What is the Calorie Content of Boiled Eggs

Eggs have a special relationship with diet. After all, today it is already well known that these products are a great addition to any diet. Not so long ago, American nutritionists conducted an experiment in which two groups of people participated. Each of the groups received exactly the same nutrition and physical activity, only one group was additionally given one boiled chicken egg daily. When the control weighing took place , it was found out that all the people in the group where the eggs were served lost two or three kilograms more than the people in the group where the eggs were not served at all. Thus, it was concluded that eggs are a great dietary food. Moreover, the calorie content of boiled eggs is small.

However, more recently, due to the presence of cholesterol in eggs, it was decided to exclude them altogether from our diet. But this is actually wrong. Today, there are special egg diets with which people lose weight quite seriously. And in order to find out what is the calorie content of boiled eggs, it is necessary to carry out certain calculations. It is known that an ordinary chicken egg has an approximate weight of forty to eighty grams. And the calorie content of one hundred grams of this product is one hundred and sixty kilocalories. Then ordinary mathematics comes into play. True, egg white calories per hundred grams has only fifty kilocalories. But the yolk is much more caloric.

It must be emphasized that the calorie content of eggs depends not only on weight, but also on the way this egg was cooked. Experts found that the calorie content of boiled eggs completely coincides with the calorie content of raw eggs. But the only difference: raw eggs have absolutely no cholesterol.

If there is one boiled egg daily, then a lot of vitamins and minerals will enter the human body. Of the vitamins, eggs are most rich in representatives of group B. But there are a lot of other trace elements in chicken eggs.

Quite often you can hear reasoning that quail eggs are very useful. In fact, if you carefully understand how many calories are in a quail egg, then the answer may surprise you greatly. Indeed, one hundred grams of quail eggs account for one hundred sixty-eight kilocalories! As you can see, only eight calories more than chicken eggs. True, quail eggs have a wider composition of trace elements and vitamins. That is why such eggs are considered (and in fact are) more useful. So how many calories are in a quail egg is not the most important and fundamental.

But in the event that you decide to boil a soft-boiled egg, then its calorie content will drop sharply. For a store egg, it will be fifty to sixty kilocalories, and for a home egg, seventy. A fried chicken egg, on the contrary, presents us with unpleasant surprises: in it, calorie content increases to three hundred and fifty kilocalories. So the calorie content of boiled eggs is the lowest. And in the event that you really decide to lose weight, you need to eat eggs in a boiled form. And remember that the yolk is the most high-calorie in an egg, but egg white has a minimal calorie content.

One chicken egg usually contains four to six grams of protein, five to six grams of fat, and can contain up to four hundred grams of cholesterol. That's why doctors sometimes criticize eggs a lot. But it is known that eggs also contain lecithin, a means to prevent the deposition of this ill-fated cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels. So it turns out that the harm that the egg could cause, it also neutralizes. So eat eggs for health and lose weight at the same time.

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