Healthy nutrition and its basic principles

What is healthy nutrition, and how does it differ from what we are all so used to? This is a really important question. It is not easy for all people to understand that it is on the quality and quantity of food consumed daily that the state of the body, ability to work, and much more.

healthy diet

Healthy nutrition is based on certain principles that not everyone can adhere to. This statement is not at all based on the fact that we are all gluttons, incapable of controlling ourselves. It’s just that not everyone has free time that can be spent on preparing healthy food.

In fact, everything is much simpler than it seems. Eating healthy with the right approach will not be a waste of time. There are no big difficulties here. It is not always necessary to limit oneself in many ways.

What to serve?

Anyone who eats only bread with fried meat and similar products for a long time will soon find that the forces leave him, and something completely unimaginable begins to happen in his stomach. What is good nutrition based on? On scientifically sound principles. In general, many nutritionists long ago came to the conclusion that it should be separate. What does this mean? The meaning of separate nutrition is that it is unacceptable to eat protein and carbohydrates at the same time. Yes, both of them are contained in almost any product, but their proportions are always different.

healthy diet for weight loss

Carbohydrates and proteins can not be consumed together for the reason that they are digested with various enzymes. Eat them at the same time - and neither one nor the other can not fully digest. How to be? How to limit yourself? No restrictions are required. The bottom line is that you should separate the carbohydrate and protein foods at time intervals. Two hours will be enough. There is a special compatibility table for various products. It will be indispensable for everyone who thinks about what a healthy diet is.

Let's just talk about healthy food. Another important principle of a healthy diet is the following: any foods that can be consumed raw should not be cooked. It is acceptable, but undesirable.

healthy nutrition for children
Never fry food in oil! If there is a need for such heat treatment of food, then get an excellent and expensive Teflon pan, which allows you to fry food without any additional substances. Do not get carried away with canned food, as its use is permissible only in emergency cases.

What should be a healthy diet for weight loss? Eliminate all fatty and floury foods from your diet. Effective will be the use of low-fat cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables. Want some meat? Eat chicken breasts - they are not fatty at all and are perfectly digested. What should be healthy food for children? This question is very important, as a growing body needs a balanced diet. Make sure that your kids do not eat too many sweets, and make a diet for them with your doctor.


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