Can pomegranate be given to nursing mother? Find out!

Can pomegranate be given to nursing mother? This is a very good question, because pomegranate is a unique fruit (or rather, a berry), which has a beneficial effect on the whole body. And the diet for breastfeeding is no exception: this fruit is not included in the list of prohibited foods, however, when using it, it is very important to observe the measure and be very careful about your health and the condition of the baby.

And yet, is it possible to give pomegranate to a nursing mother and how not to make a mistake with its use in food in order to use only its beneficial properties?

can pomegranate to nursing mother
Composition and medicinal properties

Scientists are sure that pomegranate is the first among other fruits in the content of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins. It has all the useful substances necessary for human life. When researching in this wonderful berry, the following vitamins were discovered:

  • C, which helps to improve immunity;
  • B6, strengthening, well affecting the human nervous system;
  • P, having a beneficial effect on blood vessels;
  • B12, improves the work of organs that produce blood.

As well as iron, silicon, potassium, iodine, methyl isopeltierin, isopeltierin, pelterin and many others.

pomegranate to nursing mothers
One hundred grams of its pulp contains about seventy-five kilocalories, and one hundred milliliters of juice contains only forty. Pomegranate to nursing mothers is possible, but in limited quantities, because it contains about fifteen rare, but irreplaceable amino acids. Its pulp has astringent properties. Due to this, doctors often advise using this berry for the treatment of many diseases of the digestive tract, such as colitis, diarrhea, hormonal imbalance, enterocolitis, as well as for pain during menstruation. That is why the correct answer to the question of whether pomegranates can be given to a nursing mother is a definite yes. Moreover, all its parts are useful. For example, the substances contained in the cortex have anti-infectious properties and also interfere with the growth of Escherichia coli. In addition, such a fruit must be eaten by those people who are in the zone of increased radioactivity, it removes radionuclides and other harmful substances from the body.

can pomegranate to nursing mother
Can pomegranate be given to nursing mother? Due to the fact that it is a very useful fruit, as well as containing a lot of vitamins, it is even advised to use it for women with infants. But keep in mind that it should be introduced into the diet gradually, carefully examining the baby and tracking the slightest manifestations of allergic reactions. You should start with a couple of grains a day, then eat four, etc. To half. Still, it’s not worth eating more, because of the large quantity in the baby, the tummy can get sick. Therefore, it is possible to garnet a nursing mother, and then only if the child does not have allergies. If you are a lover of juice from this fruit, then you can drink it no more than thirty grams, while diluting it simply with boiled water. It is advisable to use it freshly squeezed. The nutrition of a nursing mother should be both tasty and healthy - the main thing to remember about a sense of proportion, and then everything will be in order!


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