Walnuts with honey - the spleen will be lifted at your fingertips, immunity will be raised

Everyone knows about the benefits of walnuts and honey. Walnuts with honey are useful not only for prevention, but also for the treatment, enhancement and strengthening of immunity. They prevent the development of atherosclerosis, eliminate the lack of iron and vitamins, thin the blood, forming red blood cells. They enhance the activity of the intestines and liver, reduce the "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

Honey is also useful to very many (except in cases of individual intolerance), it contains a set of necessary vitamins and minerals. It boosts immunity, it is an excellent tool for treating burns and wounds, tones and restores strength due to its composition rich in vitamins, enzymes and biologically active substances.

Nuts with honey - in addition to being a tasty and very healthy product, it is also an antibacterial, anti-allergic, antibacterial mixture, which also has anti-inflammatory properties. You do not need to wait until the disease declares itself, therefore it is useful to mix walnuts with honey once or twice a year, taking as a prophylactic.

Beneficial features

In addition to useful immunity enhancing properties, a mixture of nuts also has medicinal value. Cardiologists recommend such food in order to strengthen the heart muscle (add rosehip syrup), gastroenterologists recommend using it for problems with stool (add prunes) and intestinal function.

Doctors also say that walnuts with honey increase hemoglobin, are useful for patients after operations for a quick recovery, the mixture is good for taking atherosclerosis, after chemotherapy, during menopause. Honey serves as a kind of conductor, which penetrates the cell membranes and strengthens blood vessels, resists the formation of sclerotic plaques.

How to cook

The methods of preparation of the mixture can be different in composition, something can be added to your taste and in accordance with your body, adjusted, but there is only one basis - walnuts with honey. If you can add pine nuts (you will find money in the store), then it will be absolutely wonderful.

All components of the mixture must first be thoroughly washed. In the event that you add dried fruits and these are nuts, raisins, lemon, honey, dried apricots, then the fruits must first be soaked in warm water, and then washed well. Lemon is also washed and doused with boiling water. All the ingredients in the mixture must be ground in a food processor or twisted in a meat grinder. If you use lemon, then it must be crushed together with other components along with the zest.

Warm honey and how to multiply vitamins

Put everything in a jar, and then add warm honey. It must be said about how it is possible and how not to make honey liquid and warm. It can not be heated above 40 degrees, so in no case put it on a hot stove or open flame. When heated above the specified temperature, oxymethylfurfural, a product of the decomposition of sugars, is formed in it. It has a harmful effect on honey, reducing its quality and giving it a dark color. The increased amount of oxymethylfurfural in honey as an active substance adversely affects its storage and taste. In order for it to become liquid, it is enough to put honey in a warm place or in a water bath.

What else can I add? Rosehip syrup and hawthorn syrup, if you need to pay more attention to the heart. Senna grass, figs and prunes in case of solving problems with the intestines and stomach. Vitamins in a mixture of nuts / raisins / lemon / honey / dried apricots are presented in full, and most importantly, its advantage is naturalness and affordability. I went to the store, spent half an hour cooking, and within a month, or even longer, you indulge yourself and strengthen your immunity.

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