Diet "1200 calories": reviews, diet options, goals, objectives, an approximate menu for the week, indications, contraindications, recommendations and results

A large number of diets have been developed, among which every woman can find an option for everyone. Among them there are weight loss techniques that exclude a strict restriction on the use of certain products. But not everyone can “boast” good reviews. The 1200 calories diet is the most harmless and effective weight loss technique. It is built on an optimal, balanced menu, the daily calorie content of which does not exceed 1200 kcal. Thus, the body receives important substances and energy for the proper functioning, and a person gets the opportunity to reduce weight without harm and a rigid framework.

What is a diet?

The technique is based on the principles of proper, healthy nutrition. Depending on physical activity, an adult needs from 1700 to 2200 calories every day. Only if you reduce the minimum number, you can lose up to 700 g of excess weight.

The body must receive its daily norm of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, therefore it is impossible to reduce the amount of kilocalories received to a critical minimum. This can only make it worse - just look at the reviews left about mono-diets. The “1200 calories” diet is designed so that there is no shortage of the necessary substances, so the body spends fat reserves. If we talk about mono-diets, then the opposite effect is observed. The body is not supplied with the right amount of useful elements, it experiences stress, respectively, all incoming calories go to the "reserve". The “1200 calories” diet is an opportunity to lose weight without harm to the body, and also not to worry that the lost kilograms will return again. Unless, of course, after its completion you do not start eating everything.

A significant advantage of this technique is the absence of restrictions in the list of products. Want a burger? Sure! Only the menu for the rest of the day will have to be reviewed, reducing the calorie content of each subsequent meal.

Targets and goals

1200 calorie diet plan

In order to burn excess body fat, it is necessary to maintain a negative balance between calories gained and spent. This is the main goal of the 1200 calories diet. And the reviews of thinner women and men confirm that it really works.

To achieve your goal (get rid of body fat without harm to health in a relatively short time), you must follow these rules:

  1. Calculate the daily menu so that the number of calories consumed does not exceed the mark of 1200, but it is not much less.
  2. Make three main meals containing 300 kcal, and two additional meals - 150 kcal.
  3. The main part of the menu should be given to fresh vegetables and fruits.
  4. The diet should be varied and healthy.
  5. The “1200 calories” diet is simple, the menu allows you to eat harmful foods, if not go beyond. However, experts still do not recommend doing this, since sugars, fats and other harmful substances negatively affect the body and cause the formation of cellulite. Well, if only occasionally pamper yourself, as a pleasant bonus.
  6. The diet should consist of both meat and fish.
  7. Do not forget to drink 1.5-2.0 liters of plain water during the day. For drinks, give preference to herbal or green tea and homemade compotes, preferably without sugar.

Diet options

Not every person wants to spend a day in kcal calculations, and many do not have such an opportunity. What to do? You can use the ready-made diet menu "1200 calories" for a week. Moreover, there are a sufficient number of such options.

If you still want to think through the menu yourself, then this is quite real and completely uncomplicated. You will need a notebook, pen, Internet access and a kitchen scale. Now it’s not difficult to find the caloric value of 100 g of a product, including boiled, baked and raw.

Regarding the choice of products, the recommendations will be as follows:

  • Breakfast should be done with the most high-calorie and hearty meal. You can choose boiled eggs or scrambled eggs, oatmeal, rice or buckwheat porridge on the water, cottage cheese casserole, sandwiches with cheese.
  • Lunch must consist of hot dishes. Soups and vegetable salads are good.
  • Dinner includes lean meats or fish. As a side dish, for example, buckwheat.
  • Snacks are recommended to be made from fruits or dried fruits, literally 50 g each. You can also drink natural yogurt, eat cheese or a little salad.

