Tasty and aromatic medicine - buckwheat honey

Since ancient times, people have known and applied the healing properties of honey. It was used in the manufacture of various dishes, medicines and for canning. Its composition is unique. It combines the substances obtained from the body of bees and the most valuable properties of plants. Beekeepers classify honey according to the plants from which nectar is extracted. If only one plant species becomes a source of collection, honey is called monofleur. It is precisely such species in our country that include linden, acacia and buckwheat honey.

Its properties are diverse. Experts consider this type of honey one of the most high-grade and healthy. This product is characterized by a particularly high concentration of various minerals and that is why it has such a rich dark shade. Buckwheat honey is bright chestnut, terracotta or dark orange. Its taste is also very different from acacia, linden or flower honey. It has a slight astringency, spiciness and slightly noticeable bitterness. The perfect composition is complemented by a bright juicy aroma.

Also, buckwheat honey differs from other varieties by faster crystallization. As a rule, already in October, liquid honey is sugared. Its crystals can be larger or smaller, depending on the predominance of a particular trace element. And they are contained here in large quantities. These are nickel, cobalt, iodine, boron, calcium, copper, zinc, phosphorus. Especially a lot of this tasty product contains iron. There is also a number of vitamins, such as K, E, B2, B1, PP, P, glucose and fructose. Due to this excellent composition, buckwheat honey is deservedly considered the most useful of monofleur varieties.

Its benefits lie in excellent antiseptic properties. It contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, relieves inflammation and cleanses the skin well, and therefore is widely used in cosmetology and medicine. This honey is the best ally in the fight against flu and colds, helps restore the body's defenses and increase immunity. Buckwheat honey perfectly fights bacteria and is often used for home canning.

This is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, and therefore it is necessary for babies prone to colds. Due to the high iron content, it is this type of honey that strengthens the walls of blood vessels and better blood regeneration, which means it is necessary for patients with anemia and anemia. In the fight against vitamin deficiency, buckwheat honey is also the best remedy. Its properties contribute to the normalization of blood pressure and enhance the action of antihypertensive drugs, so it must be included in the diet of hypertensive patients. This is a real salvation for people with low hemoglobin and stomach ulcers. The recipe is very simple. Every morning you need to drink a glass of chilled boiled water on an empty stomach, and after fifteen minutes eat a spoonful of honey. Its regenerative and wound healing properties contribute to the rapid healing of microcracks and the complete restoration of the mucous membrane.

According to numerous clinical trials and the results of special studies, it turned out that buckwheat honey copes well with the effects of radiation on the body . Its benefit lies in good regenerative and cleansing abilities, thanks to which it helps the removal of radionuclides from the body and the rapid regeneration of cells. It has calming properties and is useful for people with insomnia and nervous disorders. It is enough to eat a few tablespoons of honey an hour before bedtime and drink them with warm milk or water.

Buckwheat honey can be consumed even with diabetes, but not more than two or three spoons per day. Its only contraindication is individual intolerance. Like other varieties of honey, it can cause allergies caused by one of its many components. In all other situations, it is a tasty and fragrant remedy for various types of infections, infections and to strengthen immunity.

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