Norman Walker in harmony with nature

Norman Walker is a man who has lived for over 100 years and has helped other people do the same with his own example. The phrase “We are what we eat” is used by many, but they don’t even realize that it belongs to him. He thoroughly studied the properties of vegetable and fruit juices and skillfully used them.

Norman Walker

Juice is the basis of a healthy life

Norman Walker used the juice, not the fruits and vegetables themselves. Why is that? What is the difference? In the process of research, the doctor revealed:

  • juice is absorbed better than fruits and vegetables;
  • in order to assimilate the juice completely, the body practically does not expend energy;
  • it is juices that cleanse the body of dead cells;
  • in juices there is a mass of vitamins and minerals.

That is why Walker used juices as the basis of nutrition.

Raw materials for juices

For the preparation of juices, you should take only high-quality fruits and vegetables. In no case should you take spoiled or immature products. The quality of the drink depends on their quality. It is not necessary to cut and clean raw materials for juice in advance, just before cooking.

Juice should be drunk immediately after preparation. It can neither be boiled nor stored in the refrigerator. After heat treatment, most vitamins and minerals are lost. After the product heats up to 54 degrees, it becomes dead. Most enzymes and enzymes die. It is enzymes that contribute to the ingress of all beneficial substances into the blood.

Quality freshly squeezed juice is the energy of nature. The cells and tissues of the body are filled with exactly what a person eats. If you eat foods with preservatives, then the body is filled with dead elements, and living things with the dead can not coexist.

Norman Walker took juice treatment as the only right solution for a long and healthy life.

Norman Walker Juice Treatment

The perfect medicine created by nature itself

Norman Walker seriously addressed the question of how to get the greatest number of enzymes that the body could effortlessly consume. To get them in sufficient quantities for normal functioning, you need a lot of vegetables and fruits, which not everyone can eat. Plus to all this, the body still needs to digest a large amount of fiber.

Everything is much simpler if a person consumes freshly squeezed juices. He called them the perfect natural cure. The body receives the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals, and at the same time spends the minimum amount of energy. They saturate cells with living energy.

Vegetable energy

Norman Walker considered vegetable juices to be a cleanser and one that normalizes weight. So, for example, cabbage juice is rich in iodine. They drink it warm with ulcers and gastritis. Cabbage and carrot juices are a great tandem. They strengthen the body and are an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. For the treatment of angina, a mixture of juices from cabbage and beets is suitable. Take with the addition of a small amount of honey.

Norman Walker Vegetable Juices

Fruit strength

One of the most useful is orange juice. It is used for the treatment of vitamin deficiency, as well as diseases of the upper respiratory tract. True, such juice should not be consumed by people with gastritis and ulcers.

Norman Walker put juice treatment in the main place. It was he who assembled the first juicer.

Norman Walker did not just urge him to eat raw vegetables, fruits and juices, he himself lived like that. Moreover, he lived up to 116 years and died without the presence of special diseases.

Own experiences

The guru of a healthy lifestyle experienced all his assumptions and ideas on himself. And when effectiveness was proven, he shared his experience with others.

Norman Walker published books so that as many people as possible understood his concept. He dreamed of popularizing such a lifestyle. Dr. Walker has published about ten books. His followers liked them so much that they were reprinted at least a hundred times. The legacy of Norman Walker was translated into 129 languages ​​so that as many people as possible would touch his masterpieces.

The first published book was Juice Treatment, which was published back in the 1930s. Then there were: “172 prescriptions for health and longevity from Dr. Walker”, “The combination against all diseases”, “The natural path to full health” and others. Each book is unique in its own way and very useful to read. In them, the author described in detail the benefits of each product and shared his recipes. He described the structure of man, his friends and his worst enemies.

He considered the use of juices both a daily need for renewing vitality and energy, and treatment. He combined incompatible juices and opened up more and more new opportunities for the drink. To better understand Norman Walker, you should read his books. He outlined in them his thoughts and aspirations.

Norman Walker books

The doctor used almost all vegetables and fruits to obtain the enzyme. He suggested drinking them separately and with others. The main thing to remember is that juices must be freshly squeezed and without any heat treatment.

A person who lives by Walker’s principles will never face the problem of being overweight. He tried to achieve harmony with nature and live according to its laws. He succeeded to a greater extent.


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