Recommended and Prohibited Products

Junk food

Many are interested in the question of what can be included in the diet menu "1200 calories per day", and what is better to exclude. First about valid products:

  • wholemeal, rye and whole wheat bread;
  • buckwheat, barley and pearl barley cereals;
  • lean meat, for example, rabbit, calf, as well as beef, chicken, turkey;
  • it is allowed to add a few low-fat parts of lamb and pork to dishes;
  • in unlimited quantities you can drink low-fat kefir and eat cottage cheese;
  • restrictions are placed on hard cheese - literally a few thin slices per day;
  • low-fat fish and seafood;
  • boiled eggs or omelet;
  • fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • vegetable oil for salad dressing;
  • unsweetened berries in fresh form, as well as for the preparation of compote and fresh;
  • green, herbal tea, natural coffee, still mineral water.

In order to achieve the greatest effectiveness from the “1200 calories” diet, the girls’s reviews urged to exclude harmful products from the diet. Then the result can be achieved much faster and maintain good health. Among these products:

  • sugar and its analogues;
  • fried, fatty and spicy dishes;
  • canned foods;
  • premium-grade wheat flour products;
  • milk drinks;
  • fatty fish, meat, seafood, cheese;
  • salty foods;
  • pickled and salted vegetables;
  • confectionery goodies;
  • alcohol;
  • ready-made sauces;
  • purchased juices and nectars, cocoa;
  • animal and cooking fats.

There are also products that can be consumed in a limited quantity with a diet of “1200 calories per day”. These include:

  • salt and spices;
  • sweet fruits, dried fruits and berries;
  • potatoes and beans;
  • oatmeal, rice and semolina;
  • honey.

Having already studied this list, you can easily make a sample menu. However, this is not all that is important to know. After all, the diet is based on the consumption of 1200 kcal per day. Therefore, another question remains: "How many kilocalories are in the most popular products?"

Calorie foods

Calculation of kilocalories

What is important to know before creating a menu for a weekly diet of 1200 calories is the calorie content of the most popular foods. Let us dwell on this in more detail (kcal / 100 g).

Milk products:

  • Cottage cheese with a low fat content - 89.
  • Curd mass - 344.
  • Fat cottage cheese - 236.
  • Suluguni - 293.
  • Russian cheese - 366.
  • Dutch cheese - 352.
  • Milk 0-2.5% - 30/53.
  • Yogurt - 57.
  • Yogurt 3.2% - 87.
  • Ryazhenka and kefir 2.5% - 53/51.
  • Cream 10-20% - 121/209.
  • Sour cream 10-20% - 118/208.


  • Olive - 898.
  • Sunflower - 899.
  • Creamy - 747.

Cereals from cereals:

  • Buckwheat - 137.
  • Barley - 84.
  • Millet - 92.
  • Oatmeal - 93.
  • Rice - 79.
  • Barley - 102.
  • Oatmeal - 358.


  • Lamb - 201.
  • Veal - 91.
  • Beef - 191.
  • Pork - 318-484.
  • Horse meat - 149.
  • Rabbit - 197.
  • Chicken - 161.
  • Duck - 348.
  • Turkey - 192.

Fish, seafood:

  • Sturgeon caviar - 201.
  • Chum salmon caviar - 250.
  • Carp - 95.
  • Pollock - 67.
  • Pink salmon - 151.
  • Octopus - 74.
  • Keta - 138.
  • Sprat - 142.
  • Shrimp - 85.
  • Salmon - 200.
  • Squid - 77.
  • Boiled mussels - 53.
  • River / Sea Bass - 80/12.
  • Crucian - 84.
  • Sturgeon - 161.
  • Salmon - 222.
  • Herring - 248.
  • Mackerel - 158.
  • Catfish - 141.
  • Tuna - 95.
  • Trout - 99.
  • Hyuk - 84.
  • Oysters - 91.


  • Green peas - 75.
  • Zucchini - 30.
  • Boiled potatoes - 80.
  • Chives / chives - 21/41.
  • Garlic - 103.
  • Eggplant - 22.
  • Tomato - 19.
  • Carrots - 29.
  • Cucumber - 15.
  • Beets - 46.
  • Lettuce - 15.
  • Olives - 111.
  • Radish - 22.
  • Bell pepper - 25.
  • Parsley - 45.

