Ryazhenka, useful properties of this product and some of its features

Fermented baked milk, whose beneficial properties are not known to everyone, is a rather tasty product, which can also improve intestinal function. Moreover, it has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

Ukraine is considered the birthplace of ryazhenka, but it is not known for certain when such a product appeared. Sour-milk products, similar in their preparation method, are traditionally made by other nationalities. So, in Georgia it is matsoni, in Armenia it is matsun, in Tatarstan fermented baked milk is nothing but koumiss.

Today, industrial production of fermented baked milk is somewhat different from the traditional method of its preparation, however, it takes much less time.

True gourmets are well aware that fermented baked milk may vary in taste depending on the diet of the cows. Ordinary consumers adhere to the traditional, generally accepted classification, which corresponds to the fat content of this product. Today they produce low-calorie fermented baked milk, with normal and high fat content.

When buying this dairy product, it is very important to familiarize yourself with the information on the label. Otherwise, you can buy fermented baked milk, which was made from skimmed or skimmed milk, subsequently enriched with vegetable fats, or in general a product with an expired shelf life.

Fermented baked milk of natural origin should not contain preservatives, stabilizers, flavorings and colorings, because the presence of various additives plays an important role in a healthy human diet. If you want not only to eat this fermented milk product, but also to saturate your body with useful substances, then it is simply necessary to pay attention to all the previously mentioned aspects.

Fermented baked milk, the useful properties of which are reduced to stimulation of digestion, perfectly quenches thirst, quickly saturates the body and charges it with energy. If this dairy product is eaten daily, then it will have a beneficial effect not only on the digestive tract, but also on the activity of the kidneys. Fermented baked milk, the beneficial properties of which are important for the whole organism as a whole, contains lactic acid in its composition . It is she who has a positive effect on the work of the stomach, stimulating appetite and stimulating the separation of bile. At the same time, lactic acid actively fights pathogenic microorganisms.

If now you still have a question, what is the use of fermented baked milk, then we give one more specific argument. If you drink one glass of this fermented milk product per day, then the fourth part of calcium from its daily requirement and one fifth of phosphorus will enter the human body. And this is especially important for hair, skin, nails, mucous membranes and, of course, the musculoskeletal system.

Fermented baked milk, the beneficial properties of which are undeniable, should be eaten as often as possible with hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. Quite a few nutritionists insist on this. In addition, fermented baked milk is very useful for the elderly, children, nursing mothers and pregnant women.

Interestingly, fermented baked milk is also used in cosmetology. It is extremely useful for dry skin, perfectly moisturizes it. Many women who watch not only their face, but also the body, use this sour-milk product while taking baths. If you do this procedure regularly, the skin becomes silky and younger. In addition, the beneficial properties of fermented baked milk are widely used to treat nails and hair.

Now you yourself will be able to draw the appropriate conclusion about whether fermented baked milk is useful, and, based on this, make the only right decision for yourself.

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