The product for everyone is cottage cheese. Beneficial features

Dry, greasy, fresh and sweet, this product is presented in large assortment on the shelves of modern stores. It is not necessary to talk about whether cottage cheese is useful. He is especially good in that absolutely all segments of the population can afford it. Scientists argue that the oldest fermented milk product is just cottage cheese.

Its useful properties are diverse. However, unfortunately, when buying cottage cheese in the store, we often get not quite what we expected. What is the reason? Cottage cheese made from natural whole milk consists of milk fat and protein that are easily digestible by the human body. His excellent digestibility, wrong, the main of his virtues. The proteins in this product penetrate our tissues much faster than, for example, dairy, fish or meat. Therefore, everyone, from the smallest to the elderly, needs to eat cottage cheese.

Its beneficial properties are also associated with the presence of amino acids essential for our body, such as tryptophan and methionine. They are simply necessary for the functioning of the nervous system and all digestive organs. Cottage cheese also contains calcium and phosphorus, which our teeth and bone tissue need daily . This product also has beneficial effects on cardiac activity. The B vitamins contained in it reliably protect a person from such a dangerous disease as atherosclerosis. Is cottage cheese useful? Of course, yes. With it, we get magnesium, iron, phosphorus and a lot of other useful substances.

But what kind of cottage cheese is useful for us, given the tendency of modern manufacturers to replace natural products with cheaper analogues? Fortunately, they do not hide this fact. Quite often, in the production of cottage cheese, part of the natural milk is replaced by dry milk. There is also such cottage cheese in which there is no real milk at all. This product is allowed to be named only as a curd product. Despite the excellent taste and excellent appearance that such cottage cheese can have, its useful properties remain a very big question.

Dietary, fat-free, non-greasy, bold, in the form of sweet cheeses and curds - the choice is huge, and it always remains with the buyer. Read the label carefully. If the cottage cheese contains vegetable fats, soy, preservatives and other chemical additives, which simply cannot be in a natural product, the best solution would be to refuse such a purchase.

So still, which cottage cheese is most useful? Want to get the most out of it? Choose a rustic product. It can be either purchased on the market or made at home. Natural fresh cottage cheese should have an exclusively milk smell. Its color can be either pure white or slightly creamy, but always uniform. If something in the appearance or smell repels you, it is better to refuse the purchase. Better yet, cook your own homemade cottage cheese. Its useful properties are undeniable, in addition, you will know that all its components are fresh and natural.

In a milk ready for souring, put a spoonful of good sour cream and mix. Sour cream in this case plays the role of leaven. The resulting mixture must be put in a warm place for several hours. In the old days, housewives used clay pots to make cottage cheese and languished it in a Russian oven. To accelerate the process in our modern time, an ordinary oven set to a minimum temperature is quite suitable. It will soon become apparent that the bulk of the curd is separated from whey. Now it needs to be transferred to a clean, loose cloth or gauze and allowed to drain. Such home-made cottage cheese turns out to be especially tasty and tender. To prevent it from becoming dry, do not let the whey drain completely. It must be recalled that this product can be stored, and most importantly, retain all its useful properties for no more than three days.


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