Fruits, berries:

  • Apricot - 44.
  • Orange - 38.
  • Cherry - 46.
  • Banana - 87.
  • Lingonberry - 42.
  • Pineapple - 49.
  • Grapefruit - 37.
  • Grapes - 73.
  • Pear - 41.
  • Lemon - 30.
  • Melon - 34.
  • Kiwi - 46.
  • Strawberries - 40.
  • Cranberries - 27.
  • Blackberry - 31.
  • Mandarin - 39.
  • Plum - 41.
  • Mango - 69.
  • Peach - 42.
  • Raspberries - 43.
  • Currants - 39.
  • Apple - 48.
  • Cherry - 54.
  • Blueberries - 41.

Dried fruits, nuts:

  • Cashew - 647.
  • Dried apples - 275.
  • Prunes - 262.
  • Walnuts - 662.
  • Kish-Mish - 285.
  • Hazelnuts - 701.
  • Peanuts - 555.
  • Dates - 277.
  • Almonds - 643.
  • Dried apricots - 270.


  • Boiled - 153.
  • Steamed omelet - 181.

Bakery products:

  • Sliced ​​loaf - 261.
  • Rusks - 335.
  • Pita - 239.
  • White bread - 246.
  • Rye bread - 210.


  • Apricot - 39.
  • Apple - 42.
  • Pineapple - 48.
  • Pomegranate - 58.
  • Peach - 37.
  • Lemon - 18.


  • Dessert - 175.
  • Dry - 66.
  • Semi-dry - 78.

Indications and contraindications

Benefits of the 1200 Calories Diet

The 1200 calories per day diet, which will be reviewed later, has a number of limitations. These are such conditions in which in principle it is impossible to experiment with a daily diet:

  • diabetes;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • oncological diseases;
  • pathology of the urinary system;
  • a history of heart attack and stroke;
  • under 16 years old and over 65 years old;
  • infectious diseases;
  • gallbladder inflammation;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • alcoholism;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the need to take medications that are important for life support.

As confirmed by the reviews of those who have lost weight, the “1200 calories” diet is an excellent option for those who want to lose weight. So her only indication is overweight. However, people who want to choose this or another method of losing weight should undergo a medical examination in order to identify existing contraindications. A person may not know that he has any disease that will negatively affect his well-being. Although, on the other hand, a healthy and balanced diet has not harmed anyone.

1200 calories per day diet

Healthy foods

The table shows the menu for the week.









Carrot and cabbage salad with lemon juice, 1 toast, 2 slices of cheese, 1 steamed chicken cutlet

Oatmeal, boiled egg and a slice of cheese

Buckwheat porridge in milk

Oatmeal with yogurt

Steamed omelette, toast with cheese

Buckwheat porridge, a glass of kefir

Granular curd with slices of fruit


Coffee and Toast with Honey

Any fruit and yogurt

Baked apple with cottage cheese



One banana

Cereal bun with a glass of juice


Vegetable soup and boiled fish

Chicken stock, boiled chicken, vegetable salad seasoned with olive oil

Beef stewed with onions and carrots, bulgur

Brown Rice, Tomato, Beef Meat

Steamed fish rice and vegetable salad

Bean, tomato and onion vegetable soup, grapefruit juice, half marshmallow

Dietary borsch, vegetable salad, steamed salmon steak


Yogurt and hazelnuts (2 pcs.)

A handful of berries

Two slices of Adyghe cheese, yogurt

Cottage cheese

Handful of raisins

One boiled egg and a mug of tomato juice

Vegetable stew


Vegetable and seafood salad

Cottage cheese casserole

Steamed vegetable salad and meatballs

Vegetable salad, boiled egg, steamed fish

Yogurt and cottage cheese with honey

Flounder baked with vegetables, a slice of brown bread

Seafood Salad with Avocado, Durum Wheat Spaghetti

Many interesting ideas for dishes can be found in the reviews. The “1200 calories per day” diet has many fans, and some of them are actively sharing independently developed menus. For example, there are people who want to think through the menu for a day in the morning, with the beginning of the day. In this case, the power scheme described in the table is ideal.

