Secrets of proper nutrition: calorie pink salmon

Pink salmon is considered one of the most accessible species of salmon fish. In taste, it is slightly inferior to its "older sisters" salmon and trout. But people watching the figure will like and appreciate such an indicator as the calorie content of pink salmon. In this article, we will examine in detail the useful properties of this fish, its nutritional value, and also give some simple cooking recipes.

calorie pink salmon

Calorie pink salmon and its composition

There are 20.5 grams of protein and 6.5 grams of fat per 100 grams of this fish. The total calorie content of pink salmon is from 140 to 170 calories. It depends on the fat content of a particular fish carcass. Salmon, for example, has indicators an order of magnitude higher. The fat in it is 15-16 grams, and the calorie content is about 220-250 units. The nutritional value of a product tends to change during cooking. How much higher it becomes depends on how you cook the fish. For example, the calorie content of fried pink salmon will be calculated from the amount of oil that you added when frying. The average is 220 calories. The amount of fat will double and will be approximately 12-15 grams. Baked pink salmon will have lower nutritional value. Calorie content when cooking without oil in the oven remains at the level of fresh fish. But if you use additional ingredients in the recipe, for example, butter, cheese, potatoes and others, then the nutritional value of the finished product will increase many times over.

calorie pink salmon fried

Pink salmon with diets

If your goal is to reduce weight and maintain body harmony, then pink salmon will fit perfectly into the diet menu. This product is rich in protein. And protein is one of the most important substances that the body needs when losing weight. Thanks to the use of fish dishes, the body is rapidly saturated. Even a small portion of protein allows you to forget about the feeling of hunger for a long time.

For those who count calories, eating lean fish is an ideal option . The calorie content of pink salmon just fits into the allowed corridor. It has a low nutritional value and low fat content. But you should know a few important rules. For proper and dietary nutrition, you should forget about this type of preparation, such as frying. The best option is recipes in a double boiler, oven or grill. Also, do not eat canned pink salmon. In such a product, a high amount of fat and, accordingly, calories.

pink salmon baked calories

Simple pink salmon recipes

The dish in the oven according to the following recipe will be simple and quick. Prepare pieces of fish (peel, chop), marinate in lemon juice for half an hour. Pre salt and pepper. Put pink salmon in foil, lightly grease with non-greasy sour cream and bake for half an hour at 180 degrees. You can make fish with a vegetable side dish. To do this, put out the onions and carrots, add a little greens. Put a layer of vegetables on the fish and fill it with a mixture of a glass of milk and one egg. Bake in the oven. It turns out delicious pink salmon paste: mix the chopped fish fillet with cream cheese and fresh chopped dill. Pour lemon juice and salt.


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