How long is thrush in women treated?

Today, almost every woman at least once in her life has encountered such an unpleasant phenomenon as a thrush. Despite the fact that the disease is not very dangerous, it can lead to serious consequences, therefore, it must be treated immediately as soon as it makes itself felt. In this article we will talk about what this disease is, and also find out how much thrush is treated in women and what methods should be used to stop it. Carefully read the information provided in order to arm yourself and protect yourself as much as possible. So let's get started.

What is thrush?

This pathology in medicine is called candidiasis. Thrush is a fungal disease caused by candida fungi. They are located in the vaginal environment even in the most healthy woman and at the same time participate in maintaining healthy microflora. However, if the protective forces of the body of the fair sex have weakened, then the number of these pathogenic microorganisms will increase significantly, and they will lead to inflammatory processes in the vagina. Before you begin to analyze how much thrush is treated in women, you need to understand what are the causes of its occurrence, as well as how to find out about its presence.

Causes of pathology

Many women are interested in how much thrush is treated in women. If the disease is not started, then a complete cure will come very quickly. Consider what causes it to occur:

  • Improper unbalanced diet. Very often thrush affects women who eat large amounts of sweet, fatty and spicy foods, as well as baked goods.
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  • The disease can be caused by hormonal disruptions in the body.
  • Often, this pathology occurs when the balance of female microflora is disturbed. This happens especially often if a woman has been taking antibiotics for a very long time. Do not forget that they destroy not only pathogenic microflora, but also healthy.
  • Non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene, as well as wearing tight-fitting underwear made of synthetic materials.
  • Such an ailment is very often encountered by women who have problems with metabolic processes in the body. Namely, women with diabetes, obesity and other pathologies can be attributed to this.

As you can see, the causes of this pathology are really very many. Therefore, every woman should know how much thrush is treated in women, as well as what needs to be done to treat her.

The main symptoms of pathology

In fact, such an ailment as thrush is not difficult to recognize, because it almost always makes itself felt with the same signs. Consider the symptoms of such an unpleasant disease:

  • The first thing that girls should pay attention to is vaginal discharge. With thrush, they will look like cottage cheese, and even accompanied by an overly sour unpleasant odor.
  • The genitals begin to become inflamed and blush. At the same time, inflammatory processes are always accompanied by a strong burning sensation. If a woman combes these places, she will only aggravate the situation, since pathogenic organisms can get into the deeper layers of the tissue.
  • Quite often, women complain of very painful and rapid urination.
  • It becomes very painful to have sex, so gynecologists strongly recommend that you stay until the disease is completely eliminated.

How many days is thrush treated in women?

The duration of treatment for candidiasis in women depends on how much the disease progresses. If the disease has already managed to go to the last stage, then getting rid of it will be very difficult, the treatment process will be quite long. Usually, doctors prescribe the use of any drugs individually and tell the woman directly how much thrush is treated with tablets. It is very important to continue the treatment process to the end, even if the symptoms of the pathology have disappeared after a couple of days. If you do not do this, then make a big mistake, since the yeast infection may not yet be completely cured, which means that it can again make itself felt, but in a more serious manifestation.

How many days a thrush is treated in women can only be said by the attending physician after the fair sex has passed all the necessary tests. Usually non-progressive stages of the disease can be completely cured in four to seven days. However, the cure will be so quick only if the woman has strictly followed all the instructions of her doctor. If the disease has acquired more serious stages, then you will not get rid of it so quickly. In this case, the course of treatment can be several weeks or even months. To treat such an ailment, you will be prescribed very serious and strong medications.

How to speed up the process?

How many thrush is treated in women is of interest to so many representatives of the fair sex. Do not forget that each organism is individual, so the time period for treatment may be different. In order to cure the disease as soon as possible, it is very important to find an integrated approach. Only comprehensive measures will significantly accelerate the result. What do patients need to do for a quick cure:

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  • First of all, it is very important to take the medicines prescribed by your doctor. These can be tablets for oral use, as well as suppositories and ointments.
  • It is also very important to increase the protective functions of your body. To do this, it is very important to provide your body with the nutrients and vitamins so necessary for it. Doctors very often prescribe additional vitamin complexes, as well as dietary supplements to their patients.
  • During treatment, it is very important to abandon the excessive consumption of sweet and flour products, as well as chocolate products.
  • Restore healthy microflora. To do this, regularly drink dairy products that contain microorganisms that are beneficial to our body.

