the feeling of burning in the lower abdomen in women: causes and treatment

Burning in the lower abdomen in women appears with many diseases. This is a non-specific symptom that may be associated with a malfunction of the digestive, urinary, reproductive and even nervous systems. It is difficult to say unequivocally why there is a burning sensation in the lower abdomen in women. The reasons for this phenomenon are different. In this article we will look at other symptoms that accompany the burning sensation. We also provide information on existing methods for diagnosing treatment.

A burning sensation in the lower abdomen in women with appendicitis

heaviness in the lower abdomen in women with appendicitis

In fact, there are a huge number of reasons for the appearance of such discomfort. What is the burning sensation in the lower abdomen of women on the right? The reasons may lie in the inflammation of the appendix.

Of course, acute appendicitis proceeds accompanied by other, more characteristic symptoms. One of the most striking is acute pain. It can be paroxysmal or permanent, often spreading to the entire stomach. Patients note the appearance of nausea, loss of appetite, dry mucous membranes of the mouth. For the diagnosis of appendicitis, there are about two dozen syndromes. All of them give the right to assume the presence of this pathology, but an accurate diagnosis is made on the basis of ultrasound.

A patient with such symptoms needs to be urgently taken to the hospital. Burning in the lower abdomen on the right in women is a serious symptom. With appendicitis, emergency surgical intervention is required. The lack of qualified assistance is fraught with rupture of the appendix and a host of concomitant complications.

Unpleasant sensations with cystitis

Burning and pain in the lower abdomen in women with cystitis

Burning and pain in the lower abdomen in women is often caused by cystitis. This disease is associated with inflammation of the bladder and, according to statistics, women are diagnosed more often than men. This is due to the fact that the urethra in women is quite short and wide, which facilitates the movement of pathogenic organisms.

A burning sensation in the lower abdomen in women is not the only symptom of the disease. The clinical picture is characterized by frequent urge to empty the bladder. Moreover, urination is accompanied by sharp, cutting pains. Some patients complain of itching in the urethra. Sometimes you can observe a fever, the appearance of weakness and aches in the body.

A similar disease must be treated. In the absence of therapy, the inflammatory process can spread to the ureters and kidneys. Against the background of chronic cystitis, proliferation of connective tissues and their replacement of muscle fibers are observed. The wall of the bladder loses its elasticity and ability to stretch. Thus, over time, the body no longer cope with its functions.

Shingles and its symptoms

Burning in the lower abdomen in women in rare cases can be associated with the development of shingles. This is a viral disease caused by the activation of certain types of herpes.

Viral particles invade the nerve fibers and even with a short-term decrease in immunity, they begin to multiply actively. A characteristic herpetic rash forms on the skin along the affected nerve, which is a collection of vesicles with liquid filling. The appearance of rashes is accompanied by severe itching, burning and pain.

Urinary stones

Sometimes burning in the lower abdomen in women is caused by the presence of stones in the organs of the excretory system.

This disease progresses under the influence of many factors, including metabolic disorders. Patients complain not only about itching and burning. The process of urination is accompanied by sharp pain. Possible discoloration of the urine, the appearance of blood impurities in it. There is severe weakness, loss of appetite.

Genitourinary infections

Burning in the lower abdomen with infections

Burning in the lower abdomen can be a sign of various infectious diseases, including those that spread during sexual intercourse. Trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, chlamydia - all these pathologies are accompanied by discomfort, pain, itching and burning, not only in the lower abdominal cavity, but also in the area of ​​the external genitalia.

Other symptoms include the appearance of uncharacteristic vaginal discharge (sometimes purulent, with an unpleasant odor), a rash in the perineum, painful urination, fever, etc.

Bowel problems

Burning in the lower abdomen in women causes

Answering why there is a burning sensation in the lower abdomen, digestive tract disorders should be mentioned. Discomfort and burning can be associated with inflammatory processes, diverticulitis, colitis and other pathologies. Quite common is irritable bowel syndrome, an ailment of a neurological nature (its symptoms develop amid stress).

It is always important to pay attention to other unpleasant sensations. In addition to burning, severe pain may be present. Digestive disorders are observed in patients, including bloating, frequent diarrhea, which are replaced by constipation, increased formation of intestinal gases.

Burning sensation in the lower abdomen in women: ectopic pregnancy

Burning in the lower abdomen on the left in women

What else can this symptom indicate? A burning sensation in the abdomen on the left in women can be caused by an ectopic pregnancy. Pain can occur not only on the left, but also on the right (on one side). Such a pathology occurs because a fertilized egg is not implanted in the uterus, but in the walls of the fallopian tube. Egg growth causes an increase in pressure on the surrounding structures, which is accompanied by burning and other very unpleasant sensations.

As the fetus develops, the woman develops pains that are acute, sharp, paroxysmal in nature. Sometimes they give to the lower back. In addition, the possible violation of urination, defecation problems with.

This is an emergency condition in which urgent surgical intervention is necessary. The fact is that a developing ectopic pregnancy leads to rupture of the fallopian tube and massive internal bleeding.

Discomfort during pregnancy

Burning sensation in the lower abdomen in women during pregnancy

Many expectant mothers complain of not too pleasant sensations, pulling pains and burning in the lower abdomen. Do I need to worry about this?

As the fetus grows, the size of the uterus increases, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs, tissues, vessels and nerve endings. It is accompanied by a not too pleasant sensations, including burning. However, this is a completely normal physiological process.

But if we are talking about severe pain and discomfort, then you need to see a doctor immediately. This is especially true in situations where, against the background of a deterioration in well-being, bloody vaginal discharge appears.

The presence of such deterioration may indicate an increase in uterine tone. In the first and second trimester, hypertonicity can lead to miscarriage, and in the last months of bearing a baby - to premature birth.

That is why it is so important to inform the attending obstetrician-gynecologist about any deterioration in well-being.

Other possible causes

The above-mentioned diseases can cause the appearance of a burning sensation in the abdomen. But there are other pathologies that give rise to similar disorders.

These include the formation of tumors or polyps in the urethra. Urine passing through the urinary tract irritates tissues of similar structures, which causes severe burning and itching.

Sometimes unpleasant sensations are associated with the formation of adhesions between the walls of organs, which leads to a violation of the outflow of blood and other fluids.

Sometimes the appearance of burning and discomfort in the lower abdomen is associated with the peculiarities of the menstrual cycle. Many women complain of discomfort a few days before or already during menstruation. The appearance of burning and pulling pains in the middle of the cycle may indicate ovulation.

What to do when symptoms appear

In modern medicine often recorded such a thing as a burning sensation in the lower abdomen in women. The reasons we have considered. What should the patient do in this case? Discomfort can indicate a variety of pathologies, so you can not self-medicate or ignore the existing violations.

Be sure to consult a doctor, since it is impossible to determine the cause of pain, burning and itching without special diagnostics. The specialist will prescribe blood and urine tests, hardware examinations of the gastrointestinal tract, pelvic organs, and conduct a gynecological examination.

What can not be done

Burning in the lower abdomen on the right in women

If you are concerned about severe burning and pain in the lower abdomen, do not immediately take antispasmodic drugs and analgesics, as these drugs can hide the features of the clinical picture, which will complicate the diagnostic process.

It is also not recommended to apply heat to the stomach, because discomfort can be caused by infection. Warming up the affected area will expand the vessels, which will accelerate the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.

It is especially dangerous to use a heating pad for appendicitis. Heat can accelerate appendix perforation.

Do not wash your intestines or take laxatives without the advice of a doctor. If pain and discomfort are caused by intestinal obstruction, then such manipulations can only aggravate the situation.


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