Cherry during pregnancy. Benefit and harm

Cherry is a tree with oval red fruits and a hard bone inside. The height usually does not exceed 3 meters. It has dark green leaves with a pointed end. The Caucasus, Crimea are supposedly considered the birthplace of a cherry tree. However, it grows in other territories. Most common in Russia.

This fruit has a lot of beneficial properties, thanks to its vitamins and minerals. Cherry is especially useful during pregnancy. It is consumed in its natural form, jam is made, juice is made, and added as a filling to pies and cakes. No less useful are the leaves of this tree. They are used in the form of a decoction, infusion. Such a drink is considered therapeutic and is able to cope with some diseases. Tea with the addition of cherry leaves is no less useful.

pregnancy cherry

Varieties of cherries

There are several types of cherries. Common cherry grows in Russia. The most popular varieties:

  • In memory of Vavilov;
  • Nord Star;
  • Glubokskaya;
  • Lyubskaya;
  • Star;
  • Wreath;
  • Novodvorskaya;
  • Wreath.

Common cherry during pregnancy is the most useful compared to other species.

In Japan, a completely different type of cherry grows - sakura. Which became popular due to its flowering. During this period, the whole tree is covered with a white or pinkish veil, and a wonderful aroma spreads for kilometers. But the fruits of such a tree are small, dark in color. They are practically not eaten. As to taste they are far behind other varieties. Recently, sakura began to cross with other species. This type of cherry in Japan is called sakurambo. Such fruits are juicy and tasty, although in appearance they are more likely reminiscent of cherries.

The main varieties:

  • Satonics
  • Nania.

Felt cherries are grown in Mongolia and China . Such trees bring a big harvest. The fruits are very sweet and delicious.

There are also steppe and bitter types of cherries. Such fruits are practically not eaten. They belong to wild trees.

Is it possible to cherry during pregnancy

The benefits of cherries during pregnancy

Is this berry really useful? Many pregnant women ask: “Is it possible to have a cherry during pregnancy?” Only a doctor can clearly answer such a question. These fruits have a lot of useful properties and certain contraindications. First of all, cherries are rich in B vitamins. They positively affect the nervous system of both a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Also in the composition of cherries there is folic acid, necessary for the correct laying of the baby's organs. Therefore, it is advisable not to give up this berry in the first trimester of pregnancy. Except when there are severe contraindications. There is a lot of vitamin C in the cherry, which provides strong immunity. Protects the body from various infections. Vitamin E in the composition of cherries favorably affects the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels. It is important for hair and nails. Also, these small berries contain such necessary substances as:

  • copper;
  • manganese;
  • zinc;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • fluorine.

Cherry during pregnancy helps to cope with low hemoglobin, which is a common problem during this period. At a later date, the mother's body needs a lot of iron to provide herself and the unborn baby with the necessary trace element. But cherry pits should not be eaten at all. They contain a poisonous substance - hydrocyanic acid. In large quantities, it can cause serious poisoning. Even a few of these bones will not bring benefits to the body.

The benefits of cherries during pregnancy are undoubtedly great. But abuse it is still not worth it. Cherry berries contain a lot of acids. They can cause some health problems. For example, daily abuse of cherries can cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines, which, in turn, can turn into chronic diseases and even ulcerative lesions.

the benefits of cherries during pregnancy

Harmful cherries during pregnancy

To whom is cherry contraindicated during pregnancy? The benefits and harms of this berry depend primarily on the state of health. Strongly contraindicated cherry people:

  • With peptic ulcers of the stomach, intestines, duodenum.
  • With inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract (colitis, gastritis, gastroduodenitis).
  • With diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

This product will not do any harm to the rest.

cherry during pregnancy, the benefits and harms

Cherry juice

Cherry during pregnancy is useful in any form. Berries that do not lend themselves to heat treatment retain most of their beneficial qualities. If you make jam from the fruit, then about half of the vitamins will remain there. It is much more useful to simply rub the berries with sugar. Many women during pregnancy prefer to drink cherry juice. By its useful properties, it is practically not inferior to berries in its entire form. Therefore, it does not really matter how to use this product as food. It all depends on taste preferences.

cherry leaves during pregnancy

How to use cherry leaves?

Cherry leaves during pregnancy are no less useful than fruits. Vitamin teas are brewed from such leaves, decoctions and infusions are made. They contain many useful substances. Such teas have a light pleasant taste and delicate aroma, have a slight soothing effect. Also indispensable for the preservation of cucumbers and tomatoes. Add them to sauerkraut. In addition, cherry leaves are widely used as a remedy. Infusions of cherry leaves help get rid of jaundice, stop bleeding.

Cherry for children

Many children are very fond of these delicious berries. They are of great benefit to a small organism. Vitamins and minerals that make up cherries provide good health to the growing body. Useful berry for the development of the nervous system and sound sleep. Increases hemoglobin, reducing the risk of anemia. It improves blood circulation and maintains vascular tone. Gives strength and energy. The product is contraindicated in diseases of the digestive tract. Another significant contraindication is the development of allergic reactions. If such problems are absent, you can safely give cherries to children in moderation.


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