Does Coconut Oil Help Stretch Marks?

A tendency to stretch marks is one of the features of our skin. It is similar to an elastic band, it can stretch and return to its previous size. But these properties are limited. Try to stretch the elastic too much and you will see that it is weakening. That is, individual elastic cords are torn. The same thing happens here, and in the places of ruptures, striae or stretch marks form.

These strips may whiten over time, but they will not completely disappear. Stretch marks arise due to hormonal imbalance, a sharp jump in growth. In addition, women periodically lose weight and gain weight, which causes uneven skin tension. Pregnancy is another test that does not preclude strong weight gain. Coconut oil from stretch marks is one of the most inexpensive and effective remedies. Today we will talk about the features of its application and results.

coconut oil for stretch marks

Cosmetic Features

This is a wonderful natural product. It is produced without any chemistry. Coconut oil receives all the beneficial properties from nature itself. From stretch marks, it can protect even the most delicate skin, and to a certain extent helps to fight those that have already been received. To do this, you have to perform the procedures for a long time and regularly, but the result is worth it.

The smell is disappointing

We are all accustomed to the smell of flavoring, which means the presence of coconut in creams and other products. But opening a jar of oil, you will find that it smells completely different. No wonder, you yourself asked for unrefined and natural. Cleaning greatly softens the smell of coconut, but the goal does not justify the remedy. Judge for yourself why you have a pleasant smelling, but useless substance. Try to smell the oil not in a creamy state, but in a liquid state. The smell will be very different.

coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy


Beauticians have long become interested in the miraculous power of natural oils and began to study what substances provide similar properties. As a result, the following components were identified:

  • Lauric acid.
  • Stearic, linolenic, caprylic, arachidonic and many other acids, each of which has protective, moisturizing and nourishing properties.
  • Hyaluronic acid - allows the skin to retain precious moisture;
  • Fatty acid triglycerides that provide nutrition and good penetration into the dermis.

It becomes clear why coconut oil helps stretch marks so well. This is a whole complex for moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin. And in parallel with this, it has antibacterial and antifungal agents, it heals and soothes the skin.

coconut oil for stretch marks reviews

Ability to act at the cellular level

Vegetable oils for the most part can only form a film on the surface of the skin. This applies to sunflower and several others. It’s quite simple to answer why this is happening. It’s just that the molecules of the oils are too large; they cannot penetrate the natural cover. But in the case of tropical nuts, everything is completely wrong. That is why coconut oil from stretch marks helps better than other remedies. Its active substances penetrate very deeply. This allows you to effectively nourish and moisturize the skin. Moreover, not a single cream performs this task so well. Most modern moisturizing and nutritional formulations are made on the basis of lanolin or petroleum jelly, which gives a film effect rather than nutrition.


Of course, this problem is easier to prevent than to treat. It is very difficult to deal with long-drawn striae, and if they are very deep, then this is possible only with the help of surgical intervention. Therefore, the sooner you begin to regularly perform procedures, the better the results will be. In the initial stages, until they turn purple, the stripes can be completely eliminated. However, this process is quite lengthy, do not expect that one application will solve the problem. To combat stretch marks, an unrefined product is best suited and you need to tune in to regular procedures throughout the year.

coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy reviews

Elastin Recovery

Coconut oil helps with stretch marks in 100% of cases. It will not remove the most neglected striae to the end. But still, the situation will improve significantly. This tool helps prevent stretch marks. This is crucial for the growing belly of a pregnant woman. The elasticity of the cover locally increases, and the tool itself has no side effects and can not have negative effects.

To prevent tears, you need to regularly massage, using coconut oil from stretch marks. Reviews suggest that this is a very pleasant procedure. For thin and dry skin, it is recommended to perform it daily, for at least 10 minutes. And if the skin is oily, then the interval should be reduced to once every three days. Beauticians say that combining coconut with other vegetable oils, such as peach, cedar, almond, has an excellent effect.

anti-stretch coconut oil

Usage Technique

To coconut oil against stretch marks gives the maximum effect, it must be used correctly. To do this, you need to prepare the skin as much as possible.

