What should be the diet for colitis?

Surely everyone knows that often with a disease it is important not only to undergo treatment with medications, but also to change your usual diet. So, a diet for intestinal colitis, according to experts, is simply necessary. In this article we will consider in detail its basic principles.

diet for colitis
General principles

First of all, a diet for colitis of the intestine recommends increasing the number of daily meals to five to six, however, while the portions themselves should not be large. On the other hand, not too hard and dry products should be selected, since in this case, as a rule, mechanical damage to the walls of the intestine itself is observed. You should also reduce the consumption of foods rich in so-called fast carbohydrates (for example, sweets, pastries, some fruits, etc.). A diet for colitis of the intestine implies the most balanced diet with the necessary daily amount of proteins (100-120 grams) and fat (about 100 grams).

Prohibited Products

  • sausages;
  • fatty meats / fish;
  • confectionery;
  • hot sauces;
  • coffee;
  • canned and pickled products;
  • carbonated drinks;

diet for chronic colitis
Approximate diet

A diet for chronic colitis of the intestine, especially during an exacerbation of the disease, should consist mainly of boiled or steamed food. So, it is allowed to eat meatballs, meatballs, steam cutlets, cereal soups, cereals on the water. Gradually, with the reduction of symptoms, it is allowed to use pureed vegetables and fruits in the diet, as well as sweet fruit compotes. As a systematic improvement in the patient's condition, you can refuse pureed food. According to experts, the cure of the disease contributes to an increase in the amount of protein up to 150 grams per day, but at the same time a complete rejection of confectionery and flour products. A diet with colitis of the intestine of a non-specific or ulcerative form implies a complete exclusion of dairy products. Often this kind of measure leads to a complete recovery, even in the absence of drug therapy.

chronic intestinal colitis diet
Chronic intestinal colitis. Diet for constipation

If the patient constantly complains of problems with stools, then doctors strongly recommend increasing the amount of fiber in the diet, which, in turn, is distinguished by the property of activating the process of directly digesting food. As you know, it is abundant in vegetables and some fruits. Based on the foregoing, in this case, you will need to wipe the fruit before use to avoid mechanical injury to the walls of the stomach. In addition, for some time you will have to abandon those products that enhance the secretion of the so-called digestive glands, as well as stimulate the fermentation process.


In conclusion, it should be noted that if you follow all the recommendations proposed in this article, you can not only get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms of this ailment, but even get rid of it once and for all. Be healthy!

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