How to use protein for weight loss?

Protein is the basic structure of all living cells. It just needs to be included in your daily diet. The amino acids that it provides allow us to restore the proteins of our body in a timely manner. Protein is an extremely valuable component that regulates metabolism, because the body consumes large amounts of energy to digest it. How does protein for weight loss help?

The value of protein - its composition

In order to understand well why protein is so useful and how it contributes to the process of weight loss, we must first understand its composition. Proteins are synthesized in all tissues and organs of our body, but their main production is in the muscles and in the liver.

The protein has a three-dimensional structure of the strand, built from individual amino acids. The amine and carboxyl groups of these main bricks are connected to each other by peptide bonds, creating a polypeptide chain. The side chains of amino acids can interact with each other in different places of this thread, and therefore it is not simple, but twisted into a shape similar to a ball of wool or a curved sheet of paper. Thanks to this design, which follows directly from the order of interaction of amino acids, the protein acquires various metabolic functions.

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Human tissues are composed of various amino acids, there are 21 in total. Of these, only part of the body can produce on its own - these are endogenous amino acids. The rest should be supplied with food, and we call them exogenous.

How much protein does the body need?

Each person should consume a dose of protein, taking into account age, weight, gender and degree of physical activity. Demand for protein is different for everyone, whether it is a teenager during the growth period, a 30-year-old bodybuilder or a 40-year-old triathlete. Both its shortage and excess can be an adverse event for the body.

The requirements of the body depend not only on sports, but also on the purpose of training and dietary regimen. Demand for protein is the highest in power sports, in particular, during the formation of the “sculpture” of the body. Fat, protein, carbohydrates - losing weight is possible only with a properly built balance.

Why during weight loss you need to especially take care of a suitable dose of complete proteins?

First, with a lack of calories, muscles are subject to increased protein demand as a result of catabolic reactions. The body, if it does not receive enough energy from other sources, begins to take amino acids from muscle tissue. Therefore, during a sports diet, a person needs to consume more of them than usual. Secondly, the protein is quickly digested and causes the “thermogenesis effect”.

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Metabolic boost

Proteins are necessary for life, but for the body, their digestion is much more complicated than the absorption of carbohydrates or fats. In order to absorb and use them from food, additional energy is needed. One gram of protein gives 4 kcal, but its absorption requires up to 24 kcal! That is why a diet high in protein accelerates metabolism and gives a quick effect in the form of weight loss. Their direct digestion and absorption affects a higher energy expenditure even during the dormant period, which is why protein is used for weight loss. Diets of this type help get rid of unwanted kilograms.

How much protein do you need to consume during a diet?

Of course, for the proper course of all biochemical processes in the body, a certain dose of proteins is needed, selected specifically for a particular purpose. The best way to make the correct calculation of their needs is to use a protein calculator for lean body mass, i.e. lean body mass. Women can consume less than men without losing muscle mass.

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If during the day your only activity is aerobics, 1.5–2 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight is enough, while people who also do strength training should consume 2-3 g. An average person weighing 70 kg per the training period you need to eat 140 grams of protein per day, which equals the consumption of 700 g of meat! This is not an easy task. Much better if the proteins are obtained from a variety of sources. But the list of proteins for weight loss should be selected in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body.

The amount of protein that will be consumed in the body is dictated by its degree of digestibility and the number of limiting amino acids. The protein of chicken eggs (ovalbumin) and breast milk (lactoalbumin) is the closest to the composition of the protein of the body, therefore it is used with the greatest benefit. The ratio between the individual amino acids that make up these proteins is considered optimal - the standard against which other proteins are compared.

Protein demand

Evaluation of the nutritional value of various proteins and food is of great practical importance, especially for people on a diet and wanting to get the figure of their dreams. It is necessary to ensure the proper preparation of good nutrition in such a way as to cover the individual demand for this scarce component with both food and nutrients.

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How to find out the quality of protein?

For this purpose, the concept of “amino acid scores” is used, that is, the quality of the exogenous protein consumed during meals is analyzed with an ideal “sample”. It limits the use of other amino acids obtained from food to protein synthesis to the extent that the percentage of the same amino acid in the model protein is. If at any meal only 70% of L-methionine in terms of 1 g of nitrogen is consumed, in comparison with the model protein, this means that only 70% of the amino acids from it will be used for protein synthesis. The nutritional value and quality of the latter in this meal is therefore only 70%.

When planning a diet, it should be borne in mind that proteins are found in weight loss products, such as eggs, meat, fish, as well as in nutrients that have a full amino acid composition and are highly bioavailable.

Protein is a very important nutritional component. Its use contributes to the burning of calories, and also helps in building muscle mass, making it an important component of any diet. It has many advantages that positively affect the functioning of the body. Protein is involved in the metabolism and ensures the proper functioning of all organ systems. It is thanks to him that the correct growth and development of a person is possible, as well as the restoration of damage.

What is protein in? List of Slimming Products

Of fruits and vegetables, these are spinach, guava, papaya, dried tomatoes, green peas and artichoke. Meat: beef, pork, ostrich. Of the fish, salmon, halibut, canned tuna, and Pacific cod are worth noting. Eggs, chicken meat, and ideas are rich in proteins . It is also necessary to introduce legumes and cereals into your diet.

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To summarize

The statement that "protein cuts muscle" is the most successful! Foods containing a large dose of it give a feeling of satiety, thereby allowing you to control the consumption of substances such as fats and proteins for weight loss. The same amount of calories in the form of protein gives a feeling of fullness in the stomach and takes longer than in the case of carbohydrates.

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Here are some important reasons why you should use protein for weight loss:

  • Such a diet helps build muscle. Protein is the main building material for muscles, so if we dream of a bodybuilder figure, we must take a significant amount of protein.
  • Comparing proteins and carbohydrates for weight loss, we can say with confidence that the former are definitely better than carbohydrates.
  • Protein speeds up fat burning.
  • Supplied with food, is an indispensable source of energy.
  • Protein in the diet has a positive effect on libido.
  • Helps in maintaining acid-base balance and water balance.
  • Amino acids are involved in the biosynthesis of immune bodies, which strengthen and protect the body from the effects of pathogenic microbes.

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A high protein diet is to reduce fat intake while providing the body with plenty of protein. This method of weight loss, however, must be observed with caution, preferably no longer than 3-4 weeks. Otherwise, it can be harmful, which will lead to an increase in the acidity of the body, and as a result, to an increase in the load on the pancreas and kidneys. The consequence of this may be arthritis, so experts advise to replace it with a regular low-calorie diet after a month of such a diet. It is safer to use protein for weight loss for about a week.


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