What are the benefits of green tea

Green tea is an unusually tasty and healthy drink. Since ancient times in China, it has been used not only for food, but also for the treatment of many diseases. The benefits of green tea are also discussed by modern nutrition experts. It not only strengthens the immune system, but also lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and helps relieve stress.This is due to the fact that after collection it undergoes minimal heat treatment, which helps to preserve all useful substances.

the benefits of green tea

The most important thing about the benefits of green tea is the presence of antioxidants in it. And they are known to fight against free radicals, which, by destroying the cells of the body, lead to rapid aging. Particularly this process affects people living in the city, which are affected by radiation, chemicals and even ultraviolet radiation. Scientists have found that this drink contains the maximum amount of antioxidants, this is a huge benefit of green tea.

There is much more carotene in it than in carrots and sea buckthorn, and there is more vitamin C than in lemon and blackcurrant. The benefit of green tea is also that it contains a lot of catechin, a powerful antioxidant that not only slows down aging, but also helps prevent cancer. It can be used to prevent viral diseases and treat poisoning, even poisons, as it is able to combine with harmful substances and neutralize them. In addition to these components, the composition of green tea includes vitamin E, riboflavin, nicotinic acid and other vitamins. They are very beneficial for healthy skin and blood vessels.

The benefit of green tea is also that it contains not only caffeine, but also a substance that neutralizes its effect. Therefore, after a cup of this drink it is so easy to fall asleep. And caffeine helps relieve fatigue and improves blood circulation.

Scientists have found that green tea can remove radiation from the body. Especially famous for this action is one that grows in Japan. Local residents actively used this amazing property after the bombing of Hiroshima.

In addition, green tea perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and toxins and helps weight loss. The substances that make up it help prevent diabetes and atherosclerosis, increase immunity

the benefits of green tea
and strengthens blood vessels, improves sleep and helps to cope with depression. In general, the benefits of green tea are undeniable, but it manifests itself only if it is brewed correctly.

How to make a healthy drink?

about the benefits of green tea

1. The most important thing is which water to use. It is best to take it from a well or spring. If this is not possible, then the tap water must be defended for several hours and passed through a filter. If you use purchased, you need to know its composition. The fact is that some minerals contained in water can change the taste and quality of the drink.

2. Do not brew green tea with boiling water, as this will reduce its beneficial properties. For example, the catechin, which makes the drink tart, dissolves in water hotter than 80 degrees.

The benefits of green tea are especially great for urban residents. After all, they are constantly exposed to harmful factors. Therefore, taking care of your health, it is advisable to replace black tea with green.

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