among them are such as A, C, B1 and B2, PP, K. It should be noted that if one stalk of celery is consumed per day , then it is possible to satisfy about 7% of the daily requirement of the body for vitamin A and C. Besides the presence of vitamins, celery benefits It consists in the content of micro and macro elements, among which the most important for the human body are magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, as well as carotenoids, volatile and folic acid.

Secondly, celery is necessary for people who have impaired potassium-sodium balance. Indeed, in this plant there is sodium of organic origin, capable of replacing ordinary table salt. This is not in other vegetables.

Thirdly, everything in celery is balanced in such a way that it is easier for the human body to assimilate the beneficial substances contained in the vegetable. It is an excellent anti-aging, cleansing and firming agent.

For overweight people , celery juice is needed , as it contributes to the burning of excess fat without compromising health. And this is achieved due to low calorie content and a large amount of fiber. Thus, if you eat a salad of fresh celery, a feeling of hunger will not arise for a long time, and the body will be full of energy.

In addition, this plant must be included in the diet for those who often suffer from colds, and allergies. He comes to the aid of those who have high blood pressure. It should also be noted that the beneficial properties of celery strengthen the immune system and nervous system. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary for people whose work is associated with emotional and psychological stress.

It's no secret that celery perfectly removes toxins from the blood, prevents thrombosis and the appearance of various tumors. It, as a "natural solvent", dissolves and removes all harmful substances from the body.

Many girls and women use the beneficial properties of celery to make face and hair masks, as it has a rejuvenating effect.

The miracle plant has found application in folk medicine. Since ancient times, its juice has been used as a means of improving blood formation and digestion. Celery juice normalizes metabolism and removes kidney stones.

For those who don’t know how and what to cook from celery, here are some “delicious” recipes.

1) Omelet with celery. For an omelet, you need two stalks of celery, two eggs, 100 ml of milk (half a glass), butter (about 20 grams) and salt to taste. To start, chop celery the way you want, but the slices must be thin. Then put out with butter and a little water. While the celery is stewed, beat the eggs with milk and salt and pour the stewed celery with this mixture. Fry until tender.

2) Vitamin juice from celery, carrots and apples. For juice, peel one green apple, medium carrot and a few stalks of celery. Pass everything through a juicer. Thus, the beneficial properties of celery in freshly squeezed juice will be preserved. Such a drink will give you strength and energy for the whole day.

All dishes and recipes using celery can not be counted. It is fried, stewed, boiled, eaten fresh, added to salads. It goes well with any meat and vegetables. Celery is even part of some savory sauces. In general, the benefits of this wonderful grass are extremely many.

There is a small minus: only fresh celery should be eaten, as scientists have discovered carcinogenic substances in rotten samples . Celery can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than two weeks.

Now to the question “How is celery useful?” You can easily give a detailed answer, and even recommend a couple of recipes!


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