How to increase white blood cells after chemotherapy? Do not despair, there is a way out!

Cancer is really very difficult. Here, how lucky. If you turn to the doctor in time, you will be saved, if not, then ... Of course, you should always hope for the best. Modern technologies and medicine have made a breakthrough, and if earlier the diagnosis of “oncological disease” sounded a death sentence, now it is a completely different matter. Patients are completely cured and lead a healthy lifestyle. As a rule, after diseases such as lymphogranulomatosis, stomach cancer, skin cancer, etc., a problem with white blood cells appears. But if you correctly and competently deal with this, listen to the recommendations of doctors, then soon you will become healthy.

how to increase white blood cells after chemotherapy
First steps towards health

The diagnosis that is associated with cancer is scary. Despair, depression, tears and panic are the first things that come to every family. But, thanks to experienced doctors, everyone can tear a dear person from the clutches of death. As doctors say, chemotherapy is the only salvation from the disease, the main weapon against cancer cells, metastases, etc. It entails many consequences: hair loss, terrible condition of the skin and nails, lethargy, bone pain ... And that's just it that is visible to relatives. Everyone who encounters this knows that such a price for recovery is still very low. As a rule, a course of chemotherapy leads to a sharp decrease in hemoglobin and white blood cells. How to increase white blood cells after chemotherapy? Here are some general highlights and recommendations.

Tip number 1

After chemotherapy, you should not get depressed - a good mood, a positive attitude, walks in the fresh air will positively affect your body. Try not to be locked in four walls, enjoy life, because this is a new world, your new stage!

chemotherapy course
Council number 2

How to increase white blood cells after chemotherapy with products? Everything is simple. Try to eat healthy, natural foods. Leukocytes of beans, honey, nuts, fruits increase excellently. In your diet, lay on fresh or frozen (depending on the season) berries: blackcurrant, redcurrant, blackberry and blueberry. Drink homemade red wine from time to time. Add fish, seafood, lettuce and cabbage to your diet. Also remember about dairy products: homemade milk, cheese, sour cream and cottage cheese will help fight the effects of chemotherapy.

Council number 3

How to increase white blood cells after chemotherapy with decoctions? Just try every day instead of water to take herbal infusions of nettle, frankincense root, plantain, medunica, hairs of fresh corn, knotweed, medunica and oats, chamomile and calendula. Such a recipe will also be useful: pour 200 grams of oats with 1 liter of pure water. Put on gas and boil over low heat for about 15 minutes. Strain and take this water throughout the day for a month. Thus, you will increase not only the level of leukocytes, but also hemoglobin.

after chemotherapy
Tip number 4

Go in for sports and temper your body. This will help you in solving problems, how to increase white blood cells after chemotherapy and how to tone the body. Get in the habit of morning jogging, abs and squats. Gradually add load and you will see the result. Pour cold water over it as well.

Tip number 5

Be positive. There is always a way out, and life after chemotherapy is just beginning! Smile and be healthy!


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