Women's consultation number 3 in Krasnodar: description, reviews, address

Every self-respecting woman should regularly monitor her intimate health. This includes trips to the gynecologist at least once every six months, taking vitamins, physical activity. However, when choosing a doctor and place of examination, many are faced with the problem of where to turn, because a professional is needed in such an important business. Below will be a brief overview of one medical institution in Krasnodar - 3 antenatal clinics.

Women's consultation 3 Krasnodar address


The center provides various services: from regular consultation and examination to a full treatment. All women attached to this institution can also use the outpatient consultation activities if necessary.

There are times when help is required for nonresident patients or foreign citizens. Under special conditions, they are also provided with services.

The institution works like other government centers. Visits, procedures are free, included in the compulsory health insurance program, and additional paid. The patient always has a choice which category suits him.

Women's consultation 3 Krasnodar doctors

What can a woman count on using free services?

  • Consultation of professional doctors in different areas: gynecologist, therapist, etc.
  • Obtaining a referral for examination with medical equipment, such as an ultrasound machine.
  • Other services (medical, laboratory, diagnostic examinations).

When a woman finds out about pregnancy, she needs to register with a specialist who will guide her throughout the term. In the Women's Consultation of Krasnodar, such an action is also possible. Periodically, future women in labor are examined using CTG (cardiotocography), which controls the condition of the future baby. If a pregnant woman cannot visit the center on her own, she can call a doctor at home.

Technical equipment

3 women's consultation in Krasnodar is equipped with high-quality modern equipment. There is also medical medical equipment, and diagnostic. The center is sponsored by the city administration and is under state support. All equipment is constantly updated, scientific achievements are actively used. Various latest techniques also find their application. The attending physicians of the 3 antenatal clinic in Krasnodar have specialist diplomas and many years of practice.

Women's consultation 3 reviews Krasnodar

The center has all the conditions for any kind of procedures. Women can receive help of various kinds (psychological, medical, etc.). Perhaps the treatment of diseases of the genital organs, as well as the elimination of the unwanted fetus during the treatment of the patient.

Address and contacts

3 Women's consultation in Krasnodar is part of a whole system of medical institutions. It belongs to the Perinatal Center - a structural unit of the Regional Clinical Hospital No. 2. There is an official site to search for the necessary establishments. There are all contacts, phone numbers.

The exact address of 3 antenatal clinics in Krasnodar is: Krasnodar Territory, Krasnodar, Tamanskaya Street, 130.

The building is small, inconspicuous. It is located very well, so getting there is not difficult. There are several pharmacies nearby, so you can immediately buy the right medicine without spending a lot of time traveling.

How to get there

The consultation is located near the Taman cemetery, literally 10 minutes if you walk. You can get there by any type of transport. The largest nearby street is Stavropolskaya. It is quite extensive, so you can get confused among the many quarters. The street leading to the medical center is located after the street. Shevchenko, st. Mayakovsky, on the right side of the main road, if you move from the central street. Suvorov to the street Tramway.

Public transportation is also convenient. At the desired intersection there is a stop of the same name with the street, so you can’t miss it in any way. Everything is within walking distance, so pregnant women do not have to spend a lot of energy on the road.


Many mothers after providing services are satisfied. However, in the network you can find negative reviews. They are mainly related to the work of doctors, because it is not always possible to explain to a woman in childbirth why certain actions are taken with regard to treatment or observation.

Each complaint is carefully considered by the authorities, and in the future a verdict on the adoption of measures is issued. If the case goes beyond the permissible, then serious consequences are possible up to the dismissal of the employee.

Women's consultation 3 Krasnodar

In general, about 3 antenatal clinics in Krasnodar the reviews are positive. Often, women return here with the onset of subsequent pregnancy, and also come for examinations to already verified specialists at normal times. The atmosphere here is light, the overall impression of the center is pleasant. At the entrance of the patients, friendly receptionists meet, who, if necessary, will explain and show what is required.

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