300 kcal

200 kcal

100 kcal

180 g mashed potatoes with milk

150 g vinaigrette seasoned with crude oil

1 oven-baked potato

180 g pasta with 30 g grated hard cheese

90 g of curd with a teaspoon of sour cream

160 g chicken stock

150 g steamed beef cutlets

Fried eggs from 2 eggs

120 g diet borsch

180 g cabbage rolls

100 g cheesecake or tiramisu

80 g of cottage cheese with a teaspoon of sour cream

74 g edam cheese2 curd pies

1 apple


Healthy food

There are a number of useful tips that will be considered before studying the reviews and results of the 1200 calorie diet. Perhaps these recommendations will help those who are really ready to change for the better. So you need to:

  • Get advice from a general practitioner and / or nutritionist.
  • Keep a food diary.
  • Weigh daily to track results.
  • Do not exceed the threshold of 1200 kcal, but do not lower it.
  • Carefully develop a menu using the calorie table.
  • Make the menu as diverse as possible.
  • Have dinner 3 hours before bedtime.
  • Drink more plain water.
  • In case of severe hunger, you do not need to torment the body - you can eat low-calorie foods, such as fruits, vegetables, as well as dietary nutrition bars.
  • Prepare small plates and get used to small portions.
  • While eating, chew food thoroughly, concentrate exclusively on this process, without being distracted by other things.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits.
  • Schedule a menu for a week in advance.
  • Find time for light physical exertion.
  • Once a week, you can eat any favorite meal or snack. Within reason and do not overeat.
  • At first, if it is difficult to drastically reduce the number of calories, you can make a menu for 1300-1500 calories.
  • It is important not only to enter and exit the diet. Calorie reduction at the beginning and an increase after completion should occur smoothly.
  • The maximum duration of the diet is 21 days. Further, a pause of 1-3 months is required.

Results you can achieve and cons of diet

Physical exercise

It is best characterized by her positive reviews of those who lost weight with a photo. Diet "1200 calories" will give an excellent result, if you follow all the rules. Many girls managed to get rid of an average of 5-10 kg of excess weight in 3 weeks.

It’s hard not to notice the advantages of the “1200 calories” diet - this is an opportunity to get rid of fat deposits in a short time, while not limiting yourself to strict prohibitions on food. But she also has disadvantages. Firstly, it’s difficult to calculate calories and live in 1200 mode. Secondly, the brain itself will protest, because a diet in any form is associated with restrictions, and you always want to eat something from something that you would not want to eat. So the risk remains to break. Thirdly, it is likely that the body will not receive a number of useful substances. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a vitamin-mineral complex.

Reviews on the 1200 Calories Diet

None of the comments said that such a method of losing weight is difficult to tolerate, or that some time after the completion of the diet, the lost kilos returned. On the contrary, women praise the diet, calling it one of the most effective. The same opinion is held by nutritionists. Specialists independently calculate the critical level of daily calorie content, which can even be below 1200 kcal. Thus, there is an effective weight loss without stress for the body.

In one of the reviews, the girl writes that her nutritionist advised her not to think through the menu in advance. As already mentioned above, the human brain can rebel against an "established" nutritional scheme. Here, rather, it all depends on the character. If it is easier for a person to eat according to the menu, then it is better to compose it in advance. If more often than not he does not know what exactly he wants after 10 minutes, it makes no sense to think over the diet in advance - everything will fail. In this case, it is recommended to simply take and eat what you want, calculate the calorie content of the food you eat and write in a diary, taking this figure away from the daily norm.

One of the few that has collected almost only positive reviews is the “1200 calories” diet. Buyers of this weight loss technique also note emotional calm during this period, which is no less important for the body. The ability to eat the usual dishes and products does not adversely affect the psychological state of a person.

Although there are no reviews that this diet did not help, this can also be. In this case, you should contact a nutritionist. A specialist will help to calculate the daily minimum of kcal. Usually the absence of a result indicates that the body is not enough.


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