Diet when feeding a baby: is it possible for coffee to a nursing mother?

Every lactating mother is faced with a nutritional problem. Finding out which foods are safe for the baby and which ones can cause allergies or digestive problems is important in the very first days of feeding. Is it possible for a nursing mother to have coffee? Are spicy and salty foods dangerous? What kind of fruit can I choose? These are the issues on the basis of which a woman’s diet is formed. Proper diet is the key to successful breastfeeding, which is why competent answers are so important during this period.

Why is it important?

Is it possible for a nursing mother to coffee

At first glance, questions about whether it is possible for a nursing mother to make coffee or cheese, salted fish or sweets are contrived. Ordinary food, which did not cause problems before, should not provoke them during feeding. However, this is not entirely true. Childbirth and feeding are periods of special stress on a woman's body. Therefore, nutrition should help restore it, replenish the supply of vitamins and nutrients, ensure the development and growth of the baby, because thanks to breast milk, it remains still associated with the mother's body. Products that cause an allergic reaction or that contain excessive amounts of salt and sugar interfere with these tasks.

Is it possible for a nursing mother to have coffee? Useful and harmful products

Nursing mom can have coffee
As a rule, lactating women are not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages, including those with a low alcohol content, and also to smoke. It is advisable not to include allergenic foods, such as chocolate or citrus, in the diet. You should not eat spicy and salty foods (hot sauces), and garlic is not recommended because a strong taste can be transmitted to milk, and the child will not like it too much. The sugar content also needs to be monitored closely, so products such as carbonated sugary drinks and cakes will also be undesirable "guests" on the woman’s table during this period. Contrary to popular belief, nursing mother can have coffee and tea - if they are not very strong and natural. Too saturated or soluble invigorating drinks have a very strong tonic effect, so they are not recommended to drink. Another point that you need to know when considering whether it is possible for a nursing mother to have coffee is the presence of caffeine in the drink. After all, it is artificially removed, which means that the final product contains many chemical additives.
Can a nursing mom have coffee
Therefore, it is better to choose a regular latte with caffeine, the dose of which will be very small, than to prefer caffeinated americano. Going for a walk for a cup of coffee, prefer a classic drink from a regular coffee shop. The options offered in popular fast food chain machines and restaurants contain a high amount of sugar, which is highly discouraged during feeding. In addition, such a drink, full of cream, syrup and caramel, is more like a dessert, which means there will be plenty of calories in it, which is also not always useful for a young mother who restores her figure after childbirth.

Useful advice

The best decision you can make while feeding is to trust your intuition. Sometimes you should not think about whether it is possible for a nursing mother to coffee, but just allow yourself a little pleasure. If your body normally perceives the drink, it will not bring harm to the baby either. A happy mother is a contented child. And if for happiness she needs a cup of aromatic coffee, why not?


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