Shevchenko's method: vodka with oil as a panacea for cancer

To date, Shevchenko’s “Vodka and Oil” method is considered in our country one of the most popular among all non-traditional methods of dealing with such an ailment as oncology. In fact, this technique does not guarantee 100% cure, however, relief of primary symptoms and prolongation of life for several years exactly provides. So, consider an example of therapy in more detail.

Shevchenko method. Vodka and Butter: A First-Hand Recipe

method shevchenko vodka with oil
It will take about 30 ml of unrefined sunflower oil and about the same amount of vodka (40 degrees). Mix both ingredients in a glass dish, shake vigorously for five minutes. After that, making a sharp exhalation, in one gulp, very quickly, drink the whole mixture, avoiding its decomposition into fats and alcohol. This Shevchenko treatment should be repeated three times a day about 20 minutes before eating. The author of the therapy claims that the positive effect will be noticeable much faster if the patient prays daily. So, the first course is designed for 10 days, then you should take a five-day break. The full course involves three such repetitions. The author assures that full healing can be observed only after about two years. In no case should you violate the above schedule, as
Shevchenko diet method
the body will get used to it, and the tumor cells will not die.

Shevchenko’s method “Vodka with oil”: prevention

The author of the methodology strongly recommends using this tool for those patients in whom so-called non-cancerous tumors (cysts, polyps, fibroids and others) were found. Shevchenko’s “Vodka and Oil” method will prevent them from developing into real oncology.

Positive moments of treatment

The Shevchenko method, the diet for which is not required, is absolutely universal and does not require special training. For example, literally from the first days of the start of therapy, some patients experience a cessation of the appearance of metastases and other pathological neoplasms. Then, normalization of all metabolic processes in the body, vision, hearing, body weight and so on is already observed. Vodka with oil can not only get rid of such an unpleasant illness, but also remove kidney stones, destroy bacteria and helminths in the body, stop the gradual development of osteoporosis, varicose veins and even diabetes.

treatment method according to Shevchenko
Probable complications

Literally in the very first days from the moment of the immediate start of treatment, quite severe pains in the foci of infection may appear, and in some decomposing tumors can cause bleeding. As for the digestive tract, heartburn and vomiting often appear in the morning. In fact, scientists do not confirm the effectiveness of the Shevchenko method in practice. Believe this therapy or not - it's absolutely every individual person. You can read additional information, as well as find reviews of friends, and then draw your own conclusions on this issue. Be healthy!


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