The right mix of products - what it should be

Perhaps many have heard of such a concept as a combination of products. However, it hardly occurred to anyone that not only our figure, but also digestion depends on how we combine them. In relation to the latter, we immediately make a reservation that the wrong combination of food leads to a number of serious diseases.

That is why, and not only, today we will raise this issue. In order to understand it, let's first divide all the currently existing products into three main groups according to the principle of their processing in the gastrointestinal tract.

The first group will include proteins. Their digestion requires primarily acid secreted by various glands, the pancreas, for example, and others located in the walls of the small intestine.

The second group is carbohydrates. They are processed in the gastrointestinal tract through alkalis secreted by the salivary glands of the mouth.

And finally, the third group - the so-called "live foods". This includes the nutrients themselves, which are so necessary for the human body, as well as the enzymes that break them down. "Live Products" is a ready-made building material for the whole body. And the body, receiving them, does not waste its energy on their digestion.

There is another group - neutral - these are fats. They are easily combined with both proteins and carbohydrates. And in relation to "live products" they are neutral.

Now let's move from theory to practice. Such a combination of products as meat and bread, eggs and bread, cheese and all the same bread, meat products and potatoes, porridge and eggs, potato salad and meat, we used to see in our daily lives. But, according to nutritionists, and they are absolutely right, such combinations are completely unacceptable.

The right mix of products looks different. First, you should eat proteins, that is, eggs, cottage cheese, milk, meat. And only after that you can start carbohydrates.

What is the reason for this? The fact is that the first stage of processing of both protein and starch is carried out in completely opposite environments. Namely, an acidic environment is needed for protein, and an alkaline environment for starch. In this regard, the body can not cope with the task in full, which leads to the formation of pepsin due to poorly digested starch (potato). And this in turn slows down protein processing.

A combination of products such as vegetable salads and protein foods or vegetables and potatoes is optimal. Moreover, in the morning or, in extreme cases, during the day, you can safely eat a vegetable salad with all your favorite potatoes. And for dinner, it is best to cook a vegetable salad and eat it with a piece of meat.

If you try to specify, then the first group of products includes legumes, meat, eggplant, fish, seeds, eggs, beans and bread. The second includes bread, sugar, pasta, cereals, jam, potatoes, honey and various stewed fruit. And finally, the third is made up of fruits, herbs, vegetables, dried fruits, berries, including watermelons.

So, the combination of products of the first and third groups, as well as the second and third separately, will be correct. In no case should you eat at the same time products from the second and first groups.

Interestingly, melon does not belong to any of these groups. For our body, it is a nurse and cleanses the joints, blood vessels and intestinal mucosa. Melon should be eaten separately from all foods with a difference of two hours between meals.

A few words regarding fruits in general. According to a long-established custom, fruits are usually served for dessert. Just do not do this. They are best consumed separately from all foods as a snack.

And remember that a complex combination of products gives a great burden on the body and only an absolutely healthy person can cope with it. The fewer components in your dishes, the lower the load on the intestines, stomach and liver. Learn to eat right!


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