Squash caviar: calories

You can talk and write a lot about the beneficial properties that are inherent in squash caviar. It is an easily digestible low-calorie product. Squash caviar, whose calorie content is 78 kcal, is rich in vitamins and minerals. Without even going into details about how many calories are in squash caviar, we can say with confidence that this is a very light meal. But if you monitor your weight and buy caviar, then it is better to choose the one where it is indicated that the vegetables are boiled. If you prefer a product with a rich smell and taste, then you should buy caviar from fried zucchini. You can distinguish two varieties of caviar by color, fried vegetables are darker than boiled ones, and also, manufacturers are required to indicate this information on the label.

Like squash caviar, eggplant, calorie content of 148 kcal, is no less useful. It has a large number of nutrients.

Many nutritionists insist on the inclusion of this product in the diet. After all, it has a large amount of fiber and potassium, and they stimulate the intestinal tract.

I would like to talk about the beneficial properties that squash caviar carries. Calorie content in the product is not more than 78 kilocalories per 100 grams. Zucchini, and naturally dishes that are prepared from them, contain a large amount of vitamin C, carotene, which are known for their general strengthening properties. Thanks to the zucchini, you can normalize the water-salt metabolism and purify the blood. Zucchini also helps to remove cholesterol from the body.

Dishes prepared from squash caviar are recommended for people with chronic colitis, gallstone disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, gout, and metabolic disorders. Potassium and magnesium, which are found in large quantities in zucchini, nourish the heart muscle. And for people who have undergone surgery on the gastrointestinal tract, squash caviar is generally an indispensable product. Importantly, it is also very useful for diabetics to eat dishes made from zucchini. For women who struggle with cellulite, squash caviar is one of the main foods in the diet. After all, it perfectly removes excess fluid. And due to the iron content, the blood is enriched with oxygen, which in turn helps to cope with stress. For the elderly, it is also important to include zucchini in the diet, as they have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, normalize the water balance in the body.

As for the harmful properties that can be endowed with almost any product, then in such a product as squash caviar, whose caloric content is 78, there are practically none.

Many housewives cook caviar at home. The recipes for cooking are varied, will satisfy any taste preferences. I want to give one of the simplest recipes below. So, you will need 3 zucchini (wash, cut), 3 carrots (cut), 3 medium onions (cut), 3 tomatoes (cut into 4 parts), 2 bell peppers (cut into slices). Put everything in a pan, preferably with a thick bottom. Cover and simmer until carrot is soft and all juice is respected. After everything is ready, let it cool slightly and beat in a blender. To taste salt and pepper and add a little sunflower oil.

If there is no opportunity, desire or for some other reason you do not cook caviar at home, then it can be purchased at any supermarket. Today, on the shelves of shops there are many different types of caviar, which differ in the recipe, price, quality, producer. When choosing zucchini or eggplant caviar in a store, be careful. Take caviar from store shelves only in glass jars. Buy only high-quality, tasty foods that benefit the body.

In the end, I would like to note that squash caviar, caloric content 78, is an easy, tasty and most importantly, healthy product.

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