Treatment features

How long thrush lasts in women and how to cure it - these are questions that concern many women. Even if the symptoms of the pathology are not developed too much, it is very important to begin to eliminate it, since ignoring the treatment, you will only worsen your situation. It is also very important not to self-medicate, relying on the opinion of friends and advertising. Please note that only an experienced gynecologist can prescribe a treatment that will be ideal for you.


Tablets, intended for oral use, perfectly cope with such a problem as thrush in women. How long is thrush in women treated with tablets? In this case, it all depends on the severity of the disease, as well as on the drug itself. There are medicines intended for single use only, as well as pills, the course of treatment of which lasts about one to two weeks. Please note, medications for thrush in the form of tablets enter the systemic circulation, and therefore can cause very strong harm to the body. The doctor can prescribe such drugs only if there is an urgent need.

The use of vaginal suppositories and ointments

A lot of women are interested in how much thrush is treated for women with candles. Most often, the course of treatment in this case lasts about ten to fourteen days. In fact, suppositories need to be used a little longer than tablets for oral use, but despite this, topical preparations are safer for the female body.

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Some medicines should be used twice a day, morning and evening. For other medicines, one application per day before bedtime will be sufficient. In order for the candle to go as deep as possible into the vagina, lie on your back and spread your legs wide. It is in this position and enter the suppository. After that, you need to lie in bed for ten minutes with your legs up.

Please note that if there are monthly medications for intravaginal use, there is no point in using it, since they will be completely washed out of the vagina with the help of blood.

What is Pimafucin?

Quite often, gynecologists prescribe this remedy against thrush to their patients. Moreover, the drug has two forms of release: tablets and vaginal suppositories. Both forms are very effective, but only a doctor can decide which one is more suitable for you. The drug is really very effective. Tablets are usually prescribed if the thrush has already managed to go into a chronic form. However, most often, doctors prescribe both tablets and suppositories at the same time. So the healing effect can be achieved much faster.

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Now consider how much thrush is treated in women with Pimafucin. It is recommended to take tablets for a week, using one tablet daily four times a day. The course of treatment with candles is about three to seven days. Suppositories are administered once a day deep in the vagina, just before bedtime.

Factors Affecting Treatment Speed

In fact, how many days a thrush lasts in women depends on so many factors. Let's look at which ones:

  • The form of the disease. If the disease arose only recently, then it will be easy and simple to cure thrush. This will require a short period of several days. The treatment of an acute form of pathology may take about two to three weeks. But it’s very difficult to get rid of the chronic stage of the disease. In this case, the treatment will be very long and consist of several courses.
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  • Also, the recovery factor will depend on the characteristics of the female body, namely the state of the immune system. If immunity is restored quickly, then recovery will come much faster. If a woman simultaneously suffers from several pathologies, then the immune system will have to deal with all of them, so the body will recover much more slowly.
  • Another factor is the use of correctly selected medications. If a highly qualified doctor has selected a remedy for thrush, then the healing process will be much faster.
  • It is very important to establish why exactly the disease arose. By doing this, you can prevent its re-occurrence.

Preventative measures

Keep in mind that even after a full recovery, the thrush can return again if you do not take caution. Therefore, be sure to change your lifestyle so that such an unpleasant ailment as candidiasis does not bother you anymore. What can be attributed to preventive measures:

  • Proper nutrition, sports and other procedures that help strengthen the immune system.
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  • Having sex only with a trusted partner.
  • Rest mode. It is very important to learn how to organize the day so that you have eight hours to sleep.
  • Do not forget about the rules of personal hygiene. Be sure to take a shower twice a day, and also wear only high-quality natural underwear.
  • Do not use antibacterial drugs without the appointment of a doctor, as they can disrupt the female microflora.

Can a woman infect a man?

In no case do not have sex with a man if you have been diagnosed with thrush, because you can pass this ailment to him, and then he will again transfer it to you. Here the loop can be infinite. Therefore, it is better to protect yourself from sexual activity during thrush. Be sure to wait until the disease completely disappears.


In this article, we talked about how long thrush lasts and how to treat candidiasis. The time of treatment will primarily depend on you, so do your best to speed it up. First of all, seek help from a gynecologist, and also begin to restore immunity. Follow all medical measures, as well as recommendations for prevention, and the disease will very soon leave you and will no longer want to return to you. Take care of yourself and be healthy!


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