How is strawberry useful for the body and what are the contraindications? What are the vitamins in strawberries

Juicy and tender strawberries are the "queen of summer berries." It is rarely possible to meet a person who is completely indifferent to her taste and aroma. Strawberry is the most popular berry in our country. She has many positive qualities. How is strawberry healthy? The article will discuss the positive properties of the berry and its contraindications.

The healing properties of strawberries

The berry has a positive effect on the human body and can be used to treat many diseases. What are the beneficial properties of strawberries:

  1. The berry has a general strengthening effect and enhances the body's immune system.
  2. It prevents the development of colds. Strawberries can reduce heat.
  3. The constant use of berries strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves blood composition and fights heart diseases.
  4. The berry helps people with diabetes to lower their blood glucose.
  5. It is able to cleanse the body and remove toxins, toxins and salts of heavy metals from it. Due to the positive properties of the berry, it is the main component of mono-diet.
  6. Strawberries have a positive effect on the digestive system of the body. It helps to increase appetite and improve intestinal microflora. The berry has a mild laxative effect.
  7. Eating strawberries is recommended for diseases of the thyroid gland.
  8. Doctors allow berries to be consumed by people suffering from gout and arthritis.
  9. Strawberries eliminate bad breath.
  10. The berry is able to increase sexual activity in men and women.
  11. Prevents visual impairment and fights dry eyes.
  12. Strawberries contribute to complex rejuvenation of the body.
  13. The berry normalizes the nervous system and reduces the risk of stroke.
Cake with strawberries

What are the beneficial properties of strawberries? The berry is widely used in cosmetology and is one of the components of face masks. They help smooth wrinkles, remove age spots and freckles. Gruel from berries treats inflammatory processes on the skin.

Strawberry composition

Many people are surprised at the amount of nutrients present in the berry. What are the vitamins in strawberries? It contains their whole complex. The berry is rich in B vitamins (B1, B2, B3 and B9). Biotin (B7) stands out among them, and A, C and E. are also present.

So, we learned what vitamins are in strawberries. And what about other beneficial substances? Strawberries can enrich the body with minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, iodine and others). Berry is a generous source of fructose and sucrose, pectins, tannins, as well as malic and citric acids. With sufficient use of it in food in the summer, you can refuse additional iodization of the diet in the future.

What is the calorie content of strawberries? In 100 g of berries, there is only 37 kcal, which allows people who are watching their figure to include it in the menu. However, it should be borne in mind that strawberries can only boast of such caloric content fresh. After heat treatment, the energy value increases several times, and most nutrients are completely volatilized.

In what form is strawberry most useful?

Fresh berry, plucked from the garden, not more than 48 hours, retains to the maximum the beneficial substances contained in it. However, the season of fresh strawberries passes quickly, and it is replaced by processed, but in some cases also useful for the body:

  • Dried berries. This storage method enhances the concentration of nutrients, which allows you to quickly remove toxins from the body. Berry is recommended to take with a low level of hemoglobin in the blood, diseases of the thyroid gland and kidneys, low blood pressure, overweight and problems with the skin. To replenish the daily norm, just 15 dried berries per day are enough. The calorie content of 100 g of strawberries is 286 kcal.
  • Frozen Berry. For its savings in non-seasonal periods, strawberries are frozen. Its value lies in the absence in winter of a sufficient amount of fresh berries, which is replenished by its frozen state.
  • Jam. The most popular methods of preserving strawberries include making berries with sugar. Due to its benefits, jam strengthens the immune system and helps in the treatment of colds. Its calorie content is 280 kcal per 100 g of product.

What is the use of mashed strawberries with sugar? It is able to provide the body in winter with a mass of nutrients and vitamins.

Strawberry Calories

For cooking, take 1 kg of berries and 500 g of sugar. Strawberries need to be taken firm and ripe, washed and dried. Then the berries are beaten by a blender until smooth, mixed with sugar and placed in plastic containers. Strawberries prepared in this way can be used for ice cream, smoothies, jelly and other dishes.

Useful properties of the drink

The berry can be used in various forms. Strawberry juice is used to treat many diseases:

  1. With gout and arthritis, the drink is taken in 5 large spoons in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. Rinse the mouth and throat with strawberry juice, and also instill the nose with a pipette. This is recommended for colds.
  3. In chronic bronchitis, it is necessary to drink a glass of strawberry juice with the addition of 1/4 cup of hot milk. In this situation, the beneficial properties of the berry do not deteriorate.

There are many recipes for using strawberry juice. Indeed, thanks to a large number of nutrients, it brings invaluable benefits to the body.

Cooking strawberries

Various culinary masterpieces with berries are especially popular in the summer. Cake with strawberries is an ideal dessert. For him, most often use shortbread or biscuit dough. Butter or butter cream goes well with strawberries. As a flavoring most often use essence or a little fruit liqueur.

