The girl has a stomach ache: possible reasons for how to act

Discomfort in the abdomen can be associated with a huge number of reasons. They are explained by the anatomical structure, pathologies of the reproductive system and impaired functioning of other organs. If a girl has a stomach ache, what to do in this situation and how to understand what problems this symptom indicates?

Common symptom

Any representative of the fair sex should undergo a specialist examination from time to time. Some ailments develop gradually and do not make themselves felt over time. Therefore, regular consultation is very important. After all, during the examination, you can detect an ailment at an early stage, start therapy and avoid complications. If a girl has a stomach ache, there are general signs of malaise, unusual discharge, a visit to a medical institution should not be postponed.

Discomfort in the abdomen is a common symptom that occurs in women of different age categories. Depending on the situation, it indicates both normal physiological processes and pathologies. When the patient contacts the doctor with this complaint, she is prescribed diagnostic measures (ultrasound, laboratory tests). Examinations help to find out why the girl has a stomach ache.

doctor examination for abdominal pain

In the presence of acute symptoms, the doctor may recommend therapy in a hospital setting.

Factors contributing to the occurrence of discomfort

The causes of unpleasant sensations in the abdomen in women are often associated with the reproductive and urinary system. They can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Organic factors. These are inflammatory processes, tumors, both benign and malignant, pathologies of the kidneys, bladder, pregnancy disorders, adhesions.
  2. Functional (malfunctions in the cycle of menstruation, the process of egg maturation).

If a girl has a stomach ache, discomfort can have a different nature (pulling, stitching, cutting, throbbing). In some patients, it is constantly present, in others it is manifested by seizures. Sometimes discomfort is accompanied by discharge. By the nature of the discomfort and its features, the specialist is able to suggest a possible cause of the development of the symptom.

Pain associated with female body functions

Any girl needs to pay attention to what day of the cycle she has unpleasant sensations. Sometimes they appear during the period of premenstrual syndrome. The condition is characterized by pain in the region of the mammary glands and in the lower abdomen.

menstrual pain

It is due to the restructuring of the hormonal background. Almost every representative of the weaker sex has unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen during the period of critical days, since at this time strong contractions of the uterine tissues occur. However, severe discomfort may be associated with pathologies (polyps, benign tumor, endometriosis).

A woman needs to see a doctor in the presence of the following symptoms:

  1. Critical days last more than 7 days, accompanied by the loss of a significant amount of blood.
  2. Body temperature rises.
  3. There is a sharp and prolonged discomfort in the peritoneum.

If the girl’s stomach hurts, the pathology of the symptom may also be the pathology of the stomach and intestines. Other ailments also indicate these ailments (nausea, bouts of vomiting, loose stools). The inflammatory process in the bladder is accompanied by a cut in the lower part of the peritoneum, fever, frequent visits to the toilet. Unpleasant sensations in the abdomen of a woman during the period of gestation indicate a pathology of the pregnancy process, especially if discharge occurs.

Gastrointestinal ailments

There are many acute and chronic disorders of the digestive tract. The reason why a girl has a bad stomach ache may be inflammation of the appendix. Patients with this disease feel discomfort in the abdominal cavity on the right, which often gives to the lumbar region. Inflammation of the appendix is ​​also characterized by fever and vomiting. With this pathology, a woman needs urgent help from surgeons.

Intestinal infection is another common cause of discomfort.

intestinal infection

With this ailment, pain is felt in the upper and lower abdomen, it also gives off to the lumbar region, accompanied by fever, loose stools, and vomiting attacks. If such symptoms appear, consult a doctor.

The inflammatory process in the urinary organs

If the girl’s lower abdomen hurts on the right or left side, the cause may be an infection (pyelonephritis or cystitis). Such pathologies are more typical for the fair sex than for men. This is due to the structural features of the female body.

The inflammatory process in the kidneys is accompanied by discomfort in the abdomen and lower back.

pain with kidney inflammation

Pyelonephritis is characterized by symptoms of poisoning the body: a feeling of weakness, bouts of vomiting, fever, pain in the head.

In the event of cystitis, red blood cells in the urine may appear.

Sexual cyst

Such a neoplasm, as a rule, forms in the area of ​​the follicle and is a tumor consisting of a leg and a body, inside of which there is a liquid. If a girl has a stomach ache during physical exertion or after a fall, perhaps discomfort is associated with this ailment. It is accompanied by a cut in the abdomen on the right or left, a rise in temperature. Such symptoms indicate the likelihood of developing a torsion of the cyst legs, which leads to circulatory disorders, tissue necrosis. This condition requires urgent surgical intervention.

Another type of complication in patients with these tumors is rupture of the genital gland. It can occur against the background of ovulation, when the integrity of the affected follicle is disrupted. Pathology is dangerous in that a fluid flows from a bursting cyst, which leads to an acute inflammatory process in the abdominal cavity. Provoke ovarian rupture is capable of physical overload, sexual intercourse.

pain after sex

Sharp discomfort in the abdomen on the right or left side is a possible symptom of this ailment. In this condition, the patient has concomitant signs (pale skin tone, a sharp decrease in blood pressure). In case of suspected rupture of the genital gland, an ambulance must be called.

Discomfort during gestation

Unpleasant sensations of a pulling character in the abdomen occur at any time.

abdominal pain during pregnancy

If they are poorly expressed, do not worry. But in the case when the girl’s lower abdomen is very sore, the cause may be pathology, for example, tubal pregnancy. Such an ailment is accompanied by bleeding. With the development of this condition, the fetus is not viable. A woman needs surgical intervention.

Expectant mothers have a huge responsibility for their own health and for the future baby. Therefore, they need to regularly visit doctors and undergo examinations in order to avoid pathologies.

What should I do if discomfort occurs?

What to do if a girl has a stomach ache? Unpleasant sensations that appear periodically and are associated with premenstrual syndrome or menstruation, do not require specialist intervention. To relieve discomfort, analgesics or drugs that eliminate the spasm are used: No-shpa, Ibuprofen. But if the pain is intense and is accompanied by other signs of impaired body functions, a woman needs to see a doctor.


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