Gartner's cyst: causes, symptoms, treatment, methods of removal and prevention

Female diseases are as dangerous as male ones, and if they are not detected in a timely manner, and if treatment is not started, then they can cause serious disorders in the functioning of the urogenital organs and the entire system. One of these pathologies may be a Gartner's cyst (vagina). You can learn about it from our article.

general information

Gartner's cyst is a benign tumor containing a liquid substance. At the initial stage, this formation in the vagina is not accompanied by any manifestations, so it is problematic to detect the disease. Symptoms of a Gartner stroke cyst appear when the tumor grows in size, pus begins to appear. All this causes discomfort during an intimate relationship. Experts identify a benign cyst of the Gartner stroke during examinations. Most often, the elimination of the disease is carried out surgically.

woman at the gynecologist

The Gartner's cyst, the photo of which is presented in our article, can be localized on the front, back or side walls, as well as on the eve of the vagina. By regularly visiting a doctor, you can detect a disease in a timely manner, as a result of which unpleasant consequences can be avoided.


What are the causes of the Gartner stroke cyst? The most common ones are:

  • ectopic endometriosis;
  • acute and sluggish inflammatory processes;
  • inflammation and blockage that occurs in the area of ​​the bartholin gland;
  • various urogenital infections: papillomavirus, gonorrhea, chlamydia and others;
  • intrauterine diseases that affect the structure of the tissue;
  • damage to the mucosa with the formation of hematomas in the inner region of the vagina.

Often, women reveal a cystic tumor after the birth of the baby. In addition, abortion may be the cause of the Gartner stroke cyst.

Gartner's cyst in the picture

Disease classification

Depending on the features of the formation, this cyst, formed on the wall in the vagina, can have the following forms:

  1. Congenital cyst. Occurs in the case of fetal development. Formed from the urethra or individual areas of the vagina. In this situation, the cystic nodes have thin walls, and the formation itself is filled with a transparent liquid, in size it reaches no more than 2 cm (sometimes it can reach a mark of 4-5 cm in diameter). These cystic tumors are diagnosed in newborn babies.
  2. Traumatic cyst, or acquired. Appears due to any damage. The integrity of the tissue is destroyed after an abortion, as well as neglected gynecological operations, after childbirth.

We continue to consider the classification of the Gartner stroke cyst, μb 10 whose code is Q50 (congenital anomaly) and Q50.5 (wide ligament cyst). Classification is made depending on the area of ​​formation of a benign tumor. The following types of disease are available:

  1. Cyst on the eve of the vagina. Located near the vaginal entrance.
  2. A tumor on the side wall.
  3. The formation that develops in the anterior wall of the vagina. May be congenital or secondarily acquired.
  4. A benign lesion that affects the back wall of the vagina. In most cases, it is formed due to injuries. In this case, women experience pain during intimacy, bleeding is observed.

In addition, specialists also highlight cystic endometrioid neoplasm, which appears in the vaginal area with the disease endometriosis, which spread far beyond the borders of the mucous uterine layer.

vaginal cyst

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of a tumor growth in patients may be different. Moreover, the nature of their severity depends on the area of ​​appearance of the neoplasm, the size of the tumor. The main signs of the development of a vaginal benign cyst are the following manifestations:

  • pain during emptying your bladder;
  • a sensation of the presence of a foreign object in the vagina;
  • bowel disorder;
  • an increase in a woman's body temperature;
  • the formation of transparent discharge in considerable quantities, sometimes with pus;
  • pain during menstruation.

During the development of cysts, women experience a general deterioration in the process of drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition, pain often occurs in the perineal area during intimacy, as well as when moving.

If the tumor is located close to the exit to the vagina, then an abscess may also be observed, accompanied by an increase in body temperature, as well as the following symptoms:

  • regular dizziness;
  • feeling of weakness, malaise;
  • nausea.
vaginal cyst causes

If a benign tumor has formed on the back wall in the vagina, then it will not manifest itself. Only after an increase in size will a woman feel any disturbances in the functioning of her body.

Diagnosis of the disease

Due to the fact that this ailment proceeds without any manifestations, it can only be detected during a professional examination. Diagnosis of benign neoplasms is carried out using such examinations:

  • Ultrasound
  • colposcopy;
  • microscopic, bacteriological examination.

Treatment features

Therapy of the vaginal cyst will be carried out in the process of its inflammatory process. The most commonly used marsupialization. The essence of such an operation is to cut the neoplasm. After the cut, the edges of the cysts remain open, for this, the applied sutures are used. After a few days, the stitches are removed. Sometimes it is possible to install a special outlet tube in the neoplasm. It is intended for pumping out excess fluid. This method of treating the Gartner stroke cyst is called “aspiration”.

features of the treatment of vaginal cysts

Removal of the cyst is carried out only in those cases if it has already reached a huge size and causes severe pain. Experts do not always decide to treat cysts surgically, since in some cases these formations disappear on their own. Doctors say that small growths can not cause harm. If the cyst has been surgically removed, the patient should regularly be examined by her doctor, so that she can prevent unpleasant relapses.

When the growths fester, specialists open the tumors, eliminate all purulent clots, and also drain the cavity, then carry out husking, suture.


The postoperative period is a very important stage in which measures are taken that allow internal tissues to recover fully. Also at this stage, those tasks that prevent infection are solved. Specialists for this can prescribe the use of medications, as well as antiseptic suppositories. It is strictly forbidden to independently purchase medications and use them without the appointment of a specialist.

To get positive results about recovery time, you will need:

  • temporarily refuse sex and the use of tampons during menstruation until the affected tissue heals;
  • do not lift weights, exclude household chores with loads, refuse to visit the gym;
  • exclude the use of fried and fatty foods;
  • Do not go to the bathhouse, pool, sauna, or even take too hot baths;
  • replenish your diet with vitamins, means that contribute to improving the regenerative process of tissues.
Gartner's cyst treatment

Alternative methods of treatment

To start using traditional medicine recipes during treatment is necessary only with the permission of the doctor. Women are advised to take sitz baths, in which certain types of products are added. Such funds include the following:

  1. Magnesium sulfate. It is necessary to breed Epsom salt in the amount of 2 tbsp. l in a basin with a little warm water. These baths should be taken in the morning and evening. The duration of the procedure should be no more than 20 minutes. The course of therapy is 5 days.
  2. Apple cider vinegar. Sitting baths are prepared using this ingredient, which is taken in an amount of 250 ml. Vinegar is bred in warm water. To reduce edema, moisten a cotton pad in vinegar and apply to the tumor for 30 minutes. Procedures should be carried out twice a day.
patient and doctor

Disease prevention

Preventive measures have not yet been developed. Therefore, patients are advised to regularly visit a gynecologist.

A cyst can be successfully cured in the case of a responsible and attentive attitude to your health. It is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of the doctor, not to take independent steps in therapy.


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