Why strawberries are good for women

The strawberries used for the cake should be fully ripe and sweet. Such qualities of berries will significantly improve the taste of baking. Cake with strawberries looks especially appetizing if its decorations are matched by color and size.

The benefits of strawberries for women

The berry is very useful for the human body. What is strawberry good for women? It is important to include it in the diet during pregnancy:

  • thanks to beta-carotenes, a positive effect on the retina of the fetus;
  • berries act as a laxative, which is especially important during this period;
  • strawberries lowers blood pressure;
  • strengthens the musculoskeletal system of the expectant mother;
  • helps to increase the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • strengthens the immune system of women and prevents the occurrence of colds;
  • folic acid contained in berries contributes to the active development of the child.

The vitamins that make up the berries have a positive effect on the growth and development of the fetus.

When breastfeeding, a woman should be attentive to each new product included in the diet. She can taste strawberries after she is 2 months old. Initially, this can be one berry, and after a normal reaction to a newborn, the amount of product can be increased. In the absence of allergies and digestive problems, the benefits of strawberries for babies will be as follows:

  1. The normal functioning of the intestines of the newborn.
  2. Increasing the resistance of a small organism.
  3. Getting enough vitamins and nutrients.
  4. Improving the taste of breast milk.
  5. The possibility of saturating the child's body with carbohydrates contained in strawberries.
What are the vitamins in strawberries

Women during pregnancy and lactation should not abuse strawberries so as not to harm the baby's body.

Strawberries for men

Berry is useful to include in the menu not only the beautiful half of humanity. What are the beneficial properties of strawberries for men? The berry allows you to cope with stress and recover strength after a busy working day. A sufficient amount of zinc is present in the strawberries, which positively affects the liver and potency. A berry containing ascorbic acid normalizes the function of the endocrine glands and improves the production of sex hormones.

In adulthood, men need to use it to prevent prostate diseases.

At what age can children eat strawberries?

Parents should understand that the berry is an allergenic product that can cause rashes and irritations on the baby’s skin. It can be introduced into the diet no earlier than 7, and preferably from 11-12 months. Until this time, the berry can be given in the form of compote or fruit drink. 1 piece ripe strawberries It is recommended to give in the morning, observing the reaction of the body.

Strawberry beneficial properties

What is the benefit of strawberries for babies? The berry will saturate it with enough vitamins and improve appetite.

Berries for Athletes

How is strawberry healthy? Nutrition athletes is to quickly restore lost strength during sports. To do this, it is recommended to eat 250 g of strawberries an hour before the workout to provide glucose to the muscles and avoid their fatigue. Such a dessert will increase the intensity of classes without taking drugs hazardous to the health of athletes.

Sometimes strawberries are consumed after training. In this case, it also helps to saturate the muscles with glucose, due to which their mass increases.

Strawberries in Dietetics

Sweet berries are good for losing weight. It is able to cleanse the body, speed up the metabolism and lose weight.

How much sugar is in strawberries? The berry contains a small amount of fructose and sucrose in its composition, which allows it to be included in various diets and fasting days. The calorie content of strawberries in 100 g is only 37 kcal.

How much sugar is in strawberries

Mono diet on berries is designed for 3 days. The diet consists of 4 glasses of strawberries, which replace the main meals. This food system is recommended to be repeated no more than 2 months later.

When replacing any meal with berries, the benefits for the figure will be obvious.


Like all berries, strawberries have not only benefits for the body, but also harm. The restrictions on its admission include:

  1. Predisposition to an allergic reaction.
  2. Taking medications for high blood pressure, because sharing strawberries with them inhibits kidney function.
  3. Diseases of the digestive tract, because the berry has an irritating effect.
  4. Hypertonicity of the uterus during pregnancy, due to the tonic effect of strawberries.
  5. Breastfeeding an infant up to 7 months of age, because allergens can enter its body.
Strawberry juice

To avoid negative effects on the body, you must do the following:

  • wash the berries thoroughly under running water to rid their porous structure of the pollen of the plant, and also after contact with the ground - from helminth eggs and bacteria;
  • mix strawberries best with dairy products, which allows oxalic acid to bind to calcium, which helps strengthen tooth enamel;
  • Do not eat berries on an empty stomach, so as not to cause irritation of the stomach;
  • observe the measure in the use of strawberries, in order to avoid exacerbation of diseases of the genitourinary system and joints.

In case of external use of berries in the form of masks and oils, cancel their use in such unpleasant situations:

  1. Open wounds and inflammation on the skin.
  2. Fever.
  3. Psoriasis and eczema.

Strawberries should be used with caution in people who are allergic to it.


Strawberry is a berry that, thanks to its beneficial properties and taste, has become indispensable not only in cooking, but also in nutrition, cosmetology and as an additional aid in the treatment of many diseases.


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