Mono-diet effective for weight loss. The most effective mono-diets (reviews)

In our article, we will talk about mono-diets. Effective and fast weight loss programs interest a huge number of people. Therefore, they are so popular and in demand. Despite the fact that doctors tirelessly say that such experiments on their own body can be unsafe for health, those who want to lose weight using any extreme methods are not diminished. And all because the desire to become quickly beautiful and slim is very great.

How mono diets work

What is the secret of nutrition that contains only one product (kefir, buckwheat, rice, cottage cheese, etc.) or a group of products belonging to the same species (proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits)? Effective mono-diets are loved because of their simplicity and speed of obtaining results. In just a few days following any of the programs, it is possible to instantly lose a few kg, and at the same time cleanse the body of toxins. As a result, a person begins to look better, the complexion becomes fresher, the body is tightened, strength is added.

effective mono-diets

A good mono-diet makes it possible to relax the digestive system and, if performed correctly, can bring real benefits for both appearance and overall health and well-being. An important rule of all mono-diets: they should not last for a long time!

Kefir diet

Many believe that the most effective mono-diet is kefir. She has a lot of supporters. And no wonder, because kefir is a very tasty and nutritious product, and useful to everything else. We counted a dozen different varieties of kefir diets. In most of them, something else is added to the dairy product, for example apples or cottage cheese. But, since our article is devoted exclusively to mono-diets, then we will give here the toughest option.

the most effective mono diet

Within 3 days, the daily menu should consist of only one or one and a half liters of kefir. The product should be divided into equal portions, 5-6 doses of the product per day. It is permissible to drink green tea, naturally, without sugar, as well as pure water in any quantities. For three days, the plumb should be 3 kg. A very good result! Continuing such a diet for more than three days is not recommended. A short kefir diet can give an excellent impetus to the subsequent transition to a proper balanced diet, which will allow you to continue to lose weight further, but gradually.

Buckwheat diet

Nutrition, which includes only buckwheat, is also included in the most effective mono-diets. Testimonials about such a nutrition program give us the right to say that it works perfectly. Follow this diet is permissible for 14 days, and during this time, if you strictly adhere to all the rules, weight loss can reach up to 12 kg and even more.

True, within 2 weeks you will have to eat only buckwheat porridge, cooked on water. But in any quantities. At least eat buckets! And it is without any spices and salt. Nobody will die from starvation on such a diet, but it may happen that after a couple of days of such mono-nutrition it will be difficult to swallow even a spoonful of buckwheat. But really stubborn people can always overpower themselves and go all the way to the end.

effective weight loss mono-diets

The advantages of this mono-diet is that buckwheat is just a storehouse of different vitamins, nutrients and trace elements. It contains potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium, vegetable protein, B vitamins, etc. And all this at a very low calorie content: 100 g of cereal contains only 90 calories.


Our task is to tell about mono-diets that are effective and at the same time safe. One such diet program for weight loss is a rice diet. The period during which you can "sit" on it is equal to two weeks.

the most effective mono diet for weight loss

We give again the most severe, but also the most effective option: 1 glass of rice is boiled every morning (it is better to use brown rice), then everything is divided into equal portions, which are eaten during the day. It is permissible to drink all this with apple juice (freshly squeezed, without sugar). It is also allowed to eat a couple of apples (green) daily. You can lose weight by 3-5 kg ​​per week.

About protein mono-diets

You probably heard about the Kremlin diet or a similar diet of Ducane? It is believed that these are the most effective mono-diets for weight loss. Those who have ever eaten these programs know that weight is losing fast. One “but”: along with weight, health can also rapidly decrease. The thing is that these diets exclude carbohydrates and fats from the diet, leaving only protein products (meat, fish, fat-free cottage cheese, egg white, milk, etc.). And despite the fact that it is allowed to add any amount of greens and vegetables to meat, fish and meatballs with sausages, the protein diet exerts a very large load on the body.

effective mono diet reviews

In order to observe such extreme, albeit effective, mono-diets for weight loss for a more or less long time, you need to have truly good health. Absolute contraindications to such a diet are:

  • vascular and heart diseases;
  • kidney and liver disease;
  • digestive tract diseases.

Monodiet - a recipe from Margarita Koroleva

But the most effective mono-diet, which has won a lot of positive reviews. Indeed, her author is the favorite nutritionist of many stars of domestic show business - Margarita Koroleva. The name of this weight loss program is "9 days." All this time is divided into three parts, 3 days each. The sequence of actions is as follows:

1. Rice days. For three days you can eat only rice. Groats (250 g) should be soaked in the evening, boiled in the morning and divided into 5 parts, which are eaten during the day. After 8 pm you can’t eat anymore. Daily it is permissible to eat 3 teaspoons of honey (separately from rice). Drink plenty of clean water (2.5 liters).

2. Chicken days. The next 3 days you can eat only boiled chicken. The skin must be carefully removed from the meat, and the fat is cut off. All 6 servings of chicken should be eaten before 8pm. Honey can no longer be enjoyed. The water regime is the same as in the first 3 days.

3. Vegetable days. All this time only vegetables are allowed to eat. 500 g of boiled or steamed and 500 g of fresh vegetables per day. Neither salt nor oil is allowed! But 3 tablespoons of honey can be eaten daily for completely legitimate reasons. And again - after 8 pm, not even a tiny bit should get into the mouth. Water per day in the amount of 2-2.5 liters.

most effective mono diets reviews

Thanks to such a simple diet, you can lose as much as 10 kg in 9 days.

Diet "Week"

And now we offer you the most effective mono-diet for a week under the multilingual name "Week". Here, every day it is allowed to eat products of any one group:

1 day. Fat-free cottage cheese (1.5 kg per day).

2 day. Apples (1 kg).

3 day. Kefir (1 liter).

4 day. Apples again.

5 day. Nonfat milk (1 liter).

6 day. Apples

7 day. Low-fat yogurt (1 liter).

To sustain this diet is not for everyone. But those who last a whole week can lose 5-7 kg.

Correct exit from mono-diet

Any, even the most effective mono-diets for weight loss turn out to be powerless before the greed for food, which covers many people after a stage of strict restrictions on the choice of products. After the end of the diet, they eagerly attack the food, as if rewarding themselves for the deprivations that they just happened to endure. And all the achievements go "down the drain". The body does not miss such an auspicious moment to return the lost. To avoid this, after leaving any diet, you need to eat moderately and according to the regimen recommended by nutritionists. That is, take food 5 or 6 times a day and at the same time make sure that the portions do not exceed the volume of 1-1.5 cups.

Sweet and flour - everything that was impossible to eat on a diet, after leaving it you can afford, but in reasonable quantities and only in the morning. After lunch, give preference to protein foods, eat carbohydrates for breakfast. In the evening, after 6-7 hours, you do not need to eat at all.

What is the most effective diet for reviews?

What do you think is the most effective program that the article described? A mono-diet, reviews of which contain absolutely no criticism, is probably not yet invented. But still, after a detailed study of various opinions on thematic forums on the Internet, we can conclude that the advantage is on the diet side of Margarita Koroleva. It is most optimal both in the number of days and in the number of kilograms, which, thanks to it, can be eliminated. In addition, sitting on this diet, you certainly will not suffer from hunger.

most effective mono diet for the week

Final word

It so happens that mono-diets that are effective for some people do not work for others. In the end, we are all very individual. Therefore, we urge you to focus not on people's reviews, but on your own tastes, preferences and sensations, on the opinions of doctors and, of course, on detailed information about certain methods of losing weight. Be healthy and happy!


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