I want to eat what to do? Two effective solutions

Each of us was in a situation where an inhuman appetite wakes up. Those who follow the figure in this situation are afraid to gain kilograms. And they really can be gained at least 3-4 kg per week for sure, of course, not all this mass will be fat, but from such an gain it becomes sad. "I want to eat, what to do?" - you need to act in different ways, depending on what is the cause of the abnormal appetite.

Most often there is a sharp increase in appetite as a result of the use of rigid diets. The body may not immediately give a gluttony reaction, the delay may be a couple of months, but it will certainly take revenge for the "hungry time". Therefore, someone who is losing weight, sitting on a strict diet, should realize that the payment for the speed of losing weight is the inevitability of increasing appetite. Moreover, if the matter in this situation were limited to one appetite, it would not be so bad. Usually the desire to eat is accompanied by a craving for a decrease in physical activity and a desire to sleep more than usual. What to do if you are “covered” with such a state and you ask the question: “Do I constantly want to eat, what to do?” Switch to fractional nutrition, which does not mean permission to chew all day. All your meals should be scheduled in the evening. What if you want to eat a lot? Try to eat 9-12 times a day, with a calorie content of not more than 100 kcal for each meal. It turns out that in a day you will not eat so much, and you will not be very hungry. The main thing is to be able to stop yourself in time at every meal.

The second reason hunger occurs is related to our emotions. And with the deepest foundation of our positive emotions - endorphins, hormones of happiness. Sometimes a person cannot get good emotions from anything other than food, and in desperation, asks the online consultants, “I want to eat, what to do?” A sign of just such a reason for overeating: a feeling of dissatisfaction after eating, if during the meal was not eaten enough goodies. The search for new hobbies and friends helps some, but most cannot replace the love of food. However, there is one way that helps absolutely everyone. These are physical activities. But they need to be metered correctly, they should be at the beginning only half your strength. That is, if you can run 10 km, run 5 km every working day. The main thing here is not to overdo it, because against the background of excessive loads, the appetite is aggravated, and the person ceases to control himself, eating even more than was spent. If everything was done correctly, you will soon notice that your appetite took off magically. However, for this, the training should be intense, so that for some part of the time you do not have enough air. Mild hypoxia for 15-20 minutes plays an important role in the chemical formation of this condition, so do not spare yourself. If the weather is bad, turn on the DVD with aerobics and have fun moving to the music, this will be enough. You need cardio exercises, power exercises alone are not always able to form this effect.

There is also increased appetite due to impaired appetite regulation in the center of hunger. But this is extremely rare, this condition has additional symptoms, the presence of which can only be correctly established by a doctor. In addition, some medications cause an increase in appetite, so if you constantly take medications and notice an increase in appetite, be sure to talk with your doctor about it. Ask a question: “I want to eat more than usual, what should I do?” To him, his professional duty to help you.

You should consult a doctor only if fractional nutrition and physical activity have not helped. 98% of people following these two recommendations are usually enough to reduce their appetite. If you relate to the remaining 2%, you will need the help of a doctor.

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