  • The first step is peeling. To do this, buy a shower brush with hard bristles or make any scrub. This can be a home-based composition based on salt or coffee, or bought in a store. Walk carefully through the problem areas with these tools for 5 minutes. So you remove the stratum corneum. At first glance, this procedure is not too important. But it is she who opens the way for those substances that you will apply later.
  • The second step is nutrition. To do this, you need to warm the oil to a warm state in a water bath, add vitamin E to it and rub into the problem area for 10 minutes. The movements should be circular and quite gentle.
  • Warming up. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to wrap the problem area with cling film and a warm towel. Now we cover ourselves with a blanket and sit for 20 minutes.

You yourself can find out if coconut oil helps stretch marks. It is enough to take a bottle of cold pressed in the pharmacy and perform the procedure regularly. After the first month, the first changes will appear. But do not stop performing the procedure, it is extremely important.

coconut oil helps with stretch marks

Pregnancy and remedy for stretch marks

Today, pharmacies have a huge selection of various creams and lotions for women in an interesting position. Some are for prevention, others are for treating tears. Moreover, their cost is very high, as well as consumption. In addition, synthetic drugs can cause an allergic reaction and have a number of contraindications. Coconut oil from stretch marks during pregnancy helps no worse, and sometimes even better than industrial preparations.

Why is it during the period of gestation that the probability of the appearance of stretch marks is significantly increased? A number of reasons contribute to this:

  • Hormonal changes in the body that are caused by fetal development.
  • Features of the body. You can smear for days by any means, but if it’s genes that your skin is completely unable to stretch, then this will give only a minimal effect. And the period of pregnancy, which is characterized by the highest load on the body of a woman, makes its contribution.

Not only the stomach is at risk. Therefore, you need to pay attention to all parts of the body. It is usually recommended to start a massage from the chest, then it will lower to the stomach, grab the lower back, sides, buttocks and go down to the hips. Coconut oil from stretch marks during pregnancy can only be saved if you use it from the earliest dates and regularly. By the way, continuing to perform procedures after childbirth, you can significantly reduce the manifestations of cellulite, which is familiar to most young mothers.

Does Coconut Oil Help Stretch Marks

Oil for the night

Well, if every morning you start by doing a massage. This is an excellent prevention of possible gaps. But it would be nice to supplement the set of measures and apply a thin layer of oil at night. A light massage will not hurt even now, but if you are tired or have no time for this, just rub a few drops on the entire surface of the skin, which suffers most from excessive stress.

It does not hurt to pay attention to the chest. And the matter is not only in stretch marks, but also in preparation for breastfeeding. To avoid cracks and tears during breastfeeding, regularly lubricate the mammary glands with coconut oil and massage. First with a hand, then with a soft cloth, and then with a rough towel.

The opinion of women

And what do the held mothers say? Does coconut oil help stretch marks during pregnancy? Reviews emphasize that if you are not lazy and perform massage procedures regularly, then the likelihood of stretch marks is significantly reduced. However, this also depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the structure of the skin. Apparently, therefore, some women note that daily application of oil did not protect the stomach and hips from ugly striae.

But such reviews are a minority. Most still emphasize the positive effect of the oil. Even if the breaks were not received yesterday, regular massages with coconut oil can greatly improve the situation. The stripes fade and smooth. But you have to wait for the effect for months, do not count on a quick result.

Instead of a conclusion

Of all the cosmetic oils that are on the market today, coconut can rightfully be considered the best. Its properties are truly unique. It simultaneously nourishes and moisturizes, protects and heals, fills with vitamins and health. As a result, skin of any type rejuvenates and blooms, becomes more tender and supple. During pregnancy, when all the important substances are spent mostly on the development of the baby, the skin suffers from a lack of nutrients. Therefore, during this period, she still needs